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Welcome to the Lynn Public Schools Early Childhood Department

Our Philosophy

Young children grow in cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills during the early childhood years. The Lynn Public Schools is committed to providing high-quality, developmentally appropriate, standards-based child-centered activities within a well-equipped, organized setting. We believe supporting a child's healthy development provides the basis for academic success, and promotes the foundation for becoming life-long learners.

Our Goals

  • Recognize parents as their child’s first, most important, and longest lasting teacher
  • Foster a parent/teacher partnership
  • Maintain communication with families about their child’s progress
  • Provide high quality standards-based instruction, across all domains
  • Utilize authentic, formative assessments on an ongoing basis
  • Provide any necessary and documented additional support services as needed
  • Set a pattern for good attendance in school
  • Encourage students to become life-long learners

Our Department Information

Early Childhood Department Information
Phone (781) 477-7220
Fax n/a
Address 100 Bennett Street, Lynn, MA 01905


Early Childhood Personnel
Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood
Jacqueline Gallo (781) 477-7220 ext. 3211
Special Education Program Specialist
Leanne Palmer  (781) 477-7220 ext 3335
Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
Kathleen Torosian   (781) 477-7420 ext. 7272
Parent Child Plus Coordinator
Kathy Westin  (781) 477-7420 ext. 3321  

Developmental Screening

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Each year, in accordance with state and federal law, cities and towns are mandated to implement a   "Child Find" system for three and four year olds, and for all children who are of age to enter kindergarten, to identify any child who may be in need of special education services.

In order to identify any potential need for special education services, children in Lynn are screened by trained staff of the Lynn Public Schools using the Early Screening Inventory, Revised Edition (ESI-R). This screening reviews a child's development in cognition, speech/language, fine and gross motor coordination, vision, and hearing. The screening takes approximately thirty minutes.

If, as a result of the screening, potential areas of need are identified, the child is then referred to the school district's Special Education Department. The Special Education Department then contacts the parent/guardian for permission to conduct further evaluation in order to determine if there is a need for special education services.


The Lynn Public Schools conducts developmental screenings for preschool children, ages 3, 4, and 5, with the following developmental concerns:

  Fine Motor Coordination
  Gross Motor Coordination

Screening is intended only for children whose parents/guardians have developmental concerns about their child.

To schedule a developmental screening, please contact:

Jacqueline Gallo

(781) 477-7220 ext. 3211


Welcome to Preschool
Lynn Public Schools Preschool Integrated Program Information

The Pre-K Lottery has been completed. Families who submitted applications by April 2, should have received an award letter with details and next steps.  
The Early Childhood Department is still accepting applications for the Pre-K lottery waitlist. Applications can be dropped off or mailed to 100 Bennett Street Attention: Jacqueline Gallo 

Integrated Pre-K Schedule for School Year 2021-2022
Updated September 7, 2021
Early Schools (5 Days) Callahan, Harrington, LVTI Cubbies Den, Washington YMCA
AM 7:45 - 10:25 AM
PM 11:05 - 1:45 PM
Late Schools (5 Days) Hood and Connery
AM 8:15 - 10:55 AM
PM 11:35 - 2:15 PM

The Lynn Public Schools offers the following integrated preschool program:

In accordance with the Massachusetts General Law MGL (603 CMR 28.00: Special Education), the Lynn Public Schools has a number of Integrated Preschool Programs for children with and without special needs.  The primary purpose of the program is to integrate three and four year old children with special needs in a preschool classroom with typically developing (non-special needs) four year old children serving as role models. The program provides children with special needs the opportunity to learn from their peers as well as from the instructional staff. 

A Preschool Lottery is held each year in the Spring. To be eligible for the lottery, children must be 4 years of age on or before September 1st of that year.


Welcome to Kindergarten - SY 2021-2022

The Lynn Public Schools offers a full day kindergarten program to all Lynn children. Children who will be entering kindergarten in the fall must be five years old on or before September 1 of that year. Each classroom has highly qualified instructors, who use the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks incorporating the Common Core State Standards. All kindergarten programs offer developmentally appropriate opportunities that meet each child's needs. For more information about registration please visit the Welcome Center tab. 


1. During the last 2 weeks of August, create a routine for your family. Set an early bedtime and stick to it.

2. Work with your child in developing self help skills: tying their shoes, zipping their coats and using the bathroom independently.

3. Talk and listen to your child when you do something together (i.e., eating, shopping or taking a walk).

4. Use counting in your daily activities. For example, count the people in your family, toys, or pages in a book, etc.

5. Teach your child to resolve problems with siblings or friends using his/her words, not his/her hands.

6. Limit the amount of time your child spends watching TV and playing video games. (1 - 2 hours) each day.

7. Read to your child daily! After you read the story, talk about what you read with your child.

8. Have your child practice writing his/her first name. Encourage a correct pencil/crayon grip.

9. Turn driving in the car into fun by playing games such as pointing out familiar signs, finding letters, etc.

10. Encourage your child to be independent by allowing him/her to make certain choices - ("Do you want to wear your red shirt or blue shirt today?").

Transition To Kindergarten Event! Download In ENGLISH or SPANISH

Coordinated Family and Community Engagement

Lynn Public Schools Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) Program provides year-round programming for families with children 0-8 years of age. The program is offered by Lynn Public Schools and funded through a grant awarded by the Department of Early Education and Care for families residing in Lynn and Nahant.

The CFCE Program supports parents as their child’s first and most important teacher and supports lifelong learning.

The CFCE Program offers families:
• Literacy focused experiences including Story Times, StoryWalks® and a literacy based parent education program.
• Various playgroups that provide opportunities to meet other families and play together in appropriate, fun and safe experiences. Playgroup experiences focus on all areas of the child development and some specialize in art/sensory, music and movement or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) experiences.
• Information about Child Development and Social Emotional Learning, Literacy, School Readiness and more.
• Parent Education opportunities.
• Information about Community Events.
• Resources and Referrals to meet individual needs of families.
• Completion of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire Developmental Screening and Social Emotional Screening to help parents support their own child’s educational development.

All CFCE Programs are free of charge to families.

For up to date program information or to view the CFCE monthly calendar, please visit our Facebook page at or contact:

Kathleen Torosian
(781) 477-7420
Visit Our Facebook Page!

The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in cooperation with the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition and the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.

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Parent Child Plus logo

ParentChild+ Program

The ParentChild+ Program is offered through the Lynn Public Schools Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) program and funded through a grant awarded to Lynn Public Schools by the Department of Early Education and Care.

The ParentChild+ Program is offered to families with children 18 months through 3 years of age residing in Lynn and Nahant. This national research based program was founded more than 50 years ago and has a long history of positively impacting families.

The PCHP Program is a research based early literacy program that engages the parent as their child’s first and most important teacher. Through the program, parents learn creative ways to read and play with their child to prepare them to be ready for and successful in school.

ParentChild+ National Outcomes include:
• ParentChild+ graduates are 50% more likely to be prepared for kindergarten than their socio-economic peers.
• ParentChild+ graduates scored 2.5x higher on social-emotional skills than their peers.
• ParentChild+ graduates enter school performing 10 months above their chronological age
• ParentChild+ graduates have a 30% higher graduation rate than their underserved peers.

Families can enroll in this free two year program and receive two 30 minute home visits with an Early Learning Specialist weekly during the school year. The Early Learning Specialist brings a new book or educational toy each week that remains in the home.

The books and toys are free of charge to all families. The Early Learning Specialist engages the parent and child in play and shares information about child development, community events and more. Enrolled families may select to participate in the Ages and Stages Questionnaire Developmental Screening and Social Emotional Screening to help parents support their own child’s educational development. The program also provides information about community resources and individualized referrals as needed.

For further information or to register, please contact:

Kathy Westin
(781) 477-7420 ext. 3321


Welcome Pre-K and Kindergarten Students!
School begins on Monday, September 13th!
We can't wait to see you then!
The Lynn Coordinated Family & Community Engagement Program
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A comprehensive online list of helpful community and family resources. Use the link below to visit the City's new online Service Guide.

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Hard copies of the Community and Family Resource Guide will also be available at the Lynn Public Library
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Early Childhood News and Events

Lynn Public Schools
New 2021-2022 Preschool Lottery Applications Are Here!

Children must be a Lynn resident and 4 years of age on or before September 1, 2021. We are still accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Pre-K Lottery Waitlist. Download a copy below. 

New Item Lynn PreSchool Application Download (PDF)
  2021-2022 PreSchool Application - English
  2021-2022 PreSchool Application - Arabic
  2021-2022 PreSchool Application - Hatitian Creole
  2021-2022 PreSchool Application - Khmer
  2021-2022 PreSchool Application - Portuguese
  2021-2022 PreSchool Application - Spanish
Applications for the Preschool Lottery Are Also Available At:
  The main office of any Lynn Public School
  The main desk of the Lynn Public Library
  The front desk the School Administration Building
100 Bennett Street - Lynn, MA 01905
Drop Off Completed Applications At:
  Lynn Public Schools Main Desk/Foyer - Administration Building
100 Bennett Street - Lynn, MA 01905
Mail Completed Applications To:
  Lynn Public Schools
Att: Jacqueline Gallo
Administration Building - 100 Bennett Street - Lynn, MA 01905
Kindergarten Registration

  Kindergarten Registration will begin March 2, 2020. Families can call the Parent Information Center (781) 592-8796 to schedule appointments beginning January 27, 2020. The Preschool Lottery is expected to take place in March. Please check here for updates.
Please check back here frequently for news, information and updates! Schoolhouse Icon

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