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Aborn Elementary School | Grades K - 5

School Mission Statement
It is our mission, to work closely with parents and other members of the community to create students who enjoy the process of learning, attain the 21st century skills they need to lead successful lives, and in that process, discover their talents and ultimately themselves. We do this within the context of standards-based instruction and assessment, as well as a mindful focus on developing a character that includes responsibility, good decision-making, and empathy for others.

Aborn Staff
The Aborn staff understands that great teaching involves a careful blend of art and heart. Instructional strategies incorporate Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences and are tailored to the needs of students. Classroom teachers, administrators, and support staff work together as a team to provide the best learning environment for students.

• 12 K-5 Highly Qualified Classroom Teachers
• Full-time Reading Specialist
• Full-time Curriculum and Instruction Teacher (CIT)
• Full-time Special Education and Inclusion Teacher
• Part-time Nurse
• Part-time Art, Music, and Physical Education Specialists
• Part-time School Adjustment Counselor
• Part-time Occupational Therapist
• Part-time Physical Therapist
• Part-time Speech and Language Therapist
• Two full-time Highly Qualified Kindergarten Paraprofessionals

Special Recognition
We are a Level 1 school, recently commended by Governor Duval Patrick and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for Narrowing Proficiency Gaps by tailoring instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

Facility Features
SmartBoards actively utilized in all classrooms
Campfire After-School program on site

Opportunities for Family Involvement
The parents of Aborn School play an important part in forming the culture of our school. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education. This environment of cooperative support and concern helps our students to reach high goals while enjoying their educational experiences

• Active PTO
• School Site Council
• Child Study Team
• Academic and Social Activities and Fieldtrips
• Fall and Spring Open Houses
• HOOT Newsletters
• Family Literacy Partnerships
• Employer Community Service Partnerships

Extra Curricular Clubs
We believe students should have the opportunity to develop
and strengthen areas of interest outside the classroom. This
enhances academic learning, and often helps students develop
leadership, teamwork, and creativity. We currently offer the
following extra curricular clubs. These can vary from year to
year upon students’ requests.
• Boys and Girls Basketball
• Computer Club
• Student Council
• Banish Bullying Club
• Creative Writing Club
• Marvelous Math Club
• Journeys in Reading

Student Learning Expectations
• Students will demonstrate consistent effort in working with teachers and parents toward proficient academic performance in all content areas
• Students will demonstrate good citizenship, empathy, and respect for others in their personal behavior
• Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically and analyze information to gain understanding as well as to solve complex problems
• Students will use technology responsibly to enhance their learning as well as to gather and communicate information

Parent Expectations
• Parents will ensure that students will be in attendance at school except in the event of illness or family emergency
• Parents will support classroom learning by ensuring an optimal learning environment for the completion of homework
• Parents will support Aborn’s behavioral expectations and model self-control, respect, and concern for others

Aborn School Brochure Download | 2012-2013

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  Aborn School Brochure (Contains Contact Information) | June, 2013
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