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English As A Second Language | 2017-2018
  Michael Molnar All Grades Lead | Interventionist
  Samantha Gilles All Grades Float | Voyager | Science
  Erin Frias All Grades Float | Voyager | ESL/ELA
  Kerri Domohowski All Grades 1b 18 | Voyager | ESL/ELA
  Tracey Kline All Grades 1B 17 | Voyager | Social Stu.
  Joanna Green All Grades Float | Voyager | ESL
  Joseph Masucci All Grades 1B 19 | Voyager | Math
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Erin Frias Classroom
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  Erin Frias

SEI-CIT | Float  
My name is Erin Frias. I am the ELL CIT here at Breed Middle School. In addition to the administrative duties connected with this position such as overseeing and coordinating state mandated testing of ELLs, I also teach ESL to some of the students in the Voyager Cluster. I have my undergraduate degree in Russian and German and my Master’s in ESL. I speak English, Russian and Spanish and know firsthand how challenging it is to learn a second language. 

My goal each year is to provide my students with the tools and the encouragement that they need in order to become proficient speakers, readers and writers of English.  I hold very high expectations for my students. I expect them to come to class prepared to work and ready and interested to learn. 

There is always homework in my class as I expect my students to review their vocabulary and class notes each and every night. Throughout the course of the year the students in my classes read about famous artists, authors, sports figures, politicians and philanthropists. They also read works by Jack London, Leo Tolstoy, O. Henry, Maya Angelou, Robert Frost and Langston Hughes. These readings are used as jumping blocks for learning as much English as possible including: vocabulary, correct spelling and pronunciation, reading comprehension and fluency, writing techniques and proper grammar.  

My goal is to help each and every student develop a dedication to learning and excellence.

Joanna Green Classroom
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  Joanna Green

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