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Welcome to the Health Services Department

Our Department Information and Nursing Assignments | 2017-2018

Health Services Department Information
Our Phone (781) 477-7220
Our Fax (781) 268-4096
Our Address 100 Bennett Street
Lynn, MA 01905
Health Services Department Personnel
Director of Nursing  
Kathleen McNulty | RN, MSN, NCSN, AE-C (781) 477-7220 ext.3342
Program Specialist and SBIRT Coordinator
Deborah Tanzer | RN, MEd.
(781) 477-7220 ext.3344
Accounts Clerk
Brenda Rogato (781) 477-7220 ext.3341
Health Services Department School Personnel
Aborn Elementary School
Lisa Dewan | RN, BSN (781) 477-7320 ext.2503
Breed Middle School
Marietta Collins | RN, BSN, MBA (781) 477-7219 ext.2607
Jennifer Swanson | RN, BSN (781) 477-7219 ext.2699
Brickett Elementary School
Nensi Salamurovic Cirkic | RN, BSN (781) 477-7333 ext.1553
Callahan Elementary School
Rachael Randall | RN, MSN (781) 477-7338 ext.1254
Classical High School
June Blake | RN, BSN, NCSN (781) 477-7196 ext.2209
Jennifer Wortman | RN, BSN (781) 477-7196 ext.2309
Cobbet Elementary School
Jacqueline Westrin | RN, MSN (781) 477-7341 ext.2803
Connery Elementary School
Pauline Coulon | RN, BSN, NCSN (781) 477-7344 ext.2903
District Float
Drewicz Elementary School
Christine Mancini | RN, BSN (781) 477-7350 ext.1203
Early Childhood Center | Commercial Street
Nancy Smith | RN, BSN (781) 477-7220 ext.3303
Early Childhood Center | Curwin Circle
Rachael Randall | RN, MSN (781) 477-7460 ext.1254
Early Childhood Center | TEAMS
Kerry Molloy | RN, BSN (781) 477-7220 ext.3364
English High School
Deb McManus | RN, BSN (781) 477-7368 ext.3425
English High School
Dorine Bransfield (781) 477-7368 ext.3425
Fallon Elementary School
Christine Palermo | RN, BSN (781) 477-7470 ext.1753
Fecteau-Leary Junior | Senior High School
Beth Murphy | RN, MSN (781) 268-3007 ext.1805
Ford Elementary School
Meghan Paul | RN, BSN (781) 477-7375 ext.2105
Harrington Elementary School
Deb Capano | RN (781) 477-7380 ext.2005
Hood Elementary School
Jennifer Pires | RN, BSN (781) 7389 or 7390 ext.7390
Ingalls Elementary School
Elizabeth Leclerc | RN, MSN, NCSN (781) 599-5570 ext.1305
Vicki Kennedy | RN, MEd, NCSN (781) 477-7460 ext.1503
Lynn Woods Elementary School
Val Lozzi | RN, BSN, NCSN (781) 477-477-7433 ext.2553
LVTI High School | Cubbies Den
Jacqueline Murphy | RN, BSN, NCSN (781) 477-7420 ext.3009
Deborah Suleyman | RN, MSN, MHA (781) 477-7220 ext.3364
Marshall Middle School
Renee Domegan | RN, BSN (781) 477-7360 ext.3609
Vonette Rich | RN, BSN (781) 477-7360 ext.3608
Parent Information Center
Denise Ferrari (781) 477-7220 ext.3208
Pickering Middle School
Robin Erelli | RN, BSN, NCSN (781) 477-7438 ext.1108
Sewell-Anderson Elementary School
Ann Liberge | RN, BSN, NCSN (781) 477-7444 ext.2155
Shoemaker Elementary School
Mary Ann Frazier | RN (781) 477-7450 ext.1904
Sisson Elementary School
Susan Bonavita | RN, BSN (781) 477-7455 ext.1603
Tracy Elementary School
Pat Chipman | RN, BSN, NCSN (781) 477-7466 ext.1653
Washington S.T.E.M School
Cheryl Foss | RN, BSN (339) 883-1414 ext.1726
Vision and Hearing | District
Joanne Connor (781) 477-7220 ext.3343
Kathy Olson (781) 477-7220 ext.3343

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

The Lynn Public Schools will be conducting an annual state mandated program that focuses on screening for the use of alcohol, marijuana and other substances. Our goal is to let students know that we are available to reinforce healthy decisions and to assist them in obtaining support if needed for substance use.

This year, we will screen 7th and 9th grade students. All screenings will be conducted by either a guidance counselor, school nurse, social worker or health teacher confidentially in private one-to-one sessions. We will utilize the CRAFFT-II screening tool.

Students who are not using substances will have their healthy choices reinforced by the screener. The screener will provide brief feedback to any student who reports using substances, or who is at risk for future substance use. If needed, we will refer students to our guidance staff or social worker for further evaluation. This program focuses on harm prevention and does not generate disciplinary action. Results of the screening will not be included in your student’s school record. Every student will be given educational materials on substance use that includes resource information.

As with any school screening, you have the right to opt your child out of this screening. Please notify the school in writing. Additionally, screening is voluntary and students may choose not to answer any or all of the screening questions.
We encourage all parents/guardians to talk with their child about substance use.

More information and resources are available here and at your child’s school.

Together, schools and parents/guardians CAN make a difference for our youth.
For questions on the program, please contact your child’s school nurse, the district SBIRT Coordinator or Director of Nursing:

Health Services Department Information
Our Phone (781) 477-7220
Our Fax (781) 268-4096
Our Address 100 Bennett Street
Lynn, MA 01905
Health Services Department Personnel
Director of Nursing
Kathleen McNulty | RN, MSN, NCSN, AE-C (781) 477-7220 ext.3342
Program Specialist and SBIRT Coordinator
Deborah Tanzer | RN, MEd.
(781) 477-7220 ext.3344

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LPS Information and Resources
Letter to Parents About SBIRT | Updated July 2017 English Spanish Arabic
  Creole Khmer  
The Crafft II Screening Interview English Spanish Arabic
Lynn Treatment Resource Directory English  
Helpful Links For Parents and Guardians

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment
(SBIRT) Information

Talking to Your Middle School-Aged Child about Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs
10 Step Guide for Parents
English Spanish
7 Ways to Protect Your Teen from Alcohol & Other Drugs English Spanish
Preventing Substance Abuse Starts at Home- Safeguarding Your Children English Spanish
Youth & Young Adult Substance Abuse Services Directory English Spanish
Helpful Links For Youth
Choose to Keep Your Freedom: English Spanish
Even If You Know About Drinking or Drugs English  

About Translation:
Please try our webpage translator available on the bottom of every LPS website page. Please notify the school if you need any of the above information translated into any other language.

Flu Clinics | Fall is Flu Shot Season...Fight The Flu In Lynn!
Please bring your Health Insurance Card if you have health insurance. All are welcome to receive a vaccination at no cost.

Free 2017 Fall Flu Clinics

October 12, 2017 Breed Middle School Cafeteria 4 PM - 7 PM
October 26, 2017 Thurgood Marshall Cafeteria 4 PM - 7 PM

Flu Guide
The Flu Chart
Click To Download the complete Flu Guide For Parents

Important Health Updates | February 2016

1. Zika Virus

Zikas Virus Chart

Click To Download the complete Zika Virus Fact Sheet
English | French | Haitian Creole | Spanish
Concussion Chart
Click To Download the complete Concussion Guide For Parents

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