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Breed's Science Classrooms

Always something exciting happening in the Science Department!

Our School Teacher List
Science | 2017-2018
  Kelley Carter Grade 8 2B 03 | Lead Teacher
  Joseph Kwiatek Grade 6 1A 50 | Challenger
  Christopher Moore Grade 7 2B 11
  Philip O'Connor Grade 6 1A 07 | Enterprise
  Lisa Pondelli Grade 6 1A 31 | Atlantis
  Julie Collins Grade 7 2B 07
  Michael Sosnowski Grade 7 2B 12
  Deborah Mahoney Grade 8 1E 07 | Science Enrichment
  Shannon Mahoney Grade 8 2B 05
  Sean McKenzie Grade 8 2B 09
  Kristen Dean Grade 6 | 7 1B 16 | Science
  Andrea Ogles Grade 6 | 7 | 8 2A 49 | Discovery
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Kelley Carter Classroom
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BMS Kelley Carter
Lead Teacher
2B 03
My name is Kelly Carter and I am one of the 8th grade science teachers here at Breed Middle School. We have a lot of new and exciting projects planned for this school year, and I am really looking forward to working with you and your child.

My science curriculum is divided into three parts: Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science. We will be using hands on laboratory investigations weekly, in addition to using technology in our classroom to enhance our learning.

I have very high expectations for every one of my students. I require all students to come to class prepared every day and ready to learn. Students are required to have a three-ring binder to be used solely for science class, and are expected to bring it to class daily. Students are asked to put their best effort into all assignments and tasks. Homework can be anticipated at least 3 nights a week.

I am always available every Wednesday for extra help after school.

Joseph Kwiatek Classroom
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  Joseph Kwiatek
1A 50
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Christopher Moore Classroom
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Breed Christopher Moore
2B 11
Visit My Online Classroom

My name is Christopher Moore, and I am one of the 7th-grade science teachers at Breed Middle School. I am excited about the school year and the opportunities it will bring for growth.

My instruction tends to focus primarily on in-class work; I find it is the best way to be there to support my students when they are learning new concepts and connecting them to their existing worldview. Of course there will be homework at times, as well as quizzes, projects, and labs. Science is best when it is hands-on!

Although we all learn in different ways and at different paces, I make every effort to ensure that my classroom is an inclusive one where all students can grow and learn. I have high expectations for all of my students, and I stress the importance of maintaining a positive and respectful environment. No matter what career path students may eventually pursue, the principles of science provide a solid foundation for the development of critical thinking skills that serve us well into adulthood.

Please visit my online classroom to stay updated on what we’re studying, homework assignments, and upcoming events (tests, projects, etc.). And you should always feel free to email me (moorec@lynnschools.org) with any questions.

I am in my class after school at least two nights a week to help students with anything they might need.

Lisa Pondelli Classroom
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BMS Lisa Pondelli

2B 09

Hello I am Ms. Pondelli, I am new to the Lynn District but not new to teaching.  I have been teaching science for Middle Schools and High School in New England since 2004.  I enjoy all sciences especially Earth Studies and Life Sciences. I enjoy teaching science to all levels of students 6th grade to college level. It’s amazing to watch a student understand what they are doing and make a connection.

I look forward to seeing you in my science class!!

Deborah Mahoney Classroom
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BMS Deborah Mahoney
Science Enrichment
6 | 7 | 8
1E 07
I am Deborah Mahoney and I teach Science to Grade 6 students at Breed Middle School. I have a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Salem State University. I began my career in 1979, opening the third Pre-school in the Lynn Public Schools.

In Grade 6 we will cover material from three books; Physical Science, Earth Science and Life Science. I strongly believe in a hands-on approach to stimulate a student to learn as much as possible. At this time, we are learning about the Elements of the Periodic Table.

I expect students to come prepared for class. I give homework at least three nights a week. I also offer activities for students to bring home and talk about with family members.

The most valuable lesson I have learned from the students is their interaction with The Smart board. Even students who have difficulty in Science are willing to take a chance using this technology. It is AWESOME!!!!!!

Shannon Mahoney Classroom
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SM Shannon Mahoney 8
2B 05
I am Shannon Mahoney and I teach 8th grade science.  I have a master’s Degree in Education and hold Massachusetts teaching licenses in science and history.  I am currently taking graduate science classes to further enhance my knowledge.  I have been in the Lynn School System for 14 years teaching both middle school and high school.

The science curriculum is divided into three sections: physical science, earth science and life science. 

I expect students to come prepared with their supplies and ready to learn. My goal is teach science in an informative, but interactive classroom.  Hands-on activities are a must for scientific inquiry.  I expect students to try their best and follow all classroom and school rules.

Hands-on activities are performed at least once a week.  We have many projects such as the Parachute Drop, Egg Drop, and Speed Labs.  In June, we have our annual science fair held for all grades 6-8.

Sean McKenzieClassroom
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SM Sean McKenzie
2B 12
My name is Sean McKenzie and I teach 8th grade science at Breed Middle School.  I have been teaching science in the Lynn Public School district for many years.  During this time I have worked in conjunction with the N.A.S.A. explorer schools program and the Harvard-Smithsonian Micro-Observatory to provide my students with unique opportunities in aero-space science and astronomy.

I teach a combination of physical, earth, space, and life science to my 8th grade students with diverse backgrounds and varied English language proficiency levels.  I expect all of my students to come to class prepared, ready to learn, and take advantage of the educational opportunities offered to them.  That being said, I provide my students with a challenging curriculum with high expectations for achievement.  My central goal is for all of my students to become proficient in science while furthering their adolescent development and high school preparedness.

Kristen Dean Classroom
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BMS Kristen Dean

6 | 7
1B 16
Check out our Cellular Functions video clip!

Andrea Ogles Classroom
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Breed Andrea Ogles
6 | 7 | 8
2A 49
My name is Andrea Ogles and I am currently teaching at Breed Middle School as a Science Teacher in the discovery program/inclusion teacher. In 1999, I began my career as an educator in the City of Lynn. I have taught in both the general education and substantially separate settings and I have dual certifications in science and special education in the state of Massachusetts.

In addition to holding a Master’s Degree from Salem State University, I have received additional training in science through NASA’s explorer school program and training in UDL (Universal Design for Learning) through CAST.
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