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Breed's English Language Arts (ELA) Classrooms

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English Language Arts (ELA) | 2017-2018
  Bradford Green Grades 6 | 8 1B 15 | Lead Teacher
  Kristen Berry All Grades 1A 06 | Discovery
  Diane Cashman Grade 6 1B 15 | Enterprise RES - ELA
  Rebecca Freedman Day Grade 6 1A 09 | Enterprise English
  Amy Dube Grade 6 1A 32 | Atlantis
  Rebecca Day Grade 6 1A 09 | Enterprise English
  Jonathan Vickers Grade 6 1A 52 | Challenger English
  Susan Allen Grade 7 2A 06 | RES - ELA
  Jen Arsenault Grade 7 2E 02
  Andrea Smith Grade 7 2A 06
  Jillian McInnis Grade 7 2E 07 | RES - ELA
  Maria Terry Grade 7 2A 07
  Arthur Irzyk Grade 8 2A 07 | RES - ELA
  Vin Manganello Grade 8 2A 05
  Liz D'Amico Grade 8 2A 06
  Valerie Gidaris-Papantonakis Grade 8 2A 07
  Rachel Long Grade 8 2A 06 | RES - ELA
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Bradford Green Classroom
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BG Bradford Green
Lead Teacher
6 | 8
1B 15
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Hello again,
I have an important point to make: any student who wants to re-take a test or re-write an essay to improve their grade may do so within eight school days of receiving the initial grade. I believe students who are willing to work hard deserve a chance to revisit the material and improve their grades. This is a core value and belief of mine. Students know this; parents should know this as well.

“You cannot become who or what you wish to become by remaining who you are.”
Habits change into character” – Ovid c. 10 B.C.E.

“Education is so important in our world today. It is my belief that anyone can learn – especially if they wish to. In our English class we will explore a variety of types of literature that encompass writers from many nations across the planet. Our goals include becoming better at understanding the intention of these authors beyond their obvious assertions. We will work towards developing and expanding our understanding of other cultures, appreciating differing viewpoints, and therefore ourselves. Another goal is to learn to become better writers. Writing is essential to creating resumes for every type of career, expressing ourselves in a concise way, and communicating effectively generally. It is my hope that by working with the students I am blessed to serve, I will assist them in discovering what types of literature they like; I will help them learn to communicate more effectively through writing.”

“My classroom style is to promote communication and the sharing of ideas through a dynamic and well-paced variety of exercises. Students do not learn well when the teacher is always talking! So I have them work in pairs and groups as well as individually as often as possible. I circulate among the students to ensure that their questions are answered and work hard to inculcate in them some passion for the subject of English.”

“I am always available to speak with parents. My night back is every night! So if your child wants help they can see me any day afterschool! I made the decision to be this available because I feel it is essential to model good attendance, timeliness, and hard work if that is what I expect of the students”

"I give students homework virtually every Monday through Thursday, but never on Friday. Rarely do I deviate from giving homework during the week."

Thank you,
Bradford Green - ELA 6th Grade

Jennifer Arsenault Classroom
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Jennifer Arsenault 2E-02
Grade 7


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Welcome to Ms. Arsenault’s Grade 7 ELA Class!

I have been a teacher for most of my career and am truly honored to work with your children. Born and raised in New England, I have traveled and worked across the United States. My education includes a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design as well as one in Literacy.

My passion is, and always has been, reading. While not every child may innately share my love of reading, we are fortunate to live in a time rich with technologies and resources that can appeal to diverse learners. My goal is to provide standards-based instruction which removes learning barriers and inspires each beautifully unique student.

Mine is a classroom with a mandatory “I think I can…” mantra. All students are required to foster a respectful, positive classroom environment and to put forth their highest effort.  I believe (and research supports) that learning is best achieved when: students are engaged; questions are asked; discussions, debates, and mistakes are required; goals and expectations are clearly defined; and learning is supported with a variety of activities and materials.  

Every child in my classroom is valued – every voice matters. Students are strongly encouraged to communicate their needs. I am available every Tuesday for extra academic support (and any other day as warranted). Students may turn in missing work, rewrite essays and/or retake exams within seven days of the original due date.  Contact me anytime …I am always happy to hear from you!  

Ms. Jennifer Arsenault
(781) 477-7330

Dianne Cashman Classroom
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CC Dianne Cashman 1B-15
Enterprise ELA

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I am a graduate of Simmons College in Boston MA where I achieved both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in Teaching. I also hold a certificate in Museum Education and Administration from Tufts University. Teaching is my passion. It must be - I have been educating children for almost 30 years! Prior to joining the teaching staff here at Breed Middle School, I taught elementary students in other North Shore cities and towns.

I am originally from the South Shore. However, I have also lived in Virginia, New Mexico and Florida. After college, I accepted a teaching position on the North Shore. I am so glad I did because this is where I met and married my husband.

My interests include musical theater, singing, reading, museums, history, Boston sports teams (Go Sox!) and all things Disney. I am also a member of the Celebration Ringers, which is a five-octave handbell choir.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done was ride in a hot-air balloon!

Teaching Philosophy: My vision for a fully inclusive and engaging classroom includes students with unique and different abilities, working side by side to achieve challenging academic and social goals. A truly inclusive classroom capitalizes on student strengths so that all can access the curriculum successfully. Student-centered opportunities engage all learners through discussion, problem solving and higher-level thinking. An inclusive classroom should be highly structured while at the same time, be encouraging, motivating, and supportive. I believe in creating an environment where students feel safe and want to take risks in their learning. Creating a supportive learning environment for all students encourages them to become motivated and engaged in the learning process, therefore, fostering a sense of community and overall respect for themselves and others.


Amy Bernard-Dube Classroom
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  Amy Bernard-Dube
1A 52


Rebecca Freedman Day Classroom
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  Rebecca Freedman Day
1A 09
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Bruce Johnson Classroom
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BJ Bruce Johnson
8 | 2A 05 Visit My Online Classroom!
I am Mr. Johnson and I teach ELA. Every quarter we will focus on an important theme: Finding Your Truth, Accepting Responsibility, Resolving Conflict, and Making a Difference. Each quarter we will explore our themes and essential questions through the reading of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama.

Students need to come prepared for class every day. Late work will not be accepted without a note.
Students will have a major project assigned every quarter. The first quarter assignment will be the summer reading.

Maria Spagnuolo-Terry Classroom
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  Maria Spagnuolo-Terry
7 | 2E 02

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Valerie Gidaris-Papantonakis Classroom
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  Valerie Gidaris-Papantonakis
2A 07
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Hi There! My name is Valerie Gidaris-Papantonakis and I am a English teacher at Breed Middle School. I have been teaching in Lynn Public Schools for 16 years and I absolutely love it! I studied at the Univeristy of LaVerne, California at the campus in Athens, Greece, and graduated with a BA in Literature. I also have a Masters Degree from Salem State University in the area Teaching English.

Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I spent quite a bit of time talking to my family about everything I read. My parents came directly from Greece and I felt it was my duty to transfer every ounce of information to them (whether they liked it or not). Naturally, I also do this with my students. Part of what I read today is Young Adult Fiction so that I can recommend books with enthusiasm to my students and try to encourage them to read. The ultimate goal is to induce a love for reading, which I have been successful with a number of times. (Yay!)

Teaching is fun for me and I try to transfer this joy to my students... so when they look back they remember how much fun they thought they were having while they were busy learning.


Andrea Smith and Susie Allen Classroom
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  Andrea Smith
Susie Allen
2E 06

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Jonathan Vickers Classroom
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  Jonathan Vickers
1A 52 | Challenger English
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