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Breed's Program Specialist | 2017-2018

Our Program Specialist facilitates a School Support Team Meeting eac h September.
Kim Alden Beck
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KS Kim Alden Beck, MS PhD
Program Specialist
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I became the Program Specialist at Breed Middle School after having spent more than 10 years as the Lead Teacher in the English Language Arts Department. I have my PhD in Advanced K-12 Instruction with a specialization in curriculum development.

In my role as Program Specialist, I work mostly with the teachers at Breed to improve instruction and school climate. Teachers collaborate three times each 6-day cycle in what we refer to as PLCs (Professional Learning Communities). During PLC time teachers work in grade-level, content-area groups to develop engaging standards-based lessons that appreciate different learning styles and abilities.

I also spend my time observing different classrooms in order to provide teachers with constructive feedback that will, hopefully, improve instructional practices. Analyzing data and organizing training that supports professional development for teachers has also become a part of my ever-evolving job description.

Having A Growth Mindset!

One way that parents can really help their children is by carefully choosing the words that are used when they praise them.  Every word parents say and actions they perform sends a message to their children.  These words and actions tell children how to think about themselves.  Parents should always praise their child's effort instead of praising their accomplishments.  The following table includes some examples:

Do Not Say Do Say
You are really athletic! You really work hard and pay attention when you are on that field!
You are so smart! You work hard in school and it shows!
Your drawing is wonderful; you are my little artist. I can see you have been practicing your drawing; what a great improvement!
You are a great athlete!  You could be the next Pele! Keep practicing, and you will see great results!
You always get good grades; that makes me happy. When you put forth effort, it really shows in your grades.  You should be so proud of yourself.  We are proud of you!

So the next time you are ready to praise your child, stop and think about how to use that opportunity to praise his or her effort instead of accomplishments.

Tener una mentalidad de crecimiento !

Una forma en que los padres pueden realmente ayudar a sus hijos es escogiendo cuidadosamente las palabras que usan para cuando elogiarlos. Todas las palabras que los padres utilizan y sus accionestransmiten un mensaje a sus hijos. Dichas palabras y acciones manifiestan a sus hijos cómo pensar acerca di sí mismos.  Los padres siempre deben elogiar el esfuerzo de sus hijos, en vez de elogiar solamente sus logros.  Por ejemplo:

No Diga Diga
¡Eres un verdadero deportists! ¡Realmente te esmeras mucho y prestas atención cuando estés en el campo dejuego!
¡Eres tan inteligente! ¡Trabaja mucho en la escuela y se nota!
Tu dibujo es maravilloso; tú eres mi pequeno artista. Se nota que has estado practicando dibujar; ¡cómo has mejorado!
Eres un gran deposrtista. ¡Tu podrías ser el proximo Pelé! (o usando el nombre de otro deportista) ¡Continúa practicando y versa grandes resultados!
Tú siempre tienes buenas calificaciones; eso me alegra mucho. Cuando te esfuerzas, realmente se nota en tus calificaciones. Deberias sentirte muy orgulloso/a de ti mismo/a. ¡Estamos orgullosos de ti!
Así que la próxima vez que usted vaya a elogiar a su hijo/a, deténgase y piense cómo usar esa oportunidad para elogiar su esfuerzo y no sus logros.

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