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Breed Activities Calendar | School Year 2017-2018

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School Year | 2017-2018
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Reading Right At Breed with the Read 180 Program
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Breed Dancer Travels To Orange Bowl To Perform

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Breed Students Tour LVTI | By Chris Stevens / The Daily Item
Gerson Escalante, an eighth grader at Breed Middle School, gets suited up by a Lynn Vocational Technical Institute student during the school's open house for eighth grade students to help them decide where to attend high school next year. (Item Photo / Owen O'Rourke)
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Lynn Item
Breed Students Take To Track | By Chris Stevens / The Daily Item

Racing fans at Breed Middle School had a bad day at the indoor “track” Wednesday when not one of the student-designed cars made it across the finish line.
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Breed Veterans Day Ceremony | By Staff / The Daily Item
Captain Sean McDonough, Army Reserve, of Swampscott was guest speaker at the Veterans Day ceremony held at Breed Middle School on Friday, November 9, 2012. (Item Photo / Owen O'Rourke)
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Lynn Band Provides Students With Motivation Through Music
By Chris Stevens The Daily Item

Breed Middle School seventh and eighth graders were feeling the beat when Fame or Juliet, a local hip-hop band, brought its “Motivation Through Music” tour to the school.
“This age needs to be motivated,” said Breed Principal Julie Louf, who’d heard good things about the 30-minute program and asked her English teachers if they could tie it to the curriculum, which turned out to be easier than anticipated.

Louf said English Language Arts students across the district are focusing on two essential questions this year: “How does your past shape your future?” and “How does where you’ve been shape where you’re going?”

Fame or Juliet band members Caleb Michel, Jason Nambouh, brothers Jeremias and Jason Jimenez, and Jason Nambouh all grew up in Lynn and they use their music to explain exactly how that experience has shaped their future. Their music, which they write, touches on war, making smart choices, how to treat people well and believing in yourself.

“A few years ago they were sitting right where you are now,” Jason Jimenez told a rapt group of seventh graders. “They had a dream, to make music and bring it across the state … we’re all from Lynn and we’re doing it.”

Jason Jimenez manages the band and it was inspiration, with a hint of desperation, that led to the tour. Jimenez works at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute, and last year he secured a motivational speaker for the voke’s Spirit Week. “Then just before the event he canceled,” he said.
Jason Jimenez said at first he panicked. Then he realized he had the perfect solution: Let Fame or Juliet perform. He said he sold Principal Diane Paradis on the fact that the band’s inspirational music, which has been steadily gaining a following, could speak for itself. Jimenez said he received so much positive feedback about the performance he thought, “Why not pitch it to all the schools?” “Over the summer we created the ‘Dreams of Reality,’ which isn’t really an album because it’s all free,” he said. “Then we made an appointment with the superintendent.”

With the backing of School Committee member Charlie Gallo and Ward 5 Councilor Brendan Crighton, Jason Jimenez said Superintendent Catherine Latham supported the tour. The band has performed at Classical, English and St. Mary’s high schools along with Breed, and will perform at Pickering and Marshall middle schools and Fecteau-Leary Junior-Senior High over the next week.

Jason Jimenez said the band hopes to eventually take the program across the state. The performance is primarily music interspersed with sections of famous speeches such as the late President John F. Kennedy’s, “Ask not what your country” speech and Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. Jeremias Jimenez and Michel, who do the bulk of the performing, also deliver personal messages.

In the song “Dreams of Reality” Michel tells the students, “I found myself when the rest got lost, I’ll be the last one that they write off.” In the same song, Jeremias Jimenez urges kids to use any hatred they have as motivation to succeed. “I was told I wasn’t meant to be, middle school, a loser, now I’m standing with integrity,” he sang.

Seventh grader Kayleigh Zeinet said she is a fan. “They were amazing,” she said. “My brother saw them Monday at Classical so he showed me some of their stuff on YouTube.”

Teacher David Angelli said he believed the kids got the message. “I’ve never seen them so focused. Never,” he said. Classical High School Principal Gene Constantino said the ninth and tenth graders loved the performance so much they’re inviting the band back to play for the juniors and seniors. “It was different,” he said. “I liked it and the kids seemed to be really into it.”

Thanks to the Lynn Item for use of the article and photo. See the entire article and video clips by visiting the ItemLive.com
Breed Teacher Plants Seeds For Hands-On Learning Class
By The Daily Item
LYNN — As part of their Nature Friday classes this fall, teacher Annette Hoyt’s students installed a raised garden bed between Breed Middle School and the teachers’ parking lot. Item
Students first leveled the ground by digging at one end and adding bricks to the other. They also gained experience in using levels to make sure the wooden bed was set evenly on the ground.

The Lynn DPW helped by dumping a truckload of rich, black dirt into the wooden structure. Hoyt’s students then raked it into the wooden frame.

Installation of the 4x8x2-foot raised garden bed is phase 1 of Hoyt’s experiential, hands-on science/math project that will take students through the school year. The next step is to have students plant crocus bulbs in a grass field adjacent to this site, which will happen before the first frost. In February, Hoyt’s students may start growing a few tender plants in Breed’s greenhouse.

In the classroom, Hoyt’s students are also caring for many houseplants, taking cuttings to grow new plants. In March, her students will try to plant heartier vegetation, such as early lettuce and radishes, in the raised bed. In early April, they may plant carrots and then move onto planting flowers by the middle of the month if the weather cooperates. The culminating piece to this project will take place just before the end of the school year, when students will plant corn which should be ready for harvest on the first day of school next year.

Inspired at a young age by her father, a botanist, Hoyt learned about science through a love of growing plants, exploring gardens and walking through the woodland areas around her home in northern Wisconsin. She enjoys sharing these passions with her students at Breed Middle School.

Thanks to the Lynn Item for use of the article and photo.

Breed Students Get Hands-on Lessons at Nahant Marine Center
By Chris Stevens / The Daily Item
NAHANT — Breed Middle School sixth grader Andrew Comeau stared into a case of skulls in the bunker at Northeastern University's Marine Science Center in Nahant Tuesday and decided he likes marine biology.

"The skulls are kind of creepy to look at for dolphins and stuff, but I like this," he said with a firm nod. "This is good."

Comeau and 41 of his fellow sixth graders got a hands-on lesson in marine biology when they met a blue lobster, got an up-close view of a Fin Whale skeleton and stuck their hands in tidal pools on the beach.

"It's a creative way to get kids involved in learning in a way that they don't realize they're learning," said their science teacher Sara Kuzmin.

Breed Students
Northeastern University Marine Science Center Outreach Director Carol McCauley passes a tiny crab to Breed Middle School sixth grader Calvin Seng during a field trip Tuesday in Nahant. (Item Photo / Chris Stevens)

Read the complete article in the Lynn Item.
Chris Stevens can be reached at cstevens@itemlive.com.

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