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Colbe Mazzarella
English Teacher - Grades 9 and 10
Room 150
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Welcome to Mrs Mazzarella's Webpage!
Dear Students,
Welcome to my English class! We will learn a lot this year and develop your skills in English.

My goals as a teacher are:
+ you will understand what you hear and read.
+ You will write and speak effectively.
+You will enjoy literature, think logically, and develop self-discipline.

These will open many doors for your future!

If ANYTHING stops you from learning, tell me. It's my job to make it possible for you to succeed. You can see me before or after class, or after school any day, especially on Mondays.

Mrs. Mazzarella
March 2020 Update
  Remote Learning Resources and Assignments  
Colbe Mazzarella - English 9T (Transition to Learning English)  
Dear Student, Check this for the latest weekly activities: https://mrsmazzarella.wordpress.com/
Here's how to improve your MCAS grades from 2/12-3/12:
Improve your handwritten essays in packets: Rewrite them on lined paper.
Improve your Google Docs essays: Edit them. Share again. If you improve them 3+ times, I'll grade them 3+ times.
Improve your quizzes: Look at the grades on the front of your packet. See how your grade went up when you wrote a sentence for each wrong answer.

Study your Sleep Science handout for quiz. Here’s my Part A/B question on our next quiz:
Part A. Based on both passages, what would be the best sleep schedule?
Part B. Which evidence best supports your answer in Part A?
(You can copy my question for Part B because it's used on MCAS many times.)

3/12 Homework (due before our next class):
Use Sleep handout to write your Part A/B question & 4 answers for each part = 8 answers.
Share it with me for the Sleep quiz. The best questions will be on the quiz.

3/13 Homework (due before our next class):
Use Iliad handout to write your own Part A/B question with 4 answers for Part A & 4 for Part B = 8 answers.
Share it with me for the Iliad quiz. I might pick your question to be part of the quiz.
Hi Students! 1.
1. Check out my website, https://mrsmazzarella.wordpress.com/
2. Use a different website below.
Mrs. Mazzarella

Part A. English instructions
Part B. instrucciones en español

A. This website is for you to learn English. www.englishmaven.org
1. Look at the menu on the left.
2. Click on Reading Comprehension. Scroll down to find a story at a good level for you.
3. Try some other activities like crossword puzzles.

B. Este sitio web es para que aprendas inglés. www.englishmaven.org
1. Mira el menú a la izquierda.
2. Haga clic en Comprensión de Lectura. Desplácese hacia abajo para encontrar una historia en un buen nivel para usted.
3. Pruebe otras actividades como crucigramas.
Course Syllabus  
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  2019/2020 Freshmen English Syllabus
  2019/2020 Sophomore English Syllabus
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  Click here for Homework and Classwork  
  Click here for the Massachusetts standards for English courses (PDF Format)

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