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Welcome To Classical's Student Activities and Club Webpages and Archive

There are many opportunities for students at Classical. Student Clubs and Activities are listed below along with a link to the archive page from past years. If you would like to send in current school year information, schedules and photos for your Club or Activity please feel free to email the webmaster and we will make arrangements for posting.

Student Activity | Club Activitie | Club Advisor Activity or Club Webpage
Senior Class Advisor Jenn Mack and Estelle Dill  
Junior Class Advisor Ed Palmiera and Marcia Karalis  
Sophomore Class Advisor Greg Washington and Valerie Perham  
Freshman Class Advisor Thomas Stanley anb David Poland  
Art and Craft Club Erin Sutton Art and Craft Webpage
Computer/Technology Club Jonathan Yip  
Cooking and Baking Club TBA Cooking Club Webpage
Drama Club Mark Ailshie Drama Club Webpage
Drama Production Chelsea Cowie  
Exercise Club TBA Exercise Club Webpage
Gay-Straight Alliance TBA GSA Webpage
History Club Greg Washington  
Interact Club Matthew Sanphy  
Intramural Sports | Boys Paul Ryan Intramural Sports Webpage
Intramural | Cheerleading Laura McGaughey-Marquez  
Intramural | Exercise Joan Wiendczak  
Language Club | French TBA French Club Webpage
Language Club | Latin Amber Daniels  
Language Club | Espanola Lourdes Sagardia  
Math Club Samira Ghili  
Mock Trail Team Michael Curley  
Multicultural Club | African American TBA  
Multicultural Club | Asian American Ed Palmeira Asian-American Webpage
Music Club Lora Tamagini  
Music Club | Band Melissa Munafo  
National Honor Society Christine Lander  
Newspaper Kelly Hourihan  
Promise Of A Pencil Patty White-Frey POP Webpage
Quiz Team David Poland  
Science Club | Environmental David Winchester Environmental Club
Science Club Tom Farese  
Senior Yearbook Erica Tolley and Jackie O’Neil  
Student Government Peter Spilakos Political Science Webpage
TV Club Afton Dean  

Student Activity and Club | Archive   Archive Activity and Club Pages
African American Club   Archive Page 
Ambitious Club   Archive Page
Art Club   Archive Page
Asian American Club   Archive Page
Break Dance Club   Archive Page
Business Careers | Key Club Jessica O'Brien (2014-2015) Key Club Webpage
Chess Club   Archive Page
College Bowl   Archive Page
Computer Club   Archive Page
Craft Club   Archive Page
Drama Club   Archive Page
Environmental Club   Archive Page
Fashion Club   Archive Page
Gay-Straight Alliance   Archive Page
History Club   Archive Page
Intramural Sports   Archive Page
International Club   Archive Page
Key Club   Archive Page
Math Club   Archive Page
Math Team   Archive Page
Mock Trail Team   Archive Page
National Honor Society   Archive Page
Peer Mediation   Archive Page
Peer Mentoring   Archive Page
Political Science Activities   Archive Page
RAM Readers   Archive Page
The Rampage Literary Magazine   Archive Page
Science Club   Archive Page
Spanish Club   Archive Page
Star Club   Archive Page
Student Government   Archive Page
Travel Club   Archive Page
Music and Chorus Activities   Archive Page
Yearbook   Archive Page

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