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Breed's Community Leaders Team

What is a Community Leader?
A Community Leader is a teacher assigned to do a job in addition to his or her regular teaching responsibilities. This position may not exist in other schools in the district, but has been deemed necessary in order to improve the operation and maintain the vision of Breed Middle School. The teacher receives a stipend for ensuring that this specific task, according to the job description, is fulfilled as needed throughout the school year. Community Leaders are also expected to attend and report out at monthly meetings.

TEAM MEMBERS | 2015-2016
Community Leadership Area Teacher Members    
Public Relations Mrs. Kszepka-Daly Earth
Character Counts Club Ms. Aceto
Fundraising Coordinator Ms. Constantino
Grade 6 Cluster Leaders Ms. Kristen Dean
Ms. Kaitlyn Wechsler
Grade 7 Liaisons Miss Abigail Driscoll
Mrs. Helena Diamond Carritte
Grade 8 Liaisons Ms. Kelly Carter
Ms. Kathie White
Student Council Teacher Mrs. Terry
School Culture Ms. Cheryl Correnti
Technology Ms. Angela Ogles
Public Relations Community Leader
TEACHERS: Mrs. Kszepka-Daly | Library
Library Responsibilities: Responsible for publishing a Weekly Update Powerpoint for the Breed community; slide show will include information pertaining to teams, clubs, special events, seen around Breed, shout outs, and hot topics. Also responsible for contacting local print and digital media to publicize Breed events.

For more information, contact Mrs. Kszepka-Daly in the library or by email.

Character Counts Club

The girls from Character Club have been learning about RESPECT and want to share suggestions on how to increase respect in school. Take a look at the posters in the first floor hallways!
TEACHERS: Ms. Aceto | 1A 06

Responsibilities: Character Counts Club Leader job description: The teacher provides the means to help students become productive, positive members of the Breed community.  Using a positive growth mindset, students will participate in activities like writing, reading, art, scenarios, skits-role playing, poster making, etc. The teacher will meet twice a month and will focus on specific values/traits for that month.

For questions, comments, or suggestions please contact Ms. Aceto in rm. 1A06 or by email.

Fundraising Coordinator
TEACHERS: Ms. Constantino | 1B 16
FR Responsibilities:
1. Planning and facilitating 4 large fundraisers per year (Yankee Candle, etc)
2. Organizing smaller fundraisers throughout the year
3. Keeping track of funds collected

For more information, contact Cara Constantino by email.
Grade 6 Cluster Leaders
TEACHERS: Ms. Kristen Dean | 1A31 and Ms. Kaitlyn Wechsler | 1A08
6th Grade Luau Dance | 2015
General Description: The Grade 6 Cluster Leaders work together with the leaders of each cluster to plan field trips, dances, and fundraising events for the 6th grade.

1. Coordinate two field trips per year (one of these field trips must be on the day of the MCAS long composition.
2. Fundraising for all Grade 6 students.
3. Plan the Grade 6 Dance.
Grade 7 Liaisons
TEACHERS: Miss Abigail Driscoll | 2A09 and Mrs. Helena Diamond Carritte | 2A44
General Description: As the grade 7 liaisons we are responsible for communicating news regarding upcoming events that involve our grade 7 teachers, students and parents. We are also responsible for planning three Field Trips at the end of the school year. 

This year we are in charge of planning and promoting the school wide Halloween Dance.

Please feel free to forward any questions, comments, or suggestions to either one of us, as we would be more than happy to hear from you.

We are looking forward to a fun-filled year for both our faculty and our students. We hope that all of our grade 7 teachers are able to participate in these exciting events.

Grade 8 Liaisons
TEACHERS: Ms. Kelly Carter | 2B 09 and Ms. Kathie White | 2A 46
AWDBreed Middle School Awards Night
June, 2015
General Description: The grade 8 liaisons will organize and facilitate field trips, awards night and promotional exercises.

1. Communication to grade 8 teachers, students and parents
2. Dues collection/appropriation
3. Valentine's Day dance
5. Grade 8 dance
6. Awards night
7. Promotional exercises
Student Council Teacher Liaison
TEACHERS: Mrs. Terry | 2E 02
SC General Description: The Student Council Teacher Liasion is responsible for helping to organize a group of student elected officials from each homeroom. The student council community leader is there to help guide students through service projects within Breed and the community that help to foster responsibility and a positive school climate.

For more information, contact Mrs. Terry in room 2E02 or by email.
School Culture
TEACHERS: Ms. Cheryl Correnti | 2E 09
Culture General Description: The Breed School Culture Community Leader will focus on increasing staff morale and building a sense of community between teachers. The School Culture Leader will plan social events, organize morale pals and acknowledge events that occur in the lives of co-workers.

Responsibilities: Morale Pals, Staff Birthday Parties , Soup Day, Chili Cook Off, Paint Party, Kids Holiday Party, Cookie Swap, Sunshine Fund, and Teacher Appreciation Dessert Day to name a few.

Email Cheryl Correnti with suggestions or ideas!

TEACHERS: Ms. Angela Ogles | 2A 49
Tech General Description: The Technology Community Leader is primarily responsible for supporting teachers with the use of technology in the classroom.  This includes the use of iPads, SMART boards, Gradebook, and other software. 

In addition, the Technology Community Leader is responsible for emailing Technology Tips to the faculty and providing training on various technologies.  Lastly, the Technology Community Leader maintains iPad Carts and manages the Google Calendar used by the teachers to sign up for the iPad Carts.

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