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Watch here for additional notices, updates and resource postings. Individual DOE School Profiles and other data such as NCLB Report Cards, MCAS Report Cards and School Improvement Plans can be found on each individual school website under the "ABOUT OUR SCHOOL" tab.

Snow Emergency Parking | Winter 2017

Limited Winter Storm Emergency Parking Is Available At All Lynn Public School Lots.

Aborn Elementary 409 Eastern Avenue
Breed Middle School 90 O'Callaghan Way
Brickett Elementary 123 Lewis Street
Callahan Elementary 90 O'Callaghan Way
Classical High School 235 O'Callaghan Way
Fallon Elementary Robinson Street
Fecteau- Leary Junior/Senior High 33 North Common St.
Lynn English High School 50 Goodridge Street
Lynn Woods Elementary 31 Trevett Avenue
LVTI Main - Fieldhouse (toward main building) 80 Neptune Blvd
Thurgood Marshall Middle School 100 Brookline Street
Cobbet Elementary 40 Franklin Street North
William P. Connery Elementary 50 Elm Street
Drewicz Elementary 34 Hood Street
Ford Elementary 49 Hollingsworth Street
Harrington Elementary 21 Dexter Street
Hood Elementary 24 Oakwood Avenue
Ingalls Elementary 1 Collins Street Terrace
Lincoln-Thomson Elementary 115 Gardiner Street
Marshall Middle School 100 Brookline Street
Pickering Middle School 70 Conomo Avenue
Sewell-Anderson Elementary 25 Ontario Street
Shoemaker Elementary 26 Regina Road
Sisson Elementary 58 Conomo Avenue
Tracy Elementary 35 Walnut Street
Washington Elementary 58 Blossom Street

Visit the Lynn DPW Winter Update page for more.

State Report Cards and School Improvement Plans

It is each District’s responsibility to annually disseminate to parents and guardians a District and Individual School Report Card which reflects the results of MCAS testing.  Those documents along with links to the latest School Improvement Plans have been posted.

To view the District and your School Report Card, School Improvement Plans and more, please click on "Our Schools" tab then select your school. The Report Card and SIP links are under the "About Our School" tab near the page bottom.

The current School Improvement Plans are also availabvle below:

New Item 2015-2016 School Improvement Plans Download (PDF)
  Aborn 2015-2016
  Breed 2015-2016
  Brickett 2015-2016
  Callahan 2015-2016
  Classical 2015-2016
  Cobbet 2015-2016
  Connery 2015-2016
  Drewicz 2015-2016
  Early Childhood 2015-2016
  English 2015-2016
  Fallon 2015-2016
  Fecteau-Leary 2015-2016
  Ford 2015-2016
  Harrington 2015-2016
  Hood 2015-2016
  Ingalls 2015-2016
  Lincoln Thomson 2015-2016
  LVTI 2015-2016
  Lynn Woods 2015-2016
  Marshall 2015-2016
  Pickering 2015-2016
  Sewell Anderson 2015-2016
  Shoemaker 2015-2016
  Sisson 2015-2016
  Tracy 2015-2016
  Washington 2015-2016

Massachusetts DOE School and District Profiles

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education collects a variety of data from schools and districts in the state, some of which is published as a School or District Profile. Directories, reports and people from individual organizations can also be found here.

1 | Select Public School from the drop-down menu and click More
2 | Select Lynn and click Get Results (a list of all schools appears)

Click For DOE Lynn Public School Including Profiles, MCAS and Other Info

The Lynn Public Schools District Improvement Plan
June 2013 to June 2017

The LPS District Improvement Plan is organized into three sections with additional appendices.
In Section I, pertinent enrollment, demographic and achievement data is provided with the state required goals related to those data. 

In Section II the plan presents our two-pronged approach to performance improvement: a protocol of support for schools categorized according to Levels assigned by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and district-wide recommended changes or improvements to grade level or content pedagogy – applied to all schools and/or grade levels. 

In Section III, the plan reviews District Focus Areas and Strategies in detail.  The information in Section III includes objectives that have emanated from the data analysis as well as areas of attention that have been identified by the Lynn School Committee through their goal-setting process. 

The plan is intended to provide a multi-year focus for the improvement of student performance outcomes, however, specific strategies represent actions that are currently underway or will be addressed in the next three years.  This plan will be updated with new strategies each year as the former strategies are completed or updated.

NOTE: The required goals of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education have been established as part of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver application as delivered to the United State Department of Education.  Although those goals appear to describe required results through 2017, if NCLB is reissued or changed, those goals may be discontinued in 2014.

Download the LPS District Improvement Plan | PDF FORMAT

Six Year Coordinated Program Review | 2014

Lynn Public Schools is conducting its 6 year Coordinated Program Review to monitor compliance in the areas of:
- Special Education
- Civil Rights
- Career and Vocational Technical Education
- English Language Learners

If you would like to participate in the evaluation of these programs please call Lynn Summerill Chairperson, Department of Secondary and Elementary Education at 781-338-3755

Las Escuelas Publicas de Lynn esta  llevando a cabo su Revision Coordinada de Programas de los 6 afios con Ia finalidad  de controlar el cumplimiento en las areas de:
- Educacion Especial
- Derechos Civiles
- Educacion en Carreras y Educaci6n Vocacional Tecnica
- Aprendices del  ldioma  Ingles

Si usted desea participar de Ia evaluaci6n de estos programas,  por favor llame a Lynn Summerill, Chairperson (persona a cargo),  Departmento de Educacion Secundaria y Primaria al 781-338-3755.

Lekol Piblik Lynn ap fe yon Revizyon Koodone Program li yo apre 6 ane pou verifye si tout reg yo respekte nan domen sila yo:
- Edikasyon Espesyal
- Dwa Sivil
- Edikasyon Teknik  pou Karye ak Vokasyon
- Etidyan Lang Angle

Si'w ta remen patisipe nan evalyasyon program  sila yo, tanpri rele Responsab Ia ki rele Lynn Summerill, Depatman Edikasyon Segonde ak Prime nan 781-338-3755.

សាលាសាធារណៈក្រុងលីនកំរុងធងលីវើការតរក្តពតងិំិត វឡាងលីវិញំូវរម្មវិើកសក្ម្បសក្ម្ពនរយៈវងន 6 ឆ្នុរបស់សាលា វ ាម្បកក្តពតវម្ាន វនារតរវោរងតាម្រនុងលីផ្ននរនំៈ
- រតរអប់រំងិវសស
- សិទ្ធិសធកវិន
- អាជកង ំិងលីរតរអប់រំវិជ្ជាជកវៈបវចេរវទ្ស
- អនរវរៀំភាសាអងលី់វលេស
វបាអនរចងលី់ចូនរួម្រនុងលីរតរវាយតនម្េរម្មវិើកទុងលីវំេះ សូម្ទ្ូរស័ងទម្រក្បធាំនកំ Lynn Summerill ក្រសួងលីខាងលីរតរអប់រំម្ើ ម្សិរា ំិងលី បឋម្សិរា តាម្វនខ 781-338-

لين للمدارس العامة  تجري مراجعة لبرنامجها المنسق الممتد على 6 سنوات من أجل مراقبة الامتثال في مجالات:
التعليم الخاص
الحقوق المدنية
المهن والتعليم المهني التقني
متعلمي اللغة الانجليزية
إذا كنت ترغب في المشاركة في تقييم هذه البرامج  يرجى الاتصال ب:  

، رئيسة قسم التعليم الثانوي و الابتدائي على  3755-338-781Lynn Summerrill



The Lynn Public Schools has launched its official Facebook page, located at  The purpose of our Facebook page is to share information about our district and schools with the community.  Our students, teachers, administrators, staff, families and partners are achieving excellence and innovation in their work together every day, and we are excited to offer this new vehicle for engaging the community in our students' success.


The Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
Public Notice to comply with P.L. 107-1 10, Section1111 (h) (6) (A)

The Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires school districts that receive federal Title I funding to notify parents of their right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teachers who instruct their child.

As a recipient of these funds, the Lynn Public Schools will provide you with this information in a timely manner if you request it. Specifically, you have the right to request the following information about each of your child's classroom teachers.

• Whether the teacher meets the state qualifications and licensing criteria for the grades and subjects he/she teaches.

• Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or provisional status because of special circumstances.

• The teacher's college major, whether the teacher has any advanced degrees, and the field of discipline of the certification or degree.

• Whether paraprofessionals provide services to your child and, if so, their qualifications.

The Lynn Public School System is committed to providing quality instruction for all students and does so by employing the most qualified individuals to teach and support each student in the classroom. If you would like information about the qualifications of your child's teachers, you may contact the principal of your child's school.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System | MCAS

The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) is designed to meet the requirements of the Education Reform Law of 1993. This law specifies that the testing program must

- Test all public school students in Massachusetts, including students with disabilities and English Language Learner students;

- Measure performance based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework learning standards;

- Report on the performance of individual students, schools, and districts.

As required by the Education Reform Law, students must pass the grade 10 tests in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics and one of the four high school Science and Technology Engineering tests as one condition of eligibility for a high school diploma (in addition to fulfilling local requirements).

In addition, the MCAS program is used to hold schools and districts accountable, on a yearly basis, for the progress they have made toward the objective of the No Child Left Behind Law that all students be proficient in Reading and Mathematics by 2014.

Welcome To Our Alumni Websites

Phsyical Ed

Alumni & Friends of Lynn Classical High School Inc.
Classical High School is a non-profit organization serving alumni, students and supporters of Lynn Classical High School to strengthen our community, build lasting relationships and continue the tradition of "Ram Pride"

Visit the Classical High School Alumni Website!
Lynn English Alumni Association

As we go through our daily lives, lets keep one important thought in our minds and hearts. That is to keep in contact with our friends who we shared so much with at Lynn English. 

We may not see each other that often. However, by way of our new website we all have the ability to communicate to Alumni Staff, Officers and to list any Comments, Feedback and/or Messages that are of importance to us.

Visit the Lynn English Alumni Website!

Lynn Vocational Technical Institute

The Lynn Trade and Lynn Vocational Technical Institute has a new Alumni Archives website.  This site is at its beginning stages and with your help can continue to grow. We are looking for content to add to our archives: articles, photos, past events and history of the school. If you have material you would like to share, please email it to We welcome material on alumni, students and faculty.

Visit the New LVTI Alumni Website! | Updated May 2013

Understanding The Youth Employment and the Work Permit Process

Teens At Work

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office enforces Massachusetts child labor laws, including work permit laws, aimed at keeping young workers safe.

To ensure that all minors working in Massachusetts have a work permit for every job, we encourage you to review the procedures and information outlined on the websites below to help educate students and parents about the work permit process.

To find out more please visit these websites and

Acrobat (PDF) Software

Free Adobe Acrobat Software is required to view our PDF files. You can download the free software using the link below.


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