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Welcome to my classroom! My name is Ms. Gibbs
March 2020 Update
  Remote Learning Resources and Assignments  
  All Grade 12 Government Students (Gibbs, LeColst, and Tidmarsh's classes)
We are continuing our education on the Executive Branch.

Topics to know: Roles of the President, the Executive Branch, President's foreign affairs policies, enumerated powers of the Executive Branch.

Concepts: Compare and Contrast the foreign policies of different Presidents and explain how they affected world affairs, economics, and war. Explain and trace the expansion of Presidential power from the foundation of the US government to the present day.
Themes: The Executive Branch Powers, Foreign Policy.

Chapter 5.1 - 5.4 (5.1: pg 200 - 206, 5.3: pg 211 - 223, 5.4: pg 224 - 229) cover the role of the Executive Branch and the individuals who work under this branch.
Chapter 6.4 (pg. 261 - 272) covers United States foreign policies over time, from the Revolutionary War up to present day issues. Presidential Bios will give you an idea of the variety of men who have held office in the past and their ideas on domestic and foreign policies. Read and answer the questions related to the texts.
Third Quarter homework is two different speeches on foreign affairs. You will read George Washington's Farewell Address and Ronald Reagan's Tear Down This Wall speech, and answer questions related to the texts.
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