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Hood School's Student Safety Page

Safety is our first priority at Hood.  Once our students feel safe and are safe, then we can educate them.   To begin the year, our Core Value for the month of September is student safety.  Teachers read the book, Officer Buckle and Gloria, to the students to introduce safety.  October’s Core Value is Kindness.  Teachers will read the book, Have you Filled a Bucket Today, A Children’s Guide to Happiness.

Parents, we need your help.  Here are ways in which you can help us to keep our students, your children, safe:

  • Park on Oakwood and Clarendon.  Do not enter the small dead end (Choate) entrance to the back school yard where cones are set up. 
  • During dismissal, please stand farther back in the school yard so teachers may exit the school building and line up the students.  Thank you for your support in this matter.
  • Please wait for the teacher to hand-off your child to you.  Students will line up, then a parent or guardian will let the teacher know they are picking up their child.  To keep students safe, teachers must connect students to the adult picking them up. 
  • When letting students out of the car, pull over to the curb and sidewalk to let students out of the car.  Please do not let students out in the street or between cars.  This is much too dangerous. 
  • When entering the school, please go right to the office and sign in to receive a badge.
  • School begins at 8:15, for student safety, please do not send students before 8:00.  The doors for school open at 8:15.  Teachers will exit the building to line up students.  Please make room for teachers to line up their students.
  • Reminder: Oakwood and Clarendon Avenue are a one way during drop off and pick up times. 

On another note:

  • There are no dismissals after 2:00.  Many parents come into school to dismiss their students before school ends.  It is the law that students are in school 180 days a year and from 8:15 to 2:15. 
  • Please schedule doctors’ appointments for after a 2:15 dismissal.  It is very disruptive to the school day, student routines and safety when students are dismissed late in the day.  Between 2:00 and 2:15, teachers are organizing students for homework, handing out notices, making important announcements, as well as organizing students for buses.    Excessive dismissals are disruptive to your child’s education.  Please do not dismiss unless it is an emergency.
  • We had a fantastic attendance for the first week of school.  Help us to educate your children by having them in school every day and on time. 
  • Parents you are the primary role models for your children.  Please support us as we model safety and a respect for education.  Our daily goals are to show respect, motivation, responsibility and kindness, and to arrive at school prepared for a day of learning.

I have spent the summer interviewing teachers to teach at Hood Elementary School.  I have hired teachers that I would want my own children to have as a teacher.   We have a fabulous, highly educated and dedicated staff at Hood: returning and new teachers.  All summer I have bragged about the children that attend Hood Elementary School.  It was so exciting for me to have teachers tell me how wonderful your children are and that they are so happy to be working with your children this year.  As I said last year, “thank you for sending us children who are respectful and take their education seriously.”  It is because of you that we have great students.  Keep up the good work. 

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