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May 18, 2020 - June 2020

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Local and Social Emotional Learning Resources See The Tab Above
Dojo Letter To Families Dojo_Letter_for_Families_Apr_03_2020
Go Math On-line Access for Brickett brickett_go_math_access_for_parents_and_students
April 15, 2020
An Important Update Regarding Our Remote Learning Plans
English - Spanish
Parent and Student Documents
parent_letter_from_acting_principal_2 parents_tips_for_reading_with_your_child
padres_consejos_para_leer_con_tu_hijo read to your kids for better readers
A Message To Our Grade 5 Students a_letter_to_grade_5_students_from_your_teachers
Kindergarten to Grade 3
K-2 Reading ELA  
ela_grades_k_1_2_online_resources ela_grades_k_1_2_write_a_story._draw_a_picture.
ela_grades_k_1_2_sightwordmemory1st25 ela_grades_k_1_alphabet_upper_lower_letter_cards
ela_grades_k_1_2_sightwordmemory4th25 ela_grades_k_1_2_reading_packet_links_to_pdfs
3-5 Reading ELA rela_grades_3_4_5_reading_packets Updated
K-2 Science science_grades_k_1_2_online_resources
3-5 Science and Social Studies science_social_studies_grades_3_4_5_resources
K-3 All Subjects all_grades_k-2_concentration_game_rules
  all grades_k-2 concentration_game_rules_spanish
Grade 3 to Grade 5
K-2 Math 3-5 Math
math_grade_1_packet math_grade_3_packet
math_grade_2_packet math_grade_4_packet
math_grade_k_packet math_grade_5_packet
math_grade_k_packet math_grades_3_4_5__online_resources
math_grades_k_1_2_hundreds_grid math_grades_3_4_5_division_facts_flash_cards
math_grades_k_1_2_math number lines 025 math_grades_3_4_5_multiplication_facts_flash_cards
math_grades_k_1_2_number cards with symbols math_grades_k5_card_games
math_grades_k_1_2_online_resources math_grades_k-5_card_games
math_grades_k_1_2_flashcards_addition horizontal
math_grades_k_1_2_flashcards_addition vertical
math_grades_k_1_2_flashcards_subtraction horizontal
math_grades_k_1_2_flashcards_subtraction vertical
Local Area, Health and Social Emotional Learning Resources
In an effort to provide support for our students and families during our time of LPS school closure we offer these on-line and phone community based resources.

En un esfuerzo para proporcionar apoyo a nuestros estudiantes y familias durante el tiempo de cierre do las escuelas, ofrecemos estos recurcos en linea y por telefono.
Emergency and Food_Resources - English Emergency and Food_Resources - Spanish
Local Area Resources - English Local Area Resources - Spanish
Corona Virus Social Story How To Talk To Kids About Corona Virus
Resources For Families  
sel water bottle activity sel mindfulness coloring pages

Teen Health at Marshall Middle School will remain open, remotely, with staff working from home during the school closure. We will be available to assist families with resources and mental health needs over the phone. We are working to get Telehealth services up and running so students can continue to receive therapy and medication without disruption.

Please do not present at Lynn Community Health Center (269 Union Street) without first calling 782-581-3900.

You can reach Teen Health staff directly with the following numbers:
Erin Auster: 782-691-7149 April Salvaterra: 781-715–6291
Lazaro Silva: 781-780-7457 Laura Shapiro: 781-581-3900
Casandra: 781-581-3900 Please be safe and stay well!

Centro de salud para adolescentes en Marshall Middle School esta abierto, remotamente, con el personal trabajando desde casa durante el cierre de la escuela. Estaremos disponibles para ayudar a las familias con recursos y necesidades de salud mental por teléfono. Estamos trabajando para poner en marcha los servicios de Telesalud para que los estudiantes puedan seguir recibiendo terapia y medicamentos sin interrupciones.

Por favor, no presente en Lynn Community Health Center en 269 Union Street sin llamar al 782-581-3900 primero.

Puede comunicarse con el personal de Centro de salud para adolescentes directamente con los siguientes números:

You can reach Teen Health staff directly with the following numbers:
Erin Auster: 782-691-7149 April Salvaterra: 781-715–6291
Lazaro Silva: 781-780-7457 Laura Shapiro: 781-581-3900
Casandra: 781-581-3900 Por favor manténgase bien y seguro.

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