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The Benefits of Learning Another Language

"My message to you today is that K-12 schools and higher education institutions must be part of the solution to our national language gap.

The Department of Education plays an important role in supporting second language instruction starting in the earliest grades and to ensure that students are engaged in language all the way through high school.
We have an important responsibility to provide opportunities for those who want to master other languages and prepare them to support America's economic and strategic interests as diplomats, foreign policy analysts, and leaders in the military.

To prosper economically and to improve relations with other countries, Americans need to read, speak and understand other languages. It's absolutely essential for the citizens of the United States to become fluent in other languages—and schools, colleges and universities must include producing bilingual students as a central part of their mission."

Secretary Arne Duncan's Remarks at the Foreign Language Summit

"In the future our students will say: I took several years of language in High School and I use every opportunity to interact with others in the target language." Nicole Sherf Salem State University, Salem MA

Ms. Lyle
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Fátima Lyle Department Head
FL I have been teaching in the Lynn Public Schools since 1993, at both the Middle School and High School levels.

I am passionate about teaching and specially my subject, Spanish. I love to share the passion for learning a Foreign Language with my students, as well as, the members of the Classical family.

I currently teach Honors Spanish IV and AP Spanish Language and Culture. I have been an AP College Board exam reader for the last eight (8) years.

As a Department Chair, I have the distinct pleasure of leading a group of very caring professional educators, whose sole mission is to guide our students into becoming life-long learners and appreciate success through hard work.

Mr. Blume
Teacher Subject Grade Room
John Blume      

Mr. Bosco
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Angelo Bosco      
JA Angelo Bosco began his career teaching English and U.S. culture while studying at the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina. Upon returning to the Boston area, he began teaching at the high school level and has taught high school Spanish in private education for thirteen years.

He is excited to be a member of the Lynn Classical community and is eager to share his enthusiasm for language learning and the opportunities for cultural exploration and exchange that language study allows.

Ms. Bradford
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Alice Bradford      
JA Hello!

Mr. Cruz
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Carlos Cruz Spanish    
Carlos Cruz Photo

My name is Carlos R Cruz, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but in 1997 I decided to move to Massachusetts. For years I have been working  in accounting and finance fields as well as in the teaching of the Spanish language as a foreign language in different institutions. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Managerial Economics from the Inter American University in San Juan, Puerto Rico and my Master’ degree at the University of Salamanca, Spain in Spanish and Spanish Culture.
Even when I have done work in fields as different as finance and education, I could say that being a teacher has brought me more satisfaction because of the person's interaction with the students. Work hard with students so that in the future they can take this experience to open doors in their professional and personal future.

Ms. Daniels
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Amber Daniels Latin    
JA I graduated from UMass Boston in 2013 with my M.A. in Latin and Classical Humanities: Applied Linguistics and have been teaching Latin since then. My first year at Lynn Classical High School is 2016. I not only love teaching a language, but learning languages too.

I studied German, French, and Spanish in high school. I started learning Latin and Ancient Greek as an undergrad at the University of Iowa. It is amazing and wonderful to have so many multilingual students who share that passion for learning.

Ms. Gilmartin
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Shannon Gilmartin      
JA Hello!

Ms. Kraus
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Deinorah Kraus Spanish    
JA My name is Deinorah Kraus and I have been a Spanish teacher at LCHS since 2014. I was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico and I’m very excited to bring my passion for both the Spanish language and culture, to my classroom every day.

I hold two master’s degrees (MBA and M. Ed. in Special Education) from Endicott College. During college I had the opportunity to study a semester in Toronto, Canada, where I was able to experience first-hand many of the opportunities that having a second language can bring; and that is the message I try to convey to my students during each class.

I love spending my free time traveling around the world and I have been to many countries including France, Germany, Israel, Luxemburg, Canada, Costa Rica, Morocco, to name a few.

Ms. Pachucki
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Betsaida Ramos-Pachucki Spanish    

My name is Betsaida “Betsy” Ramos-Pachucki and I have been teaching Spanish since 2005. In 2011, I was fortunate enough to make the transition from private education to Lynn Public Schools where my roots are. I am an alumnus from Colby College and Cambridge College and am currently seeking my second master’s degree from Salem State University.

Here at LCHS, I am involved in the girls’ volleyball program, enjoy making connections with my students, and try to implement my passion for social justice as much as I can.

Ms. Petullo O'Neil
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Jacklyn Petullo O'Neil French    

My name is Jackie Petullo, and I been teaching at Classical since 2013.  I was immediately impressed with not only the opportunities available to our students, but also with the enthusiasm and pride of all those who make up the Classical family.

I am a graduate of UMass Amherst and was lucky enough to spend a semester in Paris where my love of the French language and culture grew into the passion I now hope to bring into my classroom. I am looking forward to an exciting year and to sharing my knowledge with my students.

Ms. Sagardia
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Lourdes Sagardia Spanish    
LS Lourdes Sagardia is a Spanish teacher. She began working for the Lynn Public Schools in 1997 as a bilingual elementary teacher at Ingalls Magnet School. She started working as a foreign language teacher at Lynn Classical High School in 2004. She currently teaches Honors Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 5, and Spanish 3.

She has also taught Spanish at Lynn English High School.  Her experience as a foreign language teacher has provided her with the opportunity to share with her students two of the most significant things in her life, her language and culture.

Ms. Webber
Teacher Subject Grade Room
Charlotte Webber Greek and Latin    
KW My name is Charlotte Webber, and I have been teaching at Lynn Classical since 2017. I graduated from Boston University, and am currently enrolled in a Master's program at UMass Boston for Applied Linguistics. I studied both Latin and Ancient Greek, and was able to spend a semester abroad in Rome.

I love languages, but especially enjoy teaching history, mythology, and other parts of the Roman and Greek world, and getting to share these stories that so much of our world today is based on with my students.

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