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Classical's Adminstrative Team | 2017-2018

Our School Staff List
Our Phone (781) 477-7409
Our Fax (781) 477-7212
Principal Eugene Constantino
Vice Principal Amy Dunn
Grade 10 (M-Z) and Grade 11  
Vice Principal Dennis Thompson
Grade 10 (A-L) and Grade 12  
Vice Principal Christopher Warren
Grade 9  
Principal’s Assistant Christine Pisanelli
Secretary Coula Kesanlis
Attendance Secretary Angela Liakopoulos
Program Specialist Kathleen Aiello
Monitor Tom Donahue
Custodian Robin Russo
Student Support Services
School Nurses Office
Nurse June Blake B.S.N.
Nurse Jennifer Wortman
Nurses Office Phone (781) 477-7196
Social Worker Bobby Bishop
Adjustment Counselor George Shea
Parent Liaison Annie Alemar
Trio Program Sarah Coffey
Peer Mediation Alexis Kopoulos
Lynn Comm. Health Cnt. Kerry McConaghy
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Gene Constantino | Principal

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Gene has been a Lynn Public School employee since 1976. He has worked as a Special Education Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Vice Principal and Principal. He was also Classical's Girls basketball coach for 19 years.


Amy Dunn | Vice Principal


Amy is a proud Lynn resident and graduate of Lynn Classical High School. She has worked for the Lynn Public Schools since 1999, as a Math Teacher, Science Teacher, Guidance Counselor and is in her fifth year as Vice Principal at Lynn Classical High School.


Dennis Thompson | Vice Principal


This is my 17 year in the Lynn Public School system. I taught Health, Physical Education and Science my first 9 years. I was the Director of Health and Physical Education for 4 years and I have spent the last 4 as Vice Principal at Lynn Classical. This year I am the Senior and Sophomore Vice Principal.

Our Sophomore class is split alphabetically between Ms. Dunn and myself. I have the beginning of the alphabet letters A – L. I’m looking forward to a great year with our Senior Class. My first year at Classical was their freshman year. We have come a long way together. Graduation Day will be both exciting and sad. I’m excited about their future but it’s going to be a different place with them here.

Christopher Warren | Vice Principal

DT Chris Warren is a proud Lynn resident and went through the Lynn public school system. My wife and three children live in Lynn and they also go to Lynn Public Schools.

I have worked for the Lynn Public Schools since 1996, as a Health Teacher, Science Teacher, P.E. teacher, Campus Monitor and I am in my first year as Vice Principal at Lynn Classical High School. I was also the softball coach for the past 15 years at Lynn Classical and I served as the Asst. Athletic Director for six years. Lynn Classical is a welcoming school which has a great atmosphere for our students to learn and succeed!

Our Classical Office Staff

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Name | Email Position
Christine Pisanelli Principal’s Admin. Assistant
Coula Kesanlis Secretary
Angela Liakopoulos Attendance Secretary

George Shea | Adjustment Counselor

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Bobby Bishop | Social Worker

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Classical | School Nurse's Office and Community Health Center

The school nurse provides health care to students and staff performs health screenings and coordinates referrals to the medical home or private healthcare provider. The school nurse serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, community and healthcare providers to advocate for health care and a healthy school environment.” (American and National Association of School Nurses [ANA & NASN], 2011).

The school nurse’s office is open every day from 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM, any questions or concerns please call (781) 477-7196 or email us: June Blake | or Jennifer Wortman



June Blake RN, BSN, NCSN
June has 23+ years of professional experience. June has been a member of the Lynn Public Schools nursing staff since 2004.


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Jennifer Wortman
I grew up in Lynn, graduated from Lynn English in 2002. I received my BSN from Norwich University in Vermont. I became a school nurse in 2014. Although I graduated from English, I could not be happier at Classical High School.



Lynn Community Health Center

Your Photo Here Kerry McConaghy

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