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Welcome To The Captain William G. Shoemaker Elementary School Library
Mrs. Mastrocola | Librarian

Library Happenings Gallery

DISCLAIMER: Content on the Internet is constantly changing and the Lynn Public Schools cannot be held responsible if students link to unknown material.

Library Policies and Procedures

We encourage all students to take proper care of all books and materials taken from the library.

All students need to be responsible borrowers and to return their books to the library on their due dates.

If you would like to keep a book after the due date, you may renew it.


If you have an overdue book, please return it to the library as soon as you can. However, you are not allowed to check out another book until that one is returned.


In your backpack, in your classroom, in your bedroom, under your bed, in your bookcase, throughout your whole house.

If your book is lost or deemed unusable, you can pay for it. Just ask for the price.

Overdue slips will be sent home periodically, if a student forgets his/her library book.

Grade 1 | Coming Soon

Grade 2 | Coming Soon

Grade 4 | United States and North America

United States Games (review states, capitals, landscapes, regions)
U.S. 50 States
U.S. States Quiz
U.S. Capitals Quiz

Where is that? FUNBRAIN will show you maps. For each screen, identify the correct country (or state). Check the correct box or type in the name (spelling counts). If you select level 5, you will also have to type in the name of the country's or state's capital. http://www.funbrain.com/where/

North America Lakes, Rivers, Bays, and Seas Map Quiz
I Like To Learn

North American Rivers Map Quiz
North American Lakes Map Quiz
North American Mountain Ranges Map Quiz

Grade 5 | Explorers

Explorers of American | History of the Famous Explorers and the Discovery of American:
American Explorers
All About Explorers | Everything you ever wanted to know about every explorer who ever lived and more
Explorers | Learn about their goals and achievements, their tools of navigation and their voyages.
World Explorers
Interactive Explorers Book for Kids/World Explorers
Explorers A-Z
Explorers-General Information

Effective Tips for Online Searching

Be Specific | Tell the search engine exactly what you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, type chocolate chip cookie recipe instead of cookie recipes.

Using Quotation Marks | When you put your search terms in quotation marks, it's called a "phrase search." The search engine will give you pages that have the terms in the exact order of the words in quotations. For example, if you're looking specifically for a biography on John Quincy Adams, enter "John Quincy Adams" and see what comes up.

Kid-friendly Search Engineering one!

e-Books and Online Stories

Oxford Primary | Free eBook library featuring over 250 children’s Stories
Children’s Storybook Online | Illustrated Children’s Stories for kids of all ages
Kids World Fun | Free eBooks for kids
MeeGenius! | Kids Books are now available with the eight free classic books
Storyline Online
Between the Lions | PBS Series Stories

Reesearch Databases

What is a research database?

What is a research database? Students should begin using research databases in elementary school. These databases contain accurate and reliable information. This information has been grouped together in one place, which makes it fast and easy to access the information.

Shoemaker School Databases | Requires Password
The information provided in research databases has been reviewed and edited by professionals and comes from up-to-date and reliable sources. Click here for the Shoemaker School Databases.

Lynn Public Library Databases 
Check out the Lynn Public Library Databases


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