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LAST UPDATE: May 17, 2020 8:51 AM

May 18, 2020 - June 2020

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Classical Year Long Plan lynn_classical_year_long_plan_
Local and Social Emotional Learning Resources See The Tab Above
April 15, 2020
An Important Remote Learning Plan Update
English - Spanish
Visit The LCHS New YouTube Channel!

The Lynn Classical TV Department has launched an official school YouTube Channel. Check back regularly for updates during the COVID-19 closure.

In the future, the channel will feature assemblies, special events, morning broadcasts, athletics, and much more.

Be sure to subscribe and check out the latest series, "RAM FAM Matters" New Videos Posted!
Athletics Department Visit Our Page For Videos and More!
English Department - ELA - ESL
Natalie Turek - ELLD 2 - ESL 3 - ESL 4 Visit My Classroom Page
Greg MacPhee - ESL ESL_2_and_elld_2_work
  For all ESL 2 and ELLD 2 students, here is your assignment to complete while we are out of school. You can email or contact your teachers on Jupiter.
Travis Harris - ESL Visit My Classroom Page
Rosanne Driscoll - English 11 American Lit. Gr. 11 Industrial_Revolution_1_1
Mark Ailshie - English Visit My Classroom Page
Guidance Department
TRIO Talent Search is a federally-funded college access program for high school and middle school students who would be the first in their family to attend college. Through a partnership with North Shore Community College and Lynn Public Schools, TRIO advisors provide FREE college and career advising during the school day at Lynn English, Lynn Classical and Lynn Vocational Technical High Schools. We help students and their families complete necessary college financial aid forms (FAFSA) and also provide tutoring in the areas of English, Math, Science, STEM, college and scholarship essays, and test prep. Students in TRIO Talent Search also participate in monthly field trips to college campuses across Massachusetts and beyond.

Our program is open to Lynn Public School students in grades 6-12 who would be a first generation college student and whose families meet the U.S. Department of Education’s income guidelines for Federal TRIO Programs. Students must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident.

Applications are available in the Guidance Office or by contacting Sarah Coffey, TRIO Talent Search Education Advisor scoffey@northshore.edu.
Math Department
Kristina DeRosa - Grade 8 My Home_Learning Packet
Angela Skinner - Grade 9 Visit My Classroom Page
Kathleen White - Math A - Period Calculus VKUG3QVH
  F - Period Calculus J4YVKWD2
  B - Period Algebra DCBUWR79
  C - Period Algebra BSWVHM4B
  D - Period Pre-calculus TZED2844
Social Studies Department
Gwen Hansen - U.S. History - Closure Plans My Home Learning Packet
Matt Simms - History 1 & II - Grade 11 Best wishes!
Jessica Dormady - Social Studies Grade 9 us_history_i_online_plan
Josh Guerin - History www.mrguerin.com
Science Department
Victoria Sicard - EL Biology and Marine Biology See Below
For Marine Biology: Document 1
  Document 2
For EL Biology: Document 1
  Document 2
Christine Lander - Chemistry Visit My Classroom Page
Paul Laurey See Below
CP Anatomy/Physiology Grades 11/12 My Home Learning Packet
Applied Chemistry Grade 10 My Home Learning Packet
David Winchester - Marine Biology spongeandcnidariawebques
  This activity is for grade 11 and 12 students, all classes are mixed.
David Winchester - Earth Science oceanographywebquest2018
Check This Out!
Alyssa Smiley - Biology and Anatomy Visit My Classroom Page
Physical Education and Health
Colleen Peterson Nutrition Exploration: Multimedia Text Set
  Follow the link for this education and fun activity to do at home.
Special Education Department
Christine Lyman - Department Head Visit My Classroom Page
Ann Bakas - ELA, Special Education My Home Learning Packet
Valerie Perham - B204/D101/C106 Visit My Classroom Page
Jonathan Rosenthal - U.S. History Visit My Classroom Page
Amy Sewyck - Grade 10 - Geometry Visit My Classroom Page
Laurie Spencer - Special Education My Home Learning Packet
Instructional Technology
Sherry McNulty - Applied Technology
Computing for College Groups A/B/F/G. Follow this link to access some Google Docs Activities activities to access from home.
  College and Career Readiness
Growth Mindset
Lynn Petkewich - Computers Grades 9 - 12 Visit My Classroom Page
World Languages
Christopher Ayers - Latin E(C104), F(C107) & G(C107) ayers_online_plan_latin_2
Amber Daniels - Latin 1 My Home Learning Packet
Fatima Lyle - World Languages My Home Learning Packet
  Work for three languages (French, Latin, Spanish) all grades and levels.

LAST UPDATE: May 17, 2020 8:51 AM

The Arts - Visual Arts
Leah Warren - Grade 9 Intro To Art My Home Learning Packet
Our Remote Learning Website
Erin Sutton - Visual Arts Our Remote Learning Page
  Visit My Online Classroom
Theatre Arts
Mark Ailshie - Theatre Arts Visit My Classroom Page
Local Area, Health and Social Emotional Learning Resources
In an effort to provide support for our students and families during our time of LPS school closure we offer these on-line and phone community based resources.

En un esfuerzo para proporcionar apoyo a nuestros estudiantes y familias durante el tiempo de cierre do las escuelas, ofrecemos estos recurcos en linea y por telefono.
Emergency and Food_Resources - English Emergency and Food_Resources - Spanish
Local Area Resources - English Local Area Resources - Spanish
Corona Virus Social Story How To Talk To Kids About Corona Virus
Resources For Families  

We will be available to assist families with resources and mental health needs over the phone. We are working to get Telehealth services up and running so students can continue to receive therapy and medication without disruption.

Please do not present at Lynn Community Health Center (269 Union Street) without first calling 782-581-3900.

You can reach Teen Health staff directly with the following numbers:
Erin Auster: 782-691-7149 April Salvaterra: 781-715–6291
Lazaro Silva: 781-780-7457 Laura Shapiro: 781-581-3900
Casandra: 781-581-3900 Please be safe and stay well!

Estaremos disponibles para ayudar a las familias con recursos y necesidades de salud mental por teléfono. Estamos trabajando para poner en marcha los servicios de Telesalud para que los estudiantes puedan seguir recibiendo terapia y medicamentos sin interrupciones.

Por favor, no presente en Lynn Community Health Center en 269 Union Street sin llamar al 782-581-3900 primero.

Puede comunicarse con el personal de Centro de salud para adolescentes directamente con los siguientes números:

You can reach Teen Health staff directly with the following numbers:
Erin Auster: 782-691-7149 April Salvaterra: 781-715–6291
Lazaro Silva: 781-780-7457 Laura Shapiro: 781-581-3900
Casandra: 781-581-3900 Por favor manténgase bien y seguro.

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