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National Junior Honor Society

Breed's National Junior Honor Society students visit the JFK Museum in Quincy.

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Chapter at Breed Middle School consists of 32 members from the 8th grade class. Based on high academic standards, candidates chosen must first pass approval with current and past teachers within the school. Membership is a privilege. This program is based on national guidelines including, but not limited to, high expectations, acceptance by faculty, and frequent success.

We challenge all students to use their minds well, apply themselves, and, consequently, meet the 5 established criteria of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character.
NJHS students can be seen each week emptying recycling bins, volunteering through fundraisers, and offering their services at our dances and open houses.

We have invited each of our members to share a little bit about themselves:

I was recently accepted into Bishop Fenwick High School, Peabody, MA.  I received a scholarship for half tuition, renewable for all 4 years.

LLP ~ Last summer, I was among the top 10% of students in Lynn chosen to attend the Learning and Leadership Program (LLP) at Endicott College.

This program combined art, acting, and computers with environmental science, physics and mathematics. We were able to explore, challenge our minds; while making friends, having fun, and discovering what college life is like.
One thing that I have done that is pretty cool is that I danced at the half-time show during the Orange Bowl. Along with 20 other girls from my dance studio,

I went to Miami, Florida to perform with about 400 girls from studios across the country. This college football “Bowl” took place on the first of January. We danced in front of about 70,000 people.

One of my accomplishments is that on the last Math MCAS test, I scored a perfect score of 280!! Also, I have never gotten below an A- on my report card.

In my community I have tried my best to improve the city little by little. I enroll in many sports, as much as possible. Just 2 weeks ago, I helped the Lynn Swim Team in our meet against Watertown. The karate studio, in which I am a member, participates in many demonstrations in the park to show people that a sport can have discipline and still be fun. I also tutor 7th graders in math because math is so important to learn for the real world and I want to teach these kids how important it really is.

I am also in the performing, visual and musical arts, mock trial and of course, Breed’s NJHS. I try to encourage my peers to get involved in as many activities as possible, as I believe that this is the best way to keep children off the street and do something productive. I feel every time I help a child I change a future. To me personally, that is a huge accomplishment.

Hello! My name is Shams, and I am one of the students who received the National Junior Honor Society nomination papers. I am from Iraq. I like to study hard to get good grades. I used to play basketball at my school. My parents always advised me to study hard-as much as I can. I want to be a dentist when I grow up. I want to finish college at Harvard University. I want to be a famous doctor. I like my school, teachers, and my friends. And, I am always thankful to God because I am studying in America. That’s all about myself.
I like doing my homework on a daily basis. I like to help my family do housekeeping. I’m always helping my sisters and brothers do their homework. I plan to participate in volunteer work and help elderly people during the summer.  Finally, I’m planning on improving my skills in basketball.

The Lynn Youth Council


Breed Leadership Academy


About BLA

The Breed Leadership Academy (BLA) is a program that will be sponsored and run by the Lynn English Marine Corp Junior ROTC Program. We are very excited about to begin our 4th year at Breed.

The ROTC Program has been offered at Lynn English High School for thirteen years. We are tailoring the BLA as an after school activity. It is primarily for grade 7 and 8 and is held every Wednesday after school here in the gym. During that time, Senior Cadets, under the supervision of Sgt. Major Oswald and Mrs. Collins will teach the students in many different phases of the ROTC curriculum, including drill, physical training, leadership, citizenship and other related classes. Field trips and outside activities may be offered. The students will be issued uniforms and PT gear (sweatshirts, sweatpants and T-shirts) free of charge. There is no cost to participate in this program.

The ROTC Program stresses self-confidence, self-discipline and self-respect. It is not a military program and there is no military commitment – not for the High School students and certainly not for our Middle School Students. This has proven to be a positive experience for so many young people. I see our program as a truly unique opportunity for our students.

Orchestra News

Congratulations to Brandon Von who will be performing on clarinet in a concert to be held at Lowell High School Auditorium on Saturday, March 23. Brandon is one of 963 students accepted after auditioning to play in the Northeastern District Music Festival sponsored by the Massachusetts Music Educators Association.

Care Packages To Our Troops! | Breed Leadership Academy

We will be sending care packages to our local servicemen and women who are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan! We are presently accepting donations! Please drop off your donations to the box in the lobby.
Our packages will be mailed on February 12th!

 If you have a loved one or know someone currently serving, please forward their address to: oloughlinj@lynnschools.org   Thank you for your support!


Suggested items:
Liquid hand sanitizer (travel size)
Body wash, liquid soap, facial cleanser
Shampoo/conditioner, Combs/brushes
Eye drops, Nasal spray,Deodorant
Razors (disposable), Shaving Cream
Q-tips, Lib Balm, Tissues
Powder (baby and foot)
Moisturizer,. Mouthwash
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Cough drops, Cotton balls
Nail files/clippers


Beef Jerky/slim jims
Coffee (ground only, or instant),
Hot Chocolate packets, Teas (regular
and herbal)
Instant drink mixes
Pumpkin seeds/Sunflower seeds (salted)
Tuna in foil packets
Protein Bars/Granola Bars/Cereal Bars
Hard pretzels, Chex Mix, Pringles
Trail Mix, dried fruit,
Dry soup - Ramen or Cup 0 Soup
Microwave - popcorn, mac n' cheese
Cookies, Cheese/Cracker packs
Oatmeal - instant
Cereal (small individual boxes)
Candy and gum


The Breed Band

The band students meet twice a week—once for a half hour small group lesson, and once for a full band rehearsal. The 6th graders play in a band together, and the 7th and 8th graders play in a band all together as well. Both age groups perform both as Breed ensembles twice a year and as “All City” groups, which is a full ensemble of all of the 7th and 8th grade students from all of the middle schools in Lynn. They rehearse twice a month after school with this All City group to prepare for those performances.

In terms of Curriculum, the students learn ensemble skills, proper instrumental playing technique, concert etiquette and stage etiquette, music history, and cover all the standards of rhythm, playing instruments, and reading and notation.

Mock Trial

MT Team

ROW 1 | Bryanna Mahoney ,Bridgette Sanchez, Lucia Solis, Raimey Ramerez, Cheyenne Porcher ,Devyn Astuccio, and Emily Silva
ROW 2 | Ismael Aquino, Felicia Lacorte, Maryimel Gonzalez, Elizabeth Guerrero, Monica Tejada-Lemus, and Laurie Rodriguez
ROW 3 | Coach Matthew Mahoney and Ruben Ruiz

Mock Trial is an academic competition between local public and private middle schools. Breed Middle School has won this competition in 4 out of the last 8 years!!!

It is a competition based upon a real case (names are changed from real case to mock case) where the students argue the case before a real judge in a local courtroom or the jury room at the Massachusetts School of Law.

Mock Trial is an academic competition between local public and private middle schools. Breed Middle School has won this competition in 4 out of the last 8 years!!! It is a competition based upon a real case (names are changed from real case to mock case) where the students argue the case before a real judge in a local courtroom or the jury room at the Massachusetts School of Law.

All schools are given the same case packet and must divide the case up into parts between students who will act as witnesses and students who will act as lawyers. Each school will compete against 4 other local middle schools including: Breed, Pickering, Marshall, Saint Mary’s of Danvers, Sacred Heart, Melrose, and Lynnfield.

Each school will have a Defense Team and a Plaintiff/Defense Team, depending upon whether the case is a civil case or criminal case for that year. Students are taught rule of law, evidentiary procedures, and courtroom rules and procedures prior to trying a case in a courtroom.

Breeds' Math Team

  • Breed_TTM_Award-Photo
    Breed Grade 8 student receives $225 worth of Amazon gift cards from Think Through Math for all of his hard work this year.
  • math_team_1
    Breed Middle School Math Team 2012-2013
    Row 1: Batool Faraj, Michelle Scuzzerella, Shahad Faraj Row 2: Allan Tham, Esterlyn Velez, Kelly Biv, Venita Figueroa, Irene Kamarinos, Cheyenne Porcher, Devyn Astuccio Row 3: Coach K. White, Justin Souvanareth, Meaghan Molea, Raymi Ramirez, Tyler Pres, Felicia LaCorte, Coach A. White Row 4: Louis Brooks, Patricia Araujo, Ismael Aquino, Ryan Crowley, Emily Lao, Korintha Tongo, Jason Arqueta, Ruben Ruiz, Omar Badr, Jayson Sanderson, Principal J. Louf Absent when photo was taken: Nathaniel Mota, Caitlin Wilson, Sydney St. Iv
  • math_team_2
    Grade 8 Math Team Members from Breed Middle School are; Row 1: Raymi Ramirez, Devyn Astuccio, Michelle Scuzzerella, Venita Figueroa, Batool Faraj Row 2: Irene Kamarinow, Ismael Aquinos, Cheyenne Porcher, Tyler Prez, Patricia Araujo, Korintha Tongo Row 3: Felicia LaCorte, Jayson Sanderson, Ryan Crowley, Ruben Ruiz, Omar Badr, Jason Arqueta, Emily Lao
  • math_team_3
  • Math-Team_Photo1
    Breed hosts final Math Team event of the school year.
  • Math-Team_Photo2
  • Math-Team_Photo3
  • Math-Team_Photo4
  • Math-Team_Photo5

Breed hosts final Math Team event of the school year.

About Our Team

Math Team meets after school from 2:30 to approximately 3:15 (earlier if necessary).   We will be working hard each afternoon of practice solving mathematical problems.  Five times during the year we will be competing against other schools in mathematics.  Bus transportation will be provided between Breed Middle School and the site of the competition.  Permission slips will be sent home for a signature prior to the match.

Breed Middle School is very fortunate to be able to support two math teams each of which is composed of many students.  Although only 20 per team are allowed to go to the meets, with 10 per team competing against the other schools, numerous students are encouraged to attend practices.  This promotes healthy competition and a comfortable, enriching, learning environment.

Math Team advisors are Mrs. Kathie White and Ms. Alex White.  Mrs. White is in her third year of coordinating the Math Team, while Ms. White begins her fourth season.  Each teacher brings a unique perspective to math team, solving problems from different perspectives.

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