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Breed's Socail Studies Classrooms | 2014-2015 ESP

Faculty   Grade Room
Colleen Simmons Lead Teacher 8 2A 27
Abigail Driscoll   7 2A 05
Andrew Gray   8 Float
Leah Kouch   6 1A 30
Anthony LaFratta     Float
Jean-Paul St. Pierre   6 | 7 | 8 1A 10
Robert Upton   7 2A 26
Brian Walsh     1A 49
Breed Social Studies | Colleen Simmons Classroom | 2014-2015

CS Faculty Grade | Room My Online Classroom
Colleen Simmons
Lead Teacher
2A 27

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 I am Colleen Simmons and I teach 7th grade World Geography as well as act as the Lead teacher for the Social Studies department.  I have a double major in Visual Arts and Social Studies, and a Masters in Curriculum.

This year my students will take a trip around the world with me to learn the physical and human characteristics of some of the most fascinating places found on our planet.  Successful completion of studies is achieved when students keep and maintain a class folder, arrive to class prepared to learn with pen or pencil, respect deadlines, and complete homework assignments.

It is not only my goal to teach the standards of the geography curriculum to my students, but also to open their minds and hearts to the wonders of traveling our unique planet.

Breed Social Studies | Abigail Driscoll Classroom | 2014-2015

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Abigail Driscoll    

Breed Social Studies | Andrew Gray Classroom | 2013-2014

BMS Faculty Grade Room
Andrew Gray
8 Float
Breed Social Studies | Leah Kouch Classroom | 2014-2015

LK Faculty Grade Room
Leah Kouch
6 1A 30
I am Leah Kouch and I teach 6th grade social studies in the Atlantis  Cluster. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and hold Massachusetts teaching licenses in Social Studies 5-9, Elementary 1-6, and School Guidance Counselor K-12.  I have been in the Lynn Public Schools System for 14 years teaching both elementary and middle school.

Grade 6 Social Studies, 2013-2014 | Atlantis Cluster

Dear Family,

Our social studies class will be studying the History of Our World. We will focus mainly on four major ancient civilizations including the Fertile Crescent (ancient Mesopotamia), ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. 

One of the first topics we will study is prehistory---the period of time before people recorded events in writing.  As you go through your daily activities, look for opportunities to “piece together” history with your child.

Our social studies class will also be taking a closer look at the geography of the civilizations we are studying .We will study how geography affected the ways civilizations developed.  The next time you travel through your community, discuss with your child how physical geography can impact how a town or a city develops.

In the weeks ahead, your child may be talking about projects and activities assigned in social studies.  Please take the time to support your child’s learning through discussion and involvement.  I hope you will enjoy sharing in this exciting educational journey with your student.

Night Back: Thursday

Materials Needed: Your materials for the class are listed below. 

  • A notebook
  • A textbook (History of Our World)
  • A pencil/pen

Grading Breakdown: Each quarter, you will be graded based on the following percentages:

  • Tests/Projects:                    60%
  • Quizzes/Class Work:           20%
  • Homework:                         10%
  • Formal Writing:                   10%

Respect Policy: All students are expected to treat their teachers, classmates and themselves respectfully in every sense of the word.

  • No bullying of any kind will be tolerated
  • Each student will listen to, and respect the opinions of other students
  • No one will interrupt a classmate while he or she is speaking

Preparation: All students are expected to be prepared for class each day. This means coming to class with your notebook, textbook (as needed), as well as pencils or pens. This also applies to completed homework and being ready to participate in the day’s activity.

Homework: Students are required to copy the posted homework into their agenda books as it is assigned daily except Fridays.

Please encourage your child to study hard and reach their academic goals.

Mrs. Leah Kouch

Web Classroom Resources    
Title | Website Link Date Posted Description
Ancient History Research Project Form 1 Dec. 2013

I am attaching an ancient civilization research project for parents and students to refer to just in case some students misplace their handouts over the holiday break.  This project is due in the week of January 6, 2014

Ancient History Research Project Form 2
The Incredible Human Journey
  1. Out of Africa
2. Out of Asia
3. Out of Australia
4. Out of Europe
5. Out of The Americas
Stone Age | Yahoo   Video Detail for Stories from the Stone Age
Stone Age | 1   Stories from the Stone Age
Stone Age | 2   Stories from the Stone Age
Stone Age | 3   Stories from the Stone Age
Stone Age | 4   Stories from the Stone Age
The Two Stone Ages   Compare and Contrast the two Stone Ages. 2 minutes of video. It's awesome!
Romulus & Remus   The Story of Romulus & Remus
Ancient Egypt   Exploring Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt   A Fantastic Trip to Ancient Egypt and the Nile
Ancient Rome (PowerPoint)   Check this website out about Ancient Rome. It has kid-friendly pictures and it describes the rise and fall of Ancient Rome.

Breed Social Studies | Anthony LaFratta Classroom | 2014-2015

BMS Faculty Grade Room
Anthony LaFratta

Breed Social Studies | Jean-Paul St. Pierre Classroom | 2013-2014

BMS Faculty Grade Room Visit My Twitter Feed
Jean-Paul St. Pierre
6 | 7 | 8 1A 10 Visit My Twitter Feed

Breed Social Studies | Robert Upton Classroom | 2014-2015

BMS Faculty Grade Room
Robert Upton 7 2A 26
I am Rob Upton and I teach 8th Grade World History at Breed. I have been teaching in the Lynn Public Schools for 6 years at both the high school and middle school levels. 8th Grade World History will cover material from Ancient Greece and Rome to the Renaissance. Students are expected to be prepared for class each day with a writing utensil, homework, and classwork. Students will participate in note taking activities, group and partner work, watch documentaries to give visual evidence to lectures, and use the internet to research material even closer.

Breed Social Studies | Brian Walsh Classroom | 2014-2015

BMS Faculty Grade Room
Brian Walsh


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