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Summer 2020 Update
  Remote Learning Resources and Assignments  
  July 1, 2020 - APUSH
  Summer AP assignments: AP Text America's History - Due at beginning of September
Chapters 1-4
Top Down Webs for Chapters 1-4 (may be hand written)
2 Column note format for all vocabulary: Key Concepts, Events, and People
Answer Thematic Understanding Questions from each chapter
Chapter 1, (5) p.37
Chapter 2, (4) p.73
Chapter 3, (5) p.111
Chapter 4, (4) p.143

Write a 5-7 sentence summary of each chapter.
All work needs to be typed, double-spaced, 12 font, New Times Roman, Black Ink, unless noted.

Additional Text-Voices of Freedom Vol. 1 or Vol. 2

If you have volume 1, answer all questions to page 83. Typed, labeled answers only.
If you have volume 2, answer all the questions to page 70. Typed, labeled answers only.

Please refer to all Timelines in the text, pages. 39,74,113, and 145. There will be a series of timeline quizzes in September.
  April 8, 2020
  Period G U.S.1 Students work on assignments under Honors U.S. 1, if you have any questions please email with your concerns.
  April 2, 2020
  Copy figure 11.4 Bond Ratings, p.298, copy Ch-13 Visual Summary p.377
Top Down Web and 2 Column Notes for the following; Ch-12, Ch-13, Ch-14, and Ch-15.
Reminder-Continue work on Economist Poster Project. Files included if needed.
  economists profiles_in_economics
  Previous Posts

Additional lessons to be completed by thew time we return to class. (May 5th or later)
Topic 6.4, pages 201-210, Top Down Web, 2 Column notes, and brief summary of the section. 5 to 7 sentences. Typed
Topic 6.5, pages 211-217, Top Down Web, 2 Column notes, and a brief summary of the section, 5 to 7 sentences. Typed
Topic 6.6, pages 218-222, Top Down Web, 2 Column notes, and a brief summary of the section, 5 to 7 sentences. Typed

Poster Project on about above topics, see attached files.

1) Create Top Down Webs, 2 column notes, and a brief summary (5-7) of each of these sections: 6.1, 6.2, 6.3
2) Do the questions from the following sections (typed out answers ONLY): p. 191 1-5; p. 196 1-5; p. 200 1-5
3) Complete and turn in President Jackson mini Q that was assigned on March 12.
4) Overdue: Alamo DBQ QUESTIONS ONLY. Finish if not done. Late grade will be assigned.

  reform_poster creating_an_effective_poster
Course Syllabus  
New Item Course Info and Syllabus Download (PDF/WORD)  
  Economics Syllabus
  U.S. History 1

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