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Dear Parents/Guardians of Grades 3-5 Students,

Attached you will find the MCAS 2.0 schedule for the Aborn School. Please review it carefully paying special attention to the days when your child’s class is taking the test. It is extremely important for your child to be here and on time on the days of his/her testing. Students who arrive late and after test directions have been given will not be allowed into the testing area (per state mandate) and will be asked to return home until testing is over. Make sure your child has had a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast on the day of testing. Children are also welcomed to have a free breakfast at school. If your child typically brings a drink to school, make sure it is water only.

Students in Grades 3 and 5 will be taking the standard paper-based version of the test. We will provide the #2 pencils necessary for this test. Grade 4 students across the state will be taking a computer-based test (CBT) this year. The state’s goal is to have ALL students taking a CBT by 2019. Students in both of our Grade 4 classes have completed online practice tests available from the state. If you would like to view some of the practice tests yourself, go to: http://mcas.pearsonsupport.com/tutorial/practice-tests and click on the Student Tutorial and Practice Test box.

The MCAS 2.0 this year will be a combination of MCAS Legacy (the older version of MCAS) questions, newly developed questions, and PARCC items. Questions will be more strongly aligned to the most recent MA curriculum frameworks. Many are multi-part questions which require students to show a greater depth of knowledge and ability. This is in an effort to help us determine students’ readiness for the next grade and at the high school level, to make sure they are prepared for the college or career of their choice. (Please note however, that retention decisions are never made based solely on MCAS test performance!)

On the last page of this packet is an Acknowledgement of Responsibility Form. Please review this form with your child and return it to his/her teacher by Tuesday. I will be visiting each classroom next week to go over this information with students prior to testing.  (Note: On the day of your child’s testing, cell phones will be collected at 8:30 a.m., locked in a secure location, and not returned until the end of the school day.)

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to call me at the above number.

Sincerely, Ms. Muxie

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Rotary Club members Bill and Diane Reilly recently came to our Third Grade classrooms to distribute brand new personal dictionaries to every student. Students get to keep the dictionaries. They use them frequently during their writing block to help improve spelling. They also use them during Reading to discover the meaning of unfamiliar words.
Bus Information: Since so many Aborn students take buses home or to after-school programs, making sure that all students arrive safely at their destination is important to us. If your child will be taking a bus home or to an after-school program, please take the time to talk to him/her about it. Answer any questions he/she may have. A note should be sent in to the classroom teacher on the very first day informing the teacher of the bus your child will be taking. We will cross reference these notes with our bus lists. During the year, if your child typically takes a bus home or to an after-school program, but you intend to pick him/her up instead, you must send a note to the classroom teacher to avoid having us put your child on the bus. Relaying messages via phone calls is not always possible due to the high level of activity that takes place at the front desk during the school day. If we do not have a note, for security purposes, we must put students on their designated buses. 

Forms: During the first week of school, we send out many forms that need to be completed and returned. Teachers will be collecting the forms on a daily basis. Please check to see if they are double-sided and make every effort to return forms as soon as possible. Emergency forms are extremely important and should be returned the day after distribution, then updated whenever necessary during the year. Copies of any current restraining orders must also be given to the school. Lunch information, including lunch prices and applications for free and reduced lunch, will be sent home the first week of school.

All K-2 students should bring a drink and nut-free snack for the first two weeks of school until we process students’ medical allergy information. This will help to keep all Aborn students healthy and safe. If your child has an allergy, make sure you inform the school nurse, classroom teacher, and school principal in writing. If your child is on any medication, please have a direct conversation with our school nurse. Any medication which needs to be administered at school must come with a doctor’s order outlining administration procedures.

Reminders from our Nurse: Your child’s current immunization must be up to date! Students may be restricted from attending school if essential documents are not current. Send any necessary immunization or physical forms to the attention of the Aborn School Nurse. 


Did you miss our Spring Open House?
See Ms. Muxie's PowerPoint presentation on the Writing Process and the Six Traits of Writing by clicking on this link. If you'd like to see most of the text of her speech, click here to download the presentation.


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Did you miss our Spring Open House?
See Ms. Muxie's PowerPoint presentation on the Writing Process and the Six Traits of Writing by clicking on this link. If you'd like to see most of the text of her speech, click here to download the presentation.

May 2017

Dear Aborn Parents/Guardians,
It was great to see so many of you at Open House last week! We hope you had an enjoyable time and learned a little bit about the writing process as well! Listed below are some important dates to note for the months of May and June. This is a two-sided document! I could not list all the dates on one side, but I thought many of you would like to have the dates for both months in advance for planning purposes. Please hang the list in a place for easy reference. Once you’ve reviewed the calendar portion of this notice, I’ve listed some additional and important information. This document will also be posted on our school’s website. As always, thank you for your support throughout the year.

Ms. Muxie


1 Monday ELA MCAS Make-ups and Start of Teacher/Secretary Appreciation Week
2 Tuesday ELA Make-ups continue
3 Wednesday Grand Opening of Art Fair at Lynn Art Inc.  Art Fair continues through May 17th.
5 Friday 3rd Trimester Progress Reports go out today!
7 Sunday Staff walks the Step Up for Colleen Ritzer Walk in Andover. If you wish to make a donation, please see Mrs. Gallant.
9 Tuesday Grade 4 - Mrs. Hennessey-Math MCAS Session 1
10 Wednesday Grade 4 - Mrs. Luciano- Math MCAS Session 1
11 Thursday Grade 4 - Mrs. Hennessey-Math MCAS Session 2
12 Friday Grade 4 - Mrs. Luciano- Math MCAS Session 2 and SPRING DANCE! Breed Middle School 6-8
15 Monday Grade 4 - Math MCAS Make-ups
16 Tuesday Grade 3 - Math MCAS Session 1
17 Wednesday Grade 3 - Math MCAS Session 2
18 Thursday Grade 5 - Math MCAS Session1
19 Friday Grade 5 - Math MCAS Session 2
22 Monday Grades 3 & 5 - Math MCAS Make-ups
23 Tuesday Grade 5 - Science MCAS Session 1
24 Wednesday Grade 5 - Science MCAS Session 2 plus State’s Student Survey
25 Thursday Grade 5 - Science MCAS Make-ups and Grade 1 Memorial Day Show 1:15 Bethany Church
26 Friday MCAS Test Window Ends J
30 Tuesday Handel and Hayden Show, Grades 3-5 10:15
Bethany Church and Student Study Team Meets
31 Wednesday School Store
JUNE 1 Thursday Track and Field Event –Grade 5  8:30-11:45-Manning Field and Owl Pellet Program-Grade 4
5 Monday Trial DESE Science Test for Grade 5
6 Tuesday Grade 5 Fieldtrip to Fenway Park
7 Wednesday School Store and Navigator’s Game- Grade 5
8 Thursday The Science of Vision Program-Grade 5
9 Friday Field Day! SNEAKERS REQUIRED!
14 Wednesday Field Day Rain Date  and Luau Night for Grade 5 at the Knights of Columbus 5-9 p.m.
15 Thursday Spring Sing Practice for Grades 3-5 -1 p.m. at Bethany Church-Students ONLY
16 Friday Spring Sing Show for Families- 9 a.m. at Bethany Church and K-2 go to the North Shore Music Theatre
3rd Trimester Marks are coming to a close!
20 Tuesday Student Study Team Meets
21 Wednesday Kindergarten Moving On Ceremonies: Mrs. Condon’s class at 9:30 and Mrs. Gallant’s at 10:30. Canobie Lake Park Field Trip-Grade 5.   Students will return by 5 p.m.
23 Friday Grade 5 Moving On Ceremony-9 a.m. at Bethany Church
26 Monday Tentative last day of school for Grades 1-5.   ½ day dismissal
Additional Information:

• Thank you to the PTO for providing a wonderful breakfast to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week. Consider having your children make a small heartfelt card to show their appreciation to the teachers who work so hard for them each day!

• Our Spring Dance, which is always a family favorite event, is being held on Friday, May 12th from 6-8 p.m. at the Breed Middle School. Our theme this year, chosen by the 5th graders, is black and white. This dance is for Aborn students and their families ONLY. We are in desperate need of the following items for this dance: bottled water, juice boxes, small bags of chips, and scratch tickets. Any leftover food and drink items will be used at future end-of-year events. You can bring donations of any of these items to the school at any time. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Remember, all children must come to the dance with an adult who remains with them for the entire dance. Students may not run or play tag in the hall. (This is tempting, because it is a large open space!) To prevent injury, they must also stay away from the folded tables on the side of the cafeteria which have been pushed to the side to create the dance floor. Thank you for reminding your children of all of these safety issues BEFORE they come to the dance. Doing so will make it a pleasant and safe experience for everyone as they take the time to socialize, relax, dance, and enjoy some great music provided by the best DJ in town….Mr. Hennessey!

• During the warm month of June, please make sure your child has a water bottle filled with cool (iced) water to stay well-hydrated. Some of our classrooms get very warm and this helps cut down on trips to the bubbler when students may miss important instruction. It also helps to keep students alert and open to learning.

• Looking for some good and fun learning activities for your child to enjoy on his/her device during those long car rides to vacation places? Try the following! No passwords or login required!
Math is fun.com
DiscoveryEducation.com (This site includes virtual fieldtrips!)
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Welcome To The Aborn Elementary School

“Students come to school… seeking themselves. Like all humans, they are looking for a sense of their own meanings, roles, and possibilities.”   Tomlinson and McTighe

At the Aborn elementary school we never forget the above fact. It is our job and our mission, to work closely with parents and other members of the community to create students who enjoy the process of learning, attain the 21st century skills they need to lead successful lives, and in that process, discover their talents and ultimately themselves.  

We do this within the context of standards-based instruction and assessment, as well as a mindful focus on developing a character that includes responsibility, good decision-making, and empathy for others. These are things that students will carry with them throughout their lives.

Our staff members value the following responsive approaches to teaching:

  • Find ways to get to know students
  • Incorporate opportunities for small group teaching and activities into weekly routines
  • Teach to the high end and state expectations clearly
  • Offer multiple ways to explore learning
  • Teach with different learning styles in mind
  • Frequently monitor student understanding.

We welcome you to join us in our efforts to guide the journey of our next generation.
Feel free to peruse the pages of our website, which we will be updating throughout the year.

If you have any questions or contributions, feel free to contact us!

Ms Muxie


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