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Welcome to my classroom! My name is Mr. Cash
March 2020 Update
  Remote Learning Resources and Assignments  
Sociology students you are potentially on your own for the next few weeks. In that time, I would like you to read and write 1 page summaries for the following articles located in the website posted below.

1. “Coronavirus Myths, Debunked: A Cattle Vaccine, Bioweapons and a $3,000 Test”
2. “What Would Happen If U.S. Schools Close Because of Coronavirus?”
3. “You Might Just Be Addicted: Smartphone Use Physically Affects Your Brain, Study Says”
4. “Immune Cell that Kills Most Cancers Discovered by Accident by British Scientists”
5. “The Common Exercise Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now”
6. “The Threat of Killer Asteroids”
7. “US Cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here’s why it matters and what you can do to stop it.”

Each Article is listed in the link. They are easily accessible, readable, and current Sociology topics.

My email is cashe@lynnschools.org if you need to contact me with help or questions.
AP Psychology  
Students over the course of the next 4 weeks you will potentially be on your own to gear up for the AP Exam on May 12th. It is up to you to read, study, practice and prepare for the upcoming Exam. The Princeton Review. Cracking the AP Psychology Exam 2019 Edition or 2020 Edition has all the summaries, strategies, terms to be studied, and practice questions to be examined. You should already have this required item since September. If not purchase it on Amazon and get the 2020 edition, or the 2019 edition.
Start with Chapter 11 then go on to 12, 13 and Chapter 14.
Read, Study Terms, do Practice questions and look up answers for rationale.
For Further material continue right through chapter 18. Review Chapters on improving your AP scores. Use your syllabus to align the curriculum.
Text Readings and questions: Unit 7, Unit 8, Unit 9, Unit 10, Unit 12, Unit 14
Read, study terms, do practice questions at the end of each module and unit.
There is more than enough material for you to look through to prepare.
You can reach me at cashe@lynnschools.org
New Item Course Info and Syllabus Download (PDF/WORD)  

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