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Vision and Core Values | 2013 | Ingalls Student Handbook

Ingalls Vision Statement | All students at Ingalls Elementary School will demonstrate proficient & advanced reading and math skills.

Ingalls School Core Values | We Believe Effort Will Determine Our Success! & Understand that Character Counts!

I always put forth my best effort
· I am responsible for my success
· I won't give up
· I need to work hard

Respect other people, their property and myself
· I am unique and important
· I always use kind words
· I share
· I am considerate of other people's feelings
· I solve problems by talking and not fighting
· I keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself
· I ask permission before using something that belongs to someone else
· I behave properly at recess, in the lunchroom, and in the lavatory 

I cooperate by listening and following directions
· Look at the person who is speaking
· I am able to retell and follow directions
· I raise my hand if I don't understand
· I raise my hand before I speak 

I walk quietly and speak courteously
· I talk quietly in the school building
· I walk in the hallway and in my classroom 

I solve problems peacefully
· I talk out my problems
· I attack the problem, not the person
· I listen to others
· I care about other people's feelings
· I am responsible for what I say and do
· I ask for help when I need it 

I follow our school safety rules
· I walk safely to and from school
· I obey the crossing guard

Ingalls Core Value System | Purpose: The faculty and staff at the Ingalls School are constantly striving to improve our school community. We want our school to be the best that it can be. As educators, it is our goal to instill in our students the importance of developing a sense of respect and responsibility. We want students to understand the value of these qualities and to incorporate them into their daily lives. Our school's emphasis on "effort" is a life long lesson meant to empower students to take control of their successes and failures. 

V.I.P. (Very Important Pupils) 

Monthly Core Value Focus: 
September – School Safety Rules
October – Effort
November – Effort
December – Respect
January – Peaceful Problem Solving
February – Peaceful Problem Solving
March – Cooperation
April – Cooperation
May – Courtesy and Courtesy
June – Celebration of Core Values!

General Information | 2013 | Ingalls Student Handbook

School Hours
7:45 AM (Late Bell Rings at 8 AM) - 1:45 PM

Emergency Form | Please fill out the form completely, carefully making sure we have accurate information. If any information changes, please notify the main office. If you need help filling out any form, please come in and we will assist you. Without this information, we have no way to contact you in the event of an emergency. If you have more than one child, please complete a form for each child. Send this form back immediately after receiving it.

Free and Reduced Lunch Form | All parents need to fill out this form and return it; even if you feel you do not qualify or may not want to participate. Your compliance with filling out this form effects our school's funding. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Universal Breakfast | All students will be offered free breakfast when the school day begins at 7:45 AM. Your child certainly can choose not to eat, but a breakfast will always be accessible. 

Lunch Prices | Weekly prices are as follows: Full $7.75; Reduced $2.00; Milk only $2.25. Payment is due each week on Thursday.

"No School" Announcements | If it becomes necessary to cancel school due to stormy weather or another emergency, announcements to that effect will be broadcast on local television and radio stations. 

Connect-Ed | Is an automated phone system used by Lynn Public Schools to notify you of your child's absence as well as important school events throughout the year. It is very important that your current phone number is always on file in the office. 

Lost and Found | A "lost and found" box is located in the cafeteria where lost articles are kept until claimed. You and your child are encouraged to check the box for lost items. Please put your child's name on all belongings so that "found" items can be returned to the owner.

Important Notes
· Candid student pictures are taken during the school year. If you do not want your child's picture taken, please advise your child's teacher in writing.

The Ingalls Community

Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) | P.T.O. membership is open to all interested individuals. There are monthly meetings open to all members. Parents are encouraged to join and to take an active role in this organization.

School Improvement Council | The Ingalls School Improvement Council is a representative, building-based committee composed of the Principal, parents, teachers, and community representatives. The current mission of this committee is to bring the Arts to our community. Meetings open for all to attend. Parents are encouraged to consider membership on the School Improvement Council. 

Monthly School Calendar | A monthly calendar will be sent home informing you of Ingalls School events, along with an informative newsletter from the Principal. 

School Pictures | Students are given the opportunity to have school pictures taken each Fall and again in the Spring. Parents are notified of the date in advance and may choose to purchase one of the photo packages offered.

Important Policies and Procedures | 2013 | Ingalls Student Handbook

Attendance and Tardiness | Children must attend school regularly. Continuity in every grade can only be accomplished with a consistent attendance record. Our school day begins at 7:45 AM. Students will be considered tardy if they arrive after the 8 AM late bell. Students arriving late must report directly to the school office with a parental note explaining the reason for tardiness. Attendance is an important commitment. It is critical to your child's educational success that he and/or she be present unless sick. At Ingalls, we take attendance very seriously. Teachers will call home if there is a concern. Attendance letters will also be sent further documenting and reiterating the school's concerns.

Dismissal | If a child has to be dismissed from school during school hours (except in cases of illness or injury), he or she must bring a note signed by the parent or guardian stating the anticipated time of dismissal and the reason. All children being dismissed must be picked up at the school office. The parent or the parent's designee must provide transportation, as children may not walk home unaccompanied when dismissed. If a child is dismissed before 10:45 AM, the student is considered absent for the whole day. 
There will be no dismissals permitted after 1:30 PM.

Detention | At the Ingalls School, we work hard at creating a place for all of our students to be accepted, respected, and nourished; nourished in mind, body, and spirit. With a clear, concise, structured set of rules and consequences, the goal is to strengthen our commitment to creating a safe, peaceable community. Detention is from 1:50 PM - 2:30 PM. Parents must make arrangements to pick up their child after detention. 

Vacation Policy | Family vacations should be planned during regular school vacations. Keeping a student out of school for the purpose of a vacation is considered an unexcused absence. School personnel are not required or expected to provide schoolwork for students going on vacation. 

LPS Dress Code | You will be receiving a Student Discipline Code. Please pay particular attention to the dress code as it has been revised and will be strictly enforced. 

Telephone Use | Children are not permitted to use the office telephone for personal reasons. Phone calls home for forgotten lunches, homework assignments, or the like are allowed at the discretion of the teacher, secretary, or principal. In case of illness or other emergency, the parent or designee will be notified by the school nurse, secretary, teacher or principal. Cell Phone Use is not permitted. 

School Yard Parking | I would like to remind you of the policies put in place prohibiting unauthorized vehicles from driving into the school yard or along side the school building. Cones and signs are in place to reinforce these safety policies. No cars are allowed to enter or exit the school yard in the morning between 7:45 AM and 8 AM.  In the afternoon, no cars are allowed to enter or exit the yard between 1:30 PM and 2 PM, except for buses and cars arriving to pick up students with disabilities. The arrival for these vehicles is expected to be at 1:30 PM. Ideally, this traffic will be gone by 1:45 PM. This is being done with the safety of your children in mind. We need your co-operation in making the Ingalls School Community a safe place for children.

Building Security and School Visits | Because of our concern for the safety of our students, and to ensure that no unauthorized people are in the building, ALL visitors are required to stop at the school office upon entering the building. You will be asked the purpose of your visit. If it is something that can be taken care of through the office, (i.e. your child forgot his/her homework, sneakers etc.), we will call the child to the office. Kindergarten students arriving late: please sign your child in and a staff member will escort your child to class. 
To visit a classroom, health center, etc., you will be asked to sign in the visitor book. You will be given a visitor pass on a lanyard, which must be worn around your neck, visible at all times while in the building. Please be sure to turn the visitor pass in at the office at the end of your visit.

Dismissal Time | Bus students line up in the cafeteria and are supervised by school personnel until their transportation arrives. Parents and guardians, you must send a note if your child is not taking the bus that day. Students who walk are to go directly home upon dismissal. Loitering on school grounds is not allowed as there is no adult supervision, and children are expected home in a timely manner by their parent or caregiver.

Student Progress | Both parents and students are made aware of student progress. The best indication is a daily review of papers, assignments and discussion of schoolwork and school activities. Conferences are held in the Fall and Spring before report cards. Anytime the parent or teacher has a concern, a conference may and should be scheduled. Report cards go home three times a year. 

Homework | Students will be asked to do certain assignments outside the classroom, which will prepare them for a subsequent lesson or will act as a follow-up to previous learning activities. Homework is an extension of learning initiated by the teacher.

Progress/Report Card Distribution |2013 | Ingalls Student Handbook

Progress Reports | TBA
Trimester Report Cards | TBA

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Formal Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice a year. Teachers and parents are encouraged to maintain communication throughout the year. 

Below are some suggestions, which may help you as you prepare for the Parent-Teacher Conference. 
· Get involved. Consider conferences to be one of the many ways in which you can work with your child's teacher and the school
· Be prepared. Prepare for the conference by preparing a list of questions, bringing relevant assessment records, collecting information about certain behaviors, or just trying to relax and clear your mind before the conference.
· Be open-minded. 
· Set priorities. Adjust your expectation to the time that is available. Set priorities if necessary, and ask for a follow-up meeting if it is needed.

Student Services | 2013 | Ingalls Student Handbook

Principal | Irene P. Cowdell
School Secretaries | Elaine Theriault and Wendi Whitcomb
School Adjustment Counselor | George Shea 
School Nurse | Vicki Kennedy 781-477-7400
School Based Health Center | 781-593-0734
Office Manager | Carol Champigny
Nurse Practitioner | Lorraine Murphy
Lunch Program | Lois Branden
Special Education
Lynn Public Schools Special Ed Main Office 781-268-3000
Chairperson (office at Ingalls) | Lorraine Serino
504 Coordinator and Student Study Team | Irene Hall

Ingalls School Core Values We Believe Effort Will Determine Our Success! & Understand that Character Counts! 

1. I always put forth my best effort 
2. I respect other people, their property, and myself 
3. I cooperate by listening and following directions 
4. I walk quietly and speak courteously 
5. I solve problems peacefully 
6. I follow our school safety rules 

Acknowledgment | 2013 | Ingalls Student Handbook

The contents of this handbook will be helpful and informative for both parents and students. Its purpose is to help ease anxieties and answer your questions throughout the school year. Please take the time to review the handbook with your child/children and keep it on hand for future reference. We want to be sure you have reviewed this handbook with your child/children. Please email or send Comments/suggestions for the next edition of this handbook.

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