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Anastasia Mower
Honors English | Grade 11
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A Welcome to Honors/College Preparatory English Grade 11
Juniors, this is your year. Please join me as we explore the literature and people of our nation. We will examine the works of famous American writers in order to open our eyes to the human condition. Our goal will be for us to become better readers, writers, thinkers and overall citizens of the world. I am excited to embark on this journey with you!

Extra Help: Mondays after school in the ELA department office

Course Syllabus
New Item Course Info and Syllabus Download (PDF/WORD)  
  Honors English Syllabus
  CP English 11 Syllabus
  Items Needed
  1. One 3 ring binder with filler paper/divided into 3 sections: Literature, Vocabulary and SAT
  2. Pens / pencils (Please bring your own.)
  3. Covered textbook
  4. Highly recommended: memory stick/thumb drive
  5. Highly recommended: computer access/availability

General Classroom Policies

  1. Homework will be checked periodically. It is expected to be complete and well-thought out.
  2.  Most assignments are to be completed in your 3 ring binder.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT - **You only have 1 week to make up a quiz or test.  After a week, it becomes a zero.
  4. It is expected that you record your assignments in your agenda daily.
  5. In general I frown upon frequent bathroom requests.  Try to go before class, otherwise, if possible, wait until the end of class.

Grade Computation
Tests and formal essays are valued twice as much as quizzes.  Also, participation, attendance, and effort will be factored into your final grade. See the uniform school grading policy on back of the syllabus for more detail.

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