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TMMS Unified Arts Classrooms | 2016-2017

Subject | Teacher Classroom Room
Unified Arts  
  Mona Rashad Band | Orchestra B 114
  William Sokolow Band | Orchestra B 114
  Mark McMahon Cooking B 330
  Leonard Caplan Drama B 233
  John Ardizzoni Health B 325
  Charlene Reppucci Health B 422
  Tom Conrad Physical Education Gym
  Reggie Duoyon AV-TV | Instructional Tech B 116.3 | B 115
  Chris Cole Computers | Instructional Tech Computer Room
  Jakobi Gorham Computers | Instructional Tech A 100.3
  Kevin Martin CAD/Drafting B 119
  Bethany Johnson Librarian School Library
  Jonathan Plouffe Music B 118
  Paulette Kowalski Sewing B 329
  Joe Cook Visual Arts B 111
  Jennica Pratt Visual Arts B 122
  Frank Kelley Woodshop B 120

Welcome To The TMMS Band/Orchestra Department

Mona Rashad Classroom
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Mona Rashad
Band | Orchestra

B 114
Ms. Rashad has been teaching Strings at Marshall Middle School since 2012 and has extensive experience teaching in the Boston, Holyoke, Marlborough, and Westwood Public Schools.

Ms. Rashad grew up in Houston, Texas where she studied at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts and played in the Houston Youth Symphony. She has Violin Performance and Music Education degrees from New England Conservatory in Boston.

On the weekends, Rashad teaches and conducts for the Intensive Community Program in the Boston Youth Symphony, and performs as a member of the Orchestra of Indian Hill in Littleton.

William Sokolow Classroom
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William Sokolow
Band | Orchestra

B 114  

Mr. Sokolow has been teaching in the Lynn Public Schools since 1988 and worked in the Winthrop Public Schools when he started his teaching career in 1984. He has had extensive experience teaching performing arts classes including, M.S./H.S. Concert and Marching Bands, M.S./H.S. Jazz Ensembles, M.S./H.S. Chorus, Musical Direction/Producing of H.S. Musicals, Theater Arts, Music Theory, and Instrumental Instruction for grades 4-12. He has been the Band director at Marshall M.S. since 1998.

Mr. Sokolow grew up on the North Shore, and studied Music Education at the School for the Arts at Boston University. He is an accomplished pianist/accompanist, and performs all styles of music privately, and professionally. He also enjoys spending quality time with his daughter.

Welcome To The TMMS Cooking Department

Mark McMahon Classroom
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Mark McMahon

B 330

Welcome and bio coming soon...

Welcome To The TMMS Drama Department

Leonard Caplan Classroom
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Leonard Caplan

B 223 Download Our Class Syllabus!
Mr. Caplan will be teaching Drama this year to 6th, 7th and 8th Graders in a ten week Unified Arts class. He is certified in English (5-12), History (5-12) and Communications and the Performing Arts (All)

He spent fourteen years teaching TV Production, Broadcast Journalism and English at Melrose High School. In 2012, he left that position to work for a private company he helped found, Higher Dreams Productions. (The owner is a former TMMS student!) There, he produced, wrote and edited documentaries and commercials, and shot and edited weddings, quinceaneros, bar mitzvahs and trade conferences.

But Mr. Caplan decided he missed teaching and began substituting at Revere High School, Lynn Classical High School, Pickering Middle School and here at TMMS.

In January of 2015, he was a long-term substitute serving as our Librarian until April. Then he stepped in as a Special Education Social Studies teacher until the end of last year.

Mr. Caplan plans on integrating his video and voice over experience to teach a unique form of Drama here at TMMS, one that will introduce students to the history of film and video entertainment. He also plans to start a club for those whose interest goes beyond the class.

Mr. Caplan’s other interests are reading and writing Spanish, fiction writing, podcasting, doing voices, songwriting and recording, gardening and animal rights causes.

Welcome To The TMMS Health and Physical Education Departments

John Ardizzoni Classroom
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John Ardizzoni

B 235  

Mr. Ardizzoni or Mr. A is excited to start his first year at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. He is a graduate of Stonehill College and is currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree program at Southern new Hampshire University for Sports Management and Athletic Administration. Mr. Ardizzoni has taught PE for the last three years but is thrilled to be teaching Health as well.

Mr. Ardizzoni’s Health classes will be interactive and consist of a lot of collaboration amongst students. Health is an essential part of student’s everyday lives.

Charlene Reppucci Classroom
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Charlene Reppucci

B 422 Download My Class Syllabus

Miss Reppucci is very excited to begin her fifth year teaching health at TMMS. Miss Reppucci graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. A few years later, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Health, Family and Consumer Sciences from Cambridge College. She is licensed to teach Health Education K-12.

Miss Reppucci looks forward to a fabulous year with her students!  Please feel free to email her, or give her a phone call with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Tom Conrad Classroom
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Tom Conrad
Physical Education


Mr. Conrad has been teaching physical education at Thurgood Marshall for almost 20 years. He has also taught Health, and worked in Special Education. Mr. Conrad co-teaches with Ms. Fila, the other Physical Education teacher. 

Welcome To The Instructional Technology Department

Reggie Duoyon Classroom
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Reggie Duoyon

B 116.3
B 115
Welcome and bio coming soon...

Chris Cole Classroom
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Chris Cole
Instructional Technology

Computer Room

Syllabus Introduction: In this class (Grade 6), you will learn:

  • The components of a computer and each of their functions
  • How to use Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (at a beginner level)
  • How to type efficiently and properly (without looking) on a keyboard (at a beginner level)
  • How to participate in a virtual learning environment (Engrade)

Mr. Cole grew up in Lynn, MA and was a student in the Lynn Public Schools system.  In 2010, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Massachusetts Boston.  Currently, Mr. Cole is a graduate student at Framingham State University where he is working towards his Master of Education in Educational Technology.

Since 2014, Mr. Cole has been teaching Instructional Technology to grades 6, 7, and 8 at Thurgood Marshall Middle School.  In his class, Mr. Cole delivers thorough instruction on how to use programs, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  He also understands that skillful typing is a must, so he teaches students how to properly type on a keyboard through a variety of rigorous, yet entertaining exercises.

In addition to teaching Instructional Technology, Mr. Cole is the Technology Coordinator for TMMS.  If and when faculty/staff have issues with their technology, Mr. Cole troubleshoots whatever the issue(s) may be. 

Outside of TMMS, Mr. Cole enjoys performing improvised comedy.  He is currently enrolled in the Improv Asylum Training Center. 

Below are the syllabi for Mr. Cole’s Instructional Technology classes.

Jakobi Gorham Classroom
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Jakobi Gorham
Instructional Technology

A 100.3  

My name is Mr. Gorham and this is my second year at the Thurgood Marshall Middle School. I grew up in Baltimore Maryland. I received my B.A. in Management Information Systems from Northeastern University, and my Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology from Salem State University. I hope to one day receive a Doctorate in Computer Science or Instructional Technology.

I have no loyalty to any particular technology. You will often find me on my Apple laptop, or my Samsung Droid tablet, and sometimes using a windows based smart watch. My heart lies with open source coding, and free software.

Kevin Martin Classroom
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Kevin Martin
Instructional Technology

B 119  

Welcome and bio coming soon...

Welcome To The TMMS Library

Bethany Johnson Classroom |
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Bethany Johnson


My name is Ms. Johnson and this is my second year here at the Thurgood Marshall Middle School. I grew up in a small town in Southern Maine where I fell in love with Libraries. I spent 4 years after college working as a Substitute Teacher before moving to Boston where I received my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences from Simmons College in 2008. I loved living and working in the city and am glad to be working in Lynn as part of the Marshall Middle School team. I look forward to getting to know you all throughout this year. I can be contacted by e-mail for questions anytime.  

My e-mail address is johnsonbl@lynnschools.org and I check it several times a day.

Welcome To The TMMS Music Department

Jonathan Plouffe Classroom
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Jonathan Plouffe
General Music and Chorus

B 118 Download My Class Syllabus

Mr. Plouffe grew up in Dracut Ma. In 2004 he graduated from Westfield State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a concentration on Trombone and Voice.

Since 2006, Mr. Plouffe has been the Music/Choral instructor at TMMS.  Before teaching, he was a child care specialist at several residential group homes for boys where he was in charge of monitoring behaviors, designing and running activities, and mentoring the students. 

In his spare time Mr. Plouffe enjoys composing music, and has published two CDs featuring his own compositions.

Teaching is his number one passion.  Along with teaching at TMMS, Mr. Plouffe also teaches private piano and guitar lessons to children ranging in age from 6 to 15, and is the Executive Music Director for ACT Theater Company in North Andover.

Welcome To The TMMS Physical Eduation Department

Paulette Kowalski Classroom
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Paulette Kowalski

B 329  
Welcome and bio coming soon...

Welcome To The TMMS Visual Arts Department

Joe Cook Classroom
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Joe Cook

B 111 Download Our Class Syllabus!

Mr. Cook was born and raised in Lynn, MA.  In 1999 Mr. Cook graduated from Salem State College with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.  In 2002 Mr. Cook returned to Salem State to pursue his passion for teaching and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education with a double major in Painting.

Mr. Cook has been teaching in the Lynn Public Schools for 11 years and has found his home at TMMS where he has been an Art teach for 8 years.

Mr. Cook loves the challenges and creativity in Art and incorporates this into his teaching strategies.  Painting is Mr. Cook’s true passion and he focuses this passion into his classroom activities.

Jennica Pratt Classroom
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Jennica Pratt

B 122 Download My Class Syllabus

Ms. Pratt is going into her 13th year teaching middle school art in Lynn.  She began her teaching career at Breed and Cobbett K-8.  Over the past 10 years TMMS has become her second home, where she teaches grades 6th, 7th and 8th.

After growing up in a small coastal town in Rhode Island, she moved to Salem, MA to attend Salem State College.  She obtained her bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and Art Education.  During her 6 years of undergraduate studies, she worked in several of the Salem elementary schools.  Although she loves working with young children, she realized she found her niche after her first year of teaching middle school in 2004.   

In her free time she enjoys painting, ceramics, crafting, gardening and reading.

Welcome To The TMMS Woodworking Department

Frank Kelley Classroom
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Frank Kelley

B 120 View Our Overview and Syllabus!

My name is Frank Kelley and I have been teaching Technology education at TMMS for seven years.  I see 6, 7 and 8th grade students.  In my class students learn in three areas: Safety, Design and Manufacturing. 

Woodshop classes “are where they pull everything together, all the stuff they learned in math and science.  Shop class is one of the few places where students are encouraged to explore other skills. 

Professional Credentials:
2002 Masters in Secondary Ed. Fitchburg State College
1991 B.S. University of New Hampshire, Keene NH
E.E.C. (Experience Educator Certificate) State of New Hampshire
E.C. (Educators Certificate) Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Office Hours: On Monday or at 7:15 AM any weekday.
E-Mail Address: kelleyf@lynnschools.org
Phone Number: 781-477-7360

21 Reasons Why School Woodworking Programs are Important in the 21st Century

A quality woodworking program provides experiences far more important than those typically associated with woodshop. Courses like woodworking, where students use their hands build confidence, strength of character, and problem solving capabilities useful in all careers and in every educational experience. Furthermore, working with a natural material in a creative manner assists students in connecting the relevance of other subject material to their daily lives. Woodworking education.

1. Assists students in communicating and understanding ideas non-verbally, through pictures, sketches and technical drawings.
2. Enhances the skills of spatial visualization required for geometry, trigonometry and algebra, thereby helping students to prepare for careers in engineering, architecture and science.
3. Provides students with take-home, physical evidence of their mastery of their skills. The objects are prized and often kept for a lifetime.
4. Instills a pride of accomplishment and self-esteem.
5. Gives the student the opportunity to execute precise work and to produce useful products, become “self-assessors” using measuring tools, squares, etc. and then the fit of things to self-assess the quality of their work.
6. Trains the eye and hand to see accurately and to feel the sense of beauty in design, form, and function.
7. Inculcates the habits of attention, perseverance and patience.
8. Offers opportunities for students to go where their hearts demand by selecting designs and projects that motivate them not only as a woodworker but also as a student.
9. Provides opportunities for students to overcome setbacks that occur when working on real objects.
10. Provides relevancy of other subject matter (art, math, science, history, etc.) to their lives, thereby preparing them for a lifetime of learning.
11. Provides non-academic areas for demonstration of skills and pursuit of excellence.
12. Provides a non-contrived opportunity for engagement of multiple intelligences.
13. Provides an opportunity to engage physically and actively in learning exercises.
14. Provides an opportunity for engagement and success even for those not inclined to academic involvement.
15. Helps students gain confidence as real world problem solvers.
16. Helps students gain confidence in tools use and to learn safety considerations required for a career, a lifetime of general home maintenance or a life-long hobby.
17. Offers an appreciation for the values inherent in skilled labor and the work contributions of others.
18. Connects students to thousands of years of human creative endeavor.
19. Provides a much-needed break from oppressive classroom routine.
20. Helps students to better understand the sources and process of technological change, thus placing human development in historical context.
21. Is a class that students enjoy!

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