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Welcome to the Human Resources Department

There are many benefits associated with a position with the Lynn Public Schools. Among others, we offer:

Health, Life and Dental Insurance, Retirement Options, Annuities, Direct Deposit,
Credit Union and an Employee Assistance Program

New employees have thirty days in which to enroll for health, dental and life insurance. If you choose not to enroll within the first thirty days, employees must wait for open enrollment, which occurs in June each year. The Personnel Office notifies all employees about the exact dates of open enrollment.

The School Department offers Harvard Pilgrim health insurance plans. The department contributes 75% of the premium and the employee 25%. There is no employer contribution for the Altus Dental Insurance plan.

Detailed information about the rates and payroll deductions and other benefits are available in the School Department Personnel Office.

It is the policy and practice of the Lynn School Department to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and ensure the equal employment for all qualified persons with disabilities. The School Department is committed to ensuring nondiscrimination in all terms, conditions and privileges of employment.

Reasonable accommodation is available to all employees and applicants, including work accessibility, as long as the accommodation does not cause undue hardship on the Department.

The Lynn School Department strives to fill open positions with the most capable and experienced individuals. How vacancies are posted depends on the type of position. Various procedures are stated below. With few exceptions, the Superintendent is the appointing authority for positions.

Employment offers are conditional, pending the results of a per-employment physical examination and criminal background investigation (CORI).

New employees will be asked to furnish proof of United States citizenship or proof that they are legal aliens entitled to work. Letters of application for teaching and administrative positions should be directed to:

Barbara Rafuse, Director of Human Resources
Lynn School Department, 100 Bennett Street Lynn, MA 01905

Please include a statement granting permission for community staff review of credentials, a current resume, three letters of reference and transcripts.

Under no circumstances is it appropriate for a candidate to communicate in any form with a member of the School Committee or hiring authority concerning candidacy any time before final action is taken by the Committee regarding the vacancy being filled.

Human Resources Department Information

Phone (781) 593-1680
Fax (781) 477-7312
Address 100 Bennett Street, Lynn, MA 01905
Regular Hours Monday - Thursday 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM
Friday 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM
Summer and Vacation Hours Monday - Thursday 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM
Friday 7:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Human Resources Department Personnel
Director of Human Resources
Barbara C. Rafuse (781) 593-1680 ext. 3162
Human Resources Office Assistant
Christine Frazier (781) 593-1680 ext. 3106
Kimberly Ferraro (781) 593-1680 ext. 3101
Workers Compensation
Jennifer Carter (781) 593-1680 ext. 3134
Substitute Applications
Rosemary Provencher (781) 593-1680 ext. 3130
Practicums and Internships
Julie Cowdell (781)-593-1680 ext. 3115
Computer Operator
Michele Doucette (781) 593-1680 ext. 3109

Welcome To The New Employee Webpage

Please review the instructions below which outline the steps and support documents required for your application. The application instructions and document packet are available for download below. The Human Resources Department processes new hires on Tuesday and Wednesday's from 9 AM until 1 PM at the School Administration building,100 Bennett Street Room 202.

Important Applicant Information

Along with your application, please bring two forms of identification with you:

  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card or Official Birth Certificate
  • Current Passport
  • Fingerprint Check

Please bring original college transcripts in a sealed envelope.

Any prior teaching experience for salary consideration: Official verification of prior full-time teaching experience from your previous employer.

Please complete, print and return the following forms: New Employee Forms.  Please keep for your records the LPS Policies and Procedures forms.

About The New Fingerprint Check Requirement

Fingerprinting IG Logo

On January 10, 2013, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law G.L. Chapter 459 of the Acts of 2012, An Act Relative to Background Checks. The new law requires all public school employees in Massachusetts, beginning in the 2013-2014 school year, to submit to a one-time national fingerprint-based criminal background check in addition to state CORI checks.  Unlike CORI, this check will examine criminal activity in all states including Massachusetts. These criminal background checks must be completed prior to beginning your employment with Lynn Public Schools.
The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services, working with the Executive Office of Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Department of Early Education and Care, have established the procedure for taking fingerprints, submitting them to the national database and returning reports to the school employers.  Under c. 459, the individual employee or prospective employee is responsible for the cost of the national criminal background check. Please read through the attached guide before you register for an appointment to have your fingerprints taken.

The fingerprinting process requires two steps.  The first step is to register online for an appointment to have your fingerprints taken.  The second step requires you to go to a location to physically have your fingerprints taken.  The registration process takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. When you are asked to provide a "Provider ID" please use the LPS District Code: 01630000
Click Here To Begin The Process

  • Click the Online Scheduling Link to register for a date, time and location to have your fingerprints taken.
  • The Locations to have your fingerprints taken are limited to Salem, Boston (Dorchester), Bourne, Brockton, Leominster, Pittsfield, Springfield and Worcester.
  • These sites offer evening and Saturday appointments and during the day.
  • The fee is $55 for staff who have a DESE license and $35 for those who do not have a DESE license.  You may pay with a credit card while online.
  • Please print the confirmation page and note the identification you will need to bring with you to the fingerprinting center.
  • Please send a copy of the receipt you receive once registered.

If you need help registering for an appointment to submit your fingerprints, please contact Human Resources at ((781)) 593-1680.  You must submit to the new national criminal background check prior to beginning your employment. For more information about the national criminal background checks, you may visit the following websites:

Please bring original college transcripts in a sealed envelope.

Any prior teaching experience for salary consideration: Official verification of prior full-time teaching experience from your previous employer.

Please complete, print and return the following forms: New Employee Forms.  Please keep for your records the LPS Policies and Procedures forms.

PDF Icon Lynn Public Schools New Employee Forms (PDF)
  New Employee Application Instructions | Updated July 2017
  New Employee Forms | Updated January 2017
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Practicum | Internship Information Webpage


The Lynn Public Schools is pleased to accept applications for student teaching, student intern, and student nursing as well as student observation assignments.  Please select the appropriately titled form for the type of assignment for which you would like to be considered.  Follow the instructions at the top of the form. 

Please note:  All candidates for internships/practicums other than observations must complete both a National Criminal Background Check (fingerprinting) and CORI before beginning an assignment.  The CORI application form is located on this page.  The link to make an appointment for fingerprinting is also on this page for your convenience.  All candidates for observations only must complete a CORI application before beginning observations.

PDF Icon Lynn Schools New Practicum | Internship Forms (PDF)
  Practicum/Internship/Observation Application | Updated 2015-2016
  CORI Application
  Fingerprinting Student Teacher Letter
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In January 2013, a new law was signed by Governor Patrick requiring certain school employees or volunteers of educational or internship programs that may have direct and unmonitored contact with children to undergo national criminal background checks.  As a student teacher/nurse/intern your practicum placement is subject to the results of the finger-print based national criminal background check, a CORI application and the district’s suitability determination concerning this assignment. 

At this stage, you must register for a fingerprinting appointment at one of the enrollment centers.  For directions to and hours of operation of the center located nearest you and to Register For An Appointment. You may also register by phone by calling 1 (866) 349-8130.

The district’s 8 digit DESE organizational code is 01630000.  Please use the code as the Provider ID during registration.  You are allowed to notify up to 10 districts of the results of the finger-print based national criminal background check without incurring any additional costs.

You must bring your registration confirmation number with you to your fingerprinting appointment.  Please schedule your appointment as soon as possible.  You will not begin your assignment before an appointment is scheduled.
Fingerprints will not be taken without identification.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

Current Job Postings | Last Website Update: September 18, 2018 10:11 AM

Clipboard Icon LEHS Vice Principal
  Posted: September 18, 2018 Closes: October 12, 2018
PDF Icon Download This Posting
Clipboard Icon ELE Program Specialist -English Learner Education Department
  Posted: August 23, 2018 Closes: September 21, 2018
PDF Icon Download This Posting
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Clipboard Icon Teacher Openings | School Year 2017-2018
  The Lynn Public Schools is accepting applications for the following teaching positions. All candidates must hold a Massachusetts Teaching License in the subject and grade level for which they are applying.
  ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Resource Inclusion | 1 Position
  VOCATIONAL TECH. IT Networking CISCO | 1 Position

ESL/English | 1 Position
ESL/Math | 1 Position

  DISTRICT POSITIONS Behavioral Specialist(s) | 2 Positions
Speech & Language | 1 Position

Teacher Substitutes
Paraprofessional Substitutes
Lunchroom Aide Substitutes


Please submit a resume, proof of DESE license, three letters of reference and college transcripts to:

Human Resources Department
Lynn Public Schools 100 Bennett Street, Lynn, MA 01905

Please use the tabs on the left and the navigation above to learn more about our district and to view the job postings, requirements and application instructions.

Candidate Interview Schedule - Updated August 6, 2018

Administrator of Special Education Candidate Interview Schedule
Wednesday, August 8, 2018, Classical High School

11:00 AM - Phylita Jamerson
11:20 AM - Carla Chioda
11:40 AM - Wanda Rosado
12:00 PM - Janet Griffith

Lynn School Job Application Guidelines

Administrative: Vacancy announcements for administrative opportunities are posted throughout the School Department. Typically, applicants have thirty days to submit their letters of application, resumes, certifications and references to the personnel office.

Teacher Vacancies: The school personnel department maintains a resume bank of teacher applications, including their certification areas and levels. As vacancies occur, principals and directors access this resource to interview and recommend qualified teaching applicants to the Superintendent. Teacher applicants must submit a resume, copy of their license(s) and official college transcript(s) to the personnel office to apply for positions.

Substitute Teachers: All substitute teachers must have formally applied for substitute teaching positions through the personnel office and be processed for a CORI . Applicants for substitute teaching positions must have completed a minimum of two years of college.

Teacher Aides | Lunch Aides: Applicants may complete the necessary paperwork for these positions in the personnel office. Subsequently, they will be placed on a day to day-on call list for substitute assignments. Employment is contingent on a criminal background investigation.

Civil Service Positions: Many of the School department's positions are classified as Civil Service. Hiring and promotion practices for these positions are mandated by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 31. See Massachusetts Division of Human Resources

Labor Service positions do not require an exam as part of the application process. Initially, individuals register for Labor Service positions at the Lynn City Hall personnel Department. Registrations remain active for five years.

As Labor Service vacancies occur within the School Department, the School Personnel Office requisitions City Hall for applicants.

Apply For A Job

Applicants should be reminded that in accordance with the General Laws, Chapter 39, Section 33B, the confidential nature of the application will be honored until such time as the screening has taken place and semi-finalists have been selected.

Any person who wishes information concerning the application of Title IX of Chapter 622 should contact Mr. Michael Geary, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction (Health), 100 Bennett Street, Lynn, MA 01905, telephone # ((781)) 593-1680 ext. 3148.

Inquiries concerning non-discrimination policies may also be referred to the Regional Director, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, J.W. McCormack P.O.C.H., Room 222, Boston, MA 02109-4557.

The Lynn School Department accepts all state and federal laws regarding the possession and/or use of illegal drugs as binding on its employees and therefore, all employees are prohibited from possessing, using, or distributing illicit drugs or alcohol on school premises or at any school-sponsored activity.

We Accept Job Applications In Two Basic Ways:

Conventional Written Application Form: You may pick up an application at the Personnel Department. You may fill it out there or you can take it with you and mail it back after you have filled it out.

Mail It To: Barbara Rafuse, Director of Human Resources
Lynn School Department, 100 Bennett Street Lynn, MA 01905
Phone: ((781)) 593-1680

Resume Format: The Lynn Public Schools prefers that you submit resumes in the following format to include:

Education, Certification / Licenses, Qualifications Profile, Experience, Awards
and Professional Affiliations TOP

If you already know what job you would like to apply for, you can CLICK ON THE EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION FORM below to download and print our Job Application Form. However, the complete Application package must be finalized in the Personnel office.

Non-Discrimination Policy: It is the policy of the Lynn Public Schools not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, home status, or disability in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities in compliance with Title VI and VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments to the Civil Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and M.G.L., Ch.76. Sec. 5, M.G.L., Ch. 151B, and M.G.L., Ch. 151C.

PDF Icon Lynn Schools Employment Application Form Download (PDF)
  Employment Application Form

Requirements | New Employee  Application  Instructions
Important  Applicant  Information

Please Note: Once your New Employee Forms application packet (available for download on our website) is complete we will be processing new hires Monday thru Wednesdays from 8:30AM until l:00 PM each week  thru August 23, 2017.

Please bring (2) two of the following forms of identification with you:
- Driver's License
- Social Security Card  or Official Birth Certificate
- Current  Passport

Please bring ORIGINIAL COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS in a sealed  envelope. Prior Teaching experience for salary consideration:
Verification of prior full time teaching experience from the district you worked on their letterhead.

Please print. complete. and return the following forms:
- New Employee Forms
- Receipt of Completed Mandatory Fingerprinting

Please keep  for your records  the following items:
- Lynn Public School Policies and Procedures

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