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April 15, 2020
An Important Update Regarding Our Remote Learning Plans

English - Spanish
Grade 6
Hello everyone, Below you will find school materials that can help you with math while you are home. Take the time to review what you have learned for the past months.Good luck and see soon.Mr. J
Math - Mr. Joseph, Ms. Silva, Ms. Sweeney, Mr. Waxer, Mr. Whitehead
week_1 waxer-whitehead week_1
week_2 waxer-whitehead week_2
week_3 waxer-whitehead week_3
week_4 waxer-whitehead week_4
Math - Kelly Towne  
distant_learning grade_6_distant_learning_week_2
distant_learning_student_directions grade_6_distant_learning_week_3
grade_6_distant_learning grade_6_distant_learning_week_4
Please complete the work packets that are attached. Send messages to talkingpoints if you have any questions. Christopher Cornett
Here is work for you to do when there is no school. Read the directions. You can message me on Talking Points if you have questions. Sarah McKenna, Greg Sheridan, Irina Duchane and Scott Sullo
week_1_text_structures week 3 context_clues
week_2 figurative_language week_4_text_features
ELA - Ms. Sachetta
grade_6_ela_sachetta_week1 grade_6_ela_sachetta_week3
grade_6_ela_sachetta_week2 grade_6_ela_sachetta_week4
ELA - Jennifer Cimino and Kathleen Powers and Ms. Sachetta
grade6 ela week 1 grade6 ela week 3
grade6 ela week 2 grade6 ela week 4
ELA - Julia Thorell grade_6 ela
ELA Support - Ms. Newhall and Ms. Doore Lysa Newhall and Christina Doore
180_login_directions_1_1 ela_support_68_grade_readings_1
distantlearning_grade_8_ela_support read_180_directions_what_to_do
week_1_student fossil_evidence_of_evolution_reading
week_2_student fossil_evidence_of_evolution_worksheets
week_3_student fossils_reading
week_4_student fossils_worksheets
relative_age_dating_reading plate_tectonics_reading
relative_age_dating_worksheets plate_tectonics_worksheets
Science - Celia Detrich  
6th_grade_week_1 6th_grade_week_3
6th_grade_week_2 6th_grade_week_4
Social Studies  
distant learning lesson plans Grade 6 SS Learning Activities
Week 1 Social Studies Distance Learning (3) Week 3 Social Studies Distance Learning (3)
Week 2 Distance Learning Civics (1) Week 4 Social Studies Distance Learning (3)
Polynesian Culture Study Packet  
Social Studies - Grade 6 - Daniel Koziski  
africa_blank_physical_map africa_blank_political
africa_physical_map africa_political_map
Grade 7
Rachel Attridge - A 426 - Aptil 6, 2020  
Jog Nog-Earth's Changing Surface Class Code: SCHARKU
Cluster 8 Science- Please sign up for Mrs. Attridge's Remind account!
Send a text to 81010 and text the message @mrsattrid
Math - Ms. Egan, Mr. Carmody, Mr. Kripp
Student packets are available at Marshall Middle School. Lori Egan
student_learning_activties_7th_grade Grade 7 Math Learning Activties
ELA Support  
Gr._7_Learning_Activities_2 180_login_directions_1_1
Gr._7_ELA_Learning_Activities_3 distant learning_grade_7_ela_support
Gr._7_Learning_Activities_2 read_180_directions_what_to_do
Grade 7 ELA ela_support_68_grade_readings
Grade 7 ELA 4 Weeks  
ELA Learning Activites - Casey Silot documents
Websites for practice:
Quizlet.com practice vocabulary units under "mrssilot"
Newsela.com read articles and practice quizes
nytimes.com learning article of the day
Grade 7 ELA - Learning Activities -Ms. Cayton, Ms. Dixon, Mrs. Silot
  Learning Packet 2
Learning Packet 3
  Learning Packet 4
Social Studies - Frank Vieira Class Syllabus
Social Studies - Mr. Aleixo and Mr. Sabourin
physical_geography_note_taking physical_geography_geo_activity
physical_geography_vocab_practice directions_to_access_my connect
physcial_geography_reading_ student_weekly_work_template
rights_of_indigenous_people_geo_activty rights_of_indigenous_people_vocab
rights_of_indigenous_people_reading rights_of_indigenous_peoples_note_taking
creating_a_fictional_country_reference_guide directions_for_creating_your_own_country
polynesian_culture_reading polynesian_cultures_geo_activity
polynesian_culture_vocab polynesian_cultures_note_taking
Victor Aleixo - Grade 7 - Week 2 Polynesian Culture documents
Science - Rachel Attridge, Joseph Ford, Davida Winn and Nathan Bell
April 21, 2020
Jog Nog-Earth's Resources class code: NPKCFTH
Jog Nog Directions
Paper copies will be available at the school.
gr_7_sci_distant_learning nature_vs._nurture
chapter_resources_earths_systems notebook_ecosystems
chapter_resources_genetics reading_essentials_ecosystems
chapter_resources_plate_boundary reading_essentials_genetics
earths_changing_surface reading_essentials_impact_on_the_atmosphere
singleton science cluster7 grade7 reading_essentials_interacting_systems
Grade 8
ELA Support  
180_login_directions_1_1 ela_support_68_grade_readings_1
distantlearning_grade_8_ela_support read_180_directions_what_to_do
bloody_times school_closure_work
Science - Celia Detrich My Distance Learning Blog Is Here!
8th_grade_week_1 8th_grade_week_3
8th_grade_week_2 8th_grade_week_4
Science - Cluster 5, 6, and 9 - Bollen, Giroux - Ellis
These assignments are opportunities for you to continue learning during our school closure. They are not required, but I will count them as extra credit if you complete them.
sci8_week_1_compounds_and_mixtures sci8_week_3_earthmoonsun_system
sci8_week_2_evidence_for_evolution sci8_week_4_plate_tectonics
MCAS Review JogNog.com
Social Studies  
Students, attached are 4 weeks worth of learning activities. Please complete the activities described in each of the lesson plans on notebook paper and turn them in when we return to school. Jake Selinger
I am attaching Social Studies/Civics assignments for the next few weeks. I hope to see you as soon as possible. Luke Maus
week_1_social_studies_distance_learning week_3_social_studies_distance_learning
week_2_distance_learning_civics week_4_social_studies_distance_learning
ancient_egypt ancient_mesopotamia
ancient_greece us_government
Math - Mr. Blakney, Mr. Joseph, Ms. Hilton
Hello everyone, Attached you will find worksheets that will help you with Math while you are not in school.
Do your best and keep yourself busy!
See you soon.
Mr. Joseph
Hi kids! Here are a few things to keep you sharp while we're out of school. You can pick up printed copies in the lobby of school.
Mr. Blakney

Hello students, Below you will find resources to keep you busy while away from me. If you prefer, packets are available in the school lobby.
Mrs. Hilton & Ms. Efstratios

All Grade 8 Math  
online_resources week_3
week_1 week_3_reference
week_1_reference week_4
week_2 week_4_reference
week_1 week_3
week_2 week_4
Algebra - Grade 8: Ms. Efstratios, Ms. Hilton, Mr. Joseph
block_a block_e
block_b block_f
Foreign Language
French - Karen Andreasen Spanish - Sara Nunez
Visit My Remote Learning Website! week_1
tmms_french_grade 6_packet week_2
tmms_french_grade 7_packet week_3
tmms_french_grade 8_packet week_4
Spanish - Leticia Carrasco-Toxey
activity_pack_review_activities_1 planning_template5091
color_agreement__in_spanish planning_template_esl
elizabeth_blackwell planning_template_esl__copy
essay pretertit_verb_chart
first_american_woman_in_space_sally_ride_1 ser_agreement_clothing
Spanish - Ms. Ross and Ms. Nunez
Grade 6 Spanish Learning Activities Grade 7 Spanish Learning Activities
Grade 6 Spanish Ross.Nunez.Carrasco Grade 8 Spanish Learning Activities
Worksheet Sara Nunez
Grade 6 Spanish Wk1 Grade 7 Spanish Wk1
Grade 6 Spanish Wk2 Grade 7 Spanish Wk2
Grade 6 Spanish Wk3 Grade 7 Spanish Wk3
Grade 6 Spanish Wk4 Grade 7 Spanish Wk4
Leticia Carrasco - Grade 7  
La Ropa Master WB16-17  
5TH Major
Fallon Alden Kiehl - 5th Major ELA, Grades 6-8 _April 16, 2020
5th_major_distance_learning_week_1 5th_major_distance_learning_week_3
5th_major_ela_esl_distant_learning_week_2 5th_major_distance_learning_week_4
This is the distant learning work for 5th Major ELA/ESL weeks 1 to 4. James Sheridan
5th_major_distance_learning_week_1 5th_major_distance_learning_week_3
5th_major_distance_learning_week_2 5th_major_distance_learning_week_4
Read 180 Distance Learning - All Grades - Molly Cullen, Angela Cahill
Grade 6-8. Paper Copies are available at TMMS.
distant_learning_week_1 Read 180 Letter to students
distant_learning_week_2 Read 180 Week 4
Special Education
Social Studies Grades 6, 7 and 8 -Mr. D'Amico and Mr. Fallano
ancient_egypt ancient_mesopotamia
ancient_egypt_template mesopotamia_template
ancient_greece staff_planning_template
ancient_greece_template us_government
birth_of_christianity us_government_template
Reading Grades 7 and 8  
adaptation_reading moon_phases_main_idea_question
adaptations_main_idea_questions phases_of_the_moon_reading
cell_and_cell_parts_main_idea_question waves_main_idea_question
cells_reading waves_reading
Therapeutic/Emotional Regulation/STAR - Work for STAR students
week 1 week 3
week 2 week 4
Links to the 4 articles for the posted online work: Week 1. Week 2. Week 3. Week 4.
Fill out a 3-2-1 assignment sheet for each article
CAD organizer  
health_week_1 health_week_3
health_week_2 health_week_4
Instructional Technology  
Attached is a student work packet. Please reference said packet, read the articles, and complete the activities.
distant learning template3.13.20
Sewing and Cooking  
cooking_sewing_week_1 cooking_sewing_week_3
cooking_sewing_week_2 cooking_sewing_week_4
Video Production and TV Media  
Material for 6-8 grade. Students will explore career options in my content area and complete follow up activities. Reginal Douyon
code for life interactive_word_wall
computers matching work sheets
distant learning template  
Local Area, Health and Social Emotional Learning Resources
In an effort to provide support for our students and families during our time of LPS school closure we offer these on-line and phone community based resources.

En un esfuerzo para proporcionar apoyo a nuestros estudiantes y familias durante el tiempo de cierre do las escuelas, ofrecemos estos recurcos en linea y por telefono.
Emergency and Food_Resources - English Emergency and Food_Resources - Spanish
Local Area Resources - English Local Area Resources - Spanish
Corona Virus Social Story How To Talk To Kids About Corona Virus
Resources For Families  

Teen Health at Marshall Middle School will remain open, remotely, with staff working from home during the school closure. We will be available to assist families with resources and mental health needs over the phone. We are working to get Telehealth services up and running so students can continue to receive therapy and medication without disruption.

Please do not present at Lynn Community Health Center (269 Union Street) without first calling 782-581-3900.

You can reach Teen Health staff directly with the following numbers:
Erin Auster: 782-691-7149 April Salvaterra: 781-715–6291
Lazaro Silva: 781-780-7457 Laura Shapiro: 781-581-3900
Casandra: 781-581-3900 Please be safe and stay well!

Centro de salud para adolescentes en Marshall Middle School esta abierto, remotamente, con el personal trabajando desde casa durante el cierre de la escuela. Estaremos disponibles para ayudar a las familias con recursos y necesidades de salud mental por teléfono. Estamos trabajando para poner en marcha los servicios de Telesalud para que los estudiantes puedan seguir recibiendo terapia y medicamentos sin interrupciones.

Por favor, no presente en Lynn Community Health Center en 269 Union Street sin llamar al 782-581-3900 primero.

Puede comunicarse con el personal de Centro de salud para adolescentes directamente con los siguientes números:

You can reach Teen Health staff directly with the following numbers:
Erin Auster: 782-691-7149 April Salvaterra: 781-715–6291
Lazaro Silva: 781-780-7457 Laura Shapiro: 781-581-3900
Casandra: 781-581-3900 Por favor manténgase bien y seguro.

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