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April 2020 Update
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  ESL 3-Newsela Articles

Follow each link to access the article, which are accompanied by comprehension questions and answers. Practice your writing skills with the writing practice questions for each article.

Article 1
Article and Questions:

Writing Practice:
Write a paragraph that explains the central idea of the text. Use at least two details from the article to support your response.

Article 2
Article and Questions:

Writing Practice:
Choose a problem (and solutions) described in the text. Explain what the problem is and why it matters, using examples, facts, and details from the text. If possible, describe any solutions proposed in the text.

Article 3
Article and Questions:

Writing Practice:
Choose a person, event, or idea from the text. Explain what the text reveals about your chosen topic.

Article 4
Article and Questions:

Writing Practice:
Make a clear, defensible claim about the topic of the text. Write a paragraph to support your claim with clear reasons and relevant evidence from the text.

Article 5
Article and Questions:

Writing Practice:
Write a paragraph that explains the central idea of the text. Use at least two details from the article to support your response.

Article 6
Article and Questions:

Writing Practice:
Choose a feature from this story (such as a character, the setting, or the theme). Write your own piece of short fiction based on this same feature from the story.
Course Syllabus  
New Item Course Info and Syllabus Download (PDF/WORD)  

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