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Breed's Adminstrative Team | 2017-2018

Our School Staff List
Our Phone (781) 477-7330
Our Fax (781) 581-6985
Principal Julie Louf
Vice Principals
Grade 7 - Split Alphabetically
A-L and Grade 8 Voyager
Nicholas Chareas
Grade 7 - Split Alphabetically
M-Z and Grade 7 Discovery
Mike Zimirowski
Office Staff Katie Donahue Wheeler
Office Staff
Sandra Sexton
Program Specialist Kimberly Alden Beck, MS PhD | 1B 04
Guidance Counselors  
Grade 6 - Discovery/EI Wendy Waldron
Grade 7 - Lifeskills/SLD Lauren Phelps
Grade 8 - Voyager Marianne Duncan
Our Administrative Staff Webpage
Resource Officer Mark Lee
School Social Worker Theresa Cooney
School Psychologist Suzanne Waldron
Adjustment Counselor Lynn Bray
Special Education Chairperson Jodi Votano
School Nurse Marietta Collins, RN
School Nurse Jennifer Swanson, RN
School Health Center Health Center
Health Center Phone (781) 598-0287 ext. 2698
Lori Bennett (781) 691-7156
Angela Carnes (781) 596-3896
Othman Mohammad (781) 596-0287
Hannah Zwetchkenbaum (781) 596-0287

Julie Louf | Principal

Photo of Julie Louf


Nicholas Chareas | Vice Principal
Photo of Nicholas Chareas


Mike Zimirowski | Vice Principal
Photo of Mike Zimirowski


Wendy Waldron | Guidance Counselor

Photo of Wendy Waldron Hi, I’m Ms. Waldron, the guidance counselor for grade 7 and Discovery cluster.
Our guidance department will be using Naviance, and encouraging students to start thinking of their futures.

I hope that all students find academic and social success here at Breed. We offer many opportunities for students to succeed – please take advantage of all the positive programs Breed has to offer: sports and clubs, dances, extra help.

Marianne Duncan | Guidance Counselor

Photo of Marianne Duncan

Hello, I am Mrs. Duncan the guidance counselor for 6th grade and the Voyager cluster. The 6th grade students are in a cluster made up of an English, math, science and social studies teacher.

Our goal is that every student has a successful transition to middle school. Being prepared everyday, using your agenda book to write down your homework assignments and staying afterschool for extra help are great strategies to help you be successful in the classroom.

Remember to get involved in your classes and the many clubs, sports and activities Breed has to offer.

Lauren Phelps | Guidance Counselor

Photo of Lauren Phelps

Hi! I’m Mrs. Phelps, the guidance counselor for 8th grade and Neptune cluster.

We look forward to working with students and parents, to assist students with high school, college, and career readiness.

We encourage parents to check student agenda books for daily assignments, and to call the guidance department if you have any questions.

The guidance department is looking forward to our speaker series, which will be headlined by former Celtic, Chris Herren. This event will take place on March 13, 2013, and will be attended by our 8th graders.

Lynn Bray | Adjustment Counselor

Photo of Lynn Bray

I am Lynne Bray, School Adjustment Counselor at Breed Middle School, Cobbet Elementary, and Lincoln Thomson Elementary.

I meet with students in both individual and group settings to address and social or emotional issues that may be impacting their academic progress.

One of my goals for this year is to have more consistent contact with students network outside of school so we are all working together to support the students progress in school.

Mark Lee | School Resource Officer

Photo of Mike Lee  

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