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April 2020 Update
  Remote Learning Resources and Assignments  
  April 3, 2020  
  Hey Guys, hope everyone is safe and healthy as that is most important. I will be adding one new document for you to go over. Before we left we were covering the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. Below is a DBQ on causes of the Great Depression and a DBQ on the experience of living it. Please go over these and email me with any questions at snyderr@lynnschools.org.
  great_depression_dbq the_causes_of_the_great_depression_66_dbq
  Everyone stay safe first and foremost, while we are out continue working on your "What Caused the Dust Bowl" DBQ and finish the packet in its entirety. Once completed go on ahead and begin writing your 6 Traits paper, just do your best and put together a rough draft and final draft. I have uploaded additional DBQ's, and Power Points covering the Great Depression and WW2 for you to view as well. Be safe and see you all in a few weeks.
  US History 2  
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