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Welcome To The New School Year! Watch Here For Announcements!
NC 2015
Grade 5 Students - Learning and Laughing at Nature’s Classroom!
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Grade 4 students benefit from the Aborn partnersip with the Museum of Science. These are pictures from the program on Electricity. The program was sponsored by the Aborn PTO.



We thank you for your attendance and for your support throughout the year. If you missed our Open House you can download the presentation below. It covers a lot of the exciting things happening at Aborn this year!

September Open House Presentation Download

Ms. Muxie and the Aborn Staff

Aborn teachers: Mr. Eddy, Mrs. Amico, Mrs. Hennessey, Mrs. Durgin, Mrs. Drakopoulos, and Mrs. Buchanan came in over the summer to explore and help us utilize Discovery Education's digital media library to support instruction and student achievement!
Aborn teachers: Mr. Eddy, Mrs. Amico, Mrs. Hennessey, Mrs. Durgin, Mrs. Drakopoulos, and Mrs. Buchanan came in over the summer to explore and help us utilize Discovery Education's digital media library to support instruction and student achievement!
3GE Volunteers are at it again! This time they are giving the Aborn restrooms a make-over. Thanks, GE!

Weclome back Aborn students. We have posted Principal Muxie's messages on our welcome back page. You can download and print or translate these messages on our new page.

Click Here For Our 2015 Welcome Back Page!

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Welcome To The Aborn Elementary School

“Students come to school… seeking themselves. Like all humans, they are looking for a sense of their own meanings, roles, and possibilities.”   Tomlinson and McTighe

At the Aborn elementary school we never forget the above fact. It is our job and our mission, to work closely with parents and other members of the community to create students who enjoy the process of learning, attain the 21st century skills they need to lead successful lives, and in that process, discover their talents and ultimately themselves.  

We do this within the context of standards-based instruction and assessment, as well as a mindful focus on developing a character that includes responsibility, good decision-making, and empathy for others. These are things that students will carry with them throughout their lives.

Our staff members value the following responsive approaches to teaching:

  • Find ways to get to know students
  • Incorporate opportunities for small group teaching and activities into weekly routines
  • Teach to the high end and state expectations clearly
  • Offer multiple ways to explore learning
  • Teach with different learning styles in mind
  • Frequently monitor student understanding.

We welcome you to join us in our efforts to guide the journey of our next generation.
Feel free to peruse the pages of our website, which we will be updating throughout the year.

If you have any questions or contributions, feel free to contact us!

Ms Muxie


Aborn Elementary School Information | 2015-2016

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
(781) 477-7320
(781) 581-1058
409 Eastern Avenue, Lynn, MA 01902
Monday - Friday | 8:15 AM to 2:15 PM
If your child will be absent please call by 8:15 AM
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School Staff List | 2015-2016 | Updated September 2015

List Principal
Patricia Muxie
(781) 477-7320
List Secretary
Joan McManus
(781) 477-7320
List School Adjustment Counselor
Lori Alcock | Mondays Only
( 781) 477-7320
List School Nurse
Terry Breen RN | 8 AM until 2:30 PM
(781) 477-7320 ext. 2503
List School Social Worker

Michelle L’Italien LCSW
(781) 477-7320 (Mon. and Tues.)

List Occupational Therapist
Kerry Cook
( 781) 477-7320
List Physical Therapist
Karen Woodward
( 781) 477-7320
List MCAS Test Coordinator
Pat Muxie
( 781) 477-7320
List 504 Coordinator
Sarah Drakopoulos
(781) 477-7320
List Custodian
Bruce Pinkham
(781) 477-7320 ext. 2519

List School Teacher List | 2015-2016 | Updated September 2015
Grade | Teacher | Email Webpage Room
Kindergarten Visit Our Classroom  
  Mrs. Gallant  
  Ms.Levasseur Paraprofessional  
  Ms. Condon    
  Ms. Pettipas Paraprofessional  
Grade 1 Visit Our Classroom  
  Mrs. Amico    
  Ms. Sweeney  
Grade 2 Visit Our Classroom  
  Mrs. Driscoll    
  Mrs. Gray    
Grade 3 Visit Our Classroom  
  Mrs. Durgin    
  Ms. Johnson    
Grade 4 Visit Our Classroom  
  Mrs. Hennessey    
  Ms. Luciano    
Grade 5 Visit Our Classroom  
  Mr. Belliveau    
  Mr. Eddy    
Administration Visit Our Webpage  
Art Visit Our Classroom  
  Ms. McAndrews  
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  Ms. Gagner    
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  Mrs. Drakopoulos    
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  Ms. Kenney    
Physical Education Visit Our Classroom  
  Mr. Kelley    
Reading Visit Our Classroom  
  Ms. Cook    
Speech Visit Our Classroom  
Special Education Visit Our Classroom  
  Mrs. Caruso    
  Ms. Hamelers    

"This Month At School" | October 2015
Monthly Announcements, News, Notes and More!

Class CLUBS Arts Clip News Calendar NL Icon REMINDERS SPORTS
October and November 2015 Events

Dear Aborn Parents/Guardians,
Listed below are some important dates to note for the months of October and November Once you’ve reviewed the calendar portion of this notice, I’ve listed some additional important information for you. Please hang this list in a place for easy reference. For your added convenience, and so that you can access them with your internet capable devices.
Happy Harvest!
Ms. Muxie

Oct. 5-9 Mon.-Fri. Nature’s Classroom Fieldtrip for Grade 5: Be at Gannon Golf Course at 8:30 AM !
Oct. 6 Tuesday Yankee Candle Fundraiser ends!
Oct. 7 Wednesday School Site Council ballot goes out today for voting. Please return yours by the 21st.
Oct. 9 Friday Grade 3 fieldtrip to the Peabody Essex Museum
Oct. 12 Monday Columbus Day- NO SCHOOL
Oct. 13 Tuesday Bus Evacuation Drills start at  10:30 AM
Oct. 14 Wednesday Lockdown Drill - 1 PM
Oct. 21 Wednesday PICTURE DAY and School Store
Oct. 23 Friday 1st Trimester Progress Reports go out today.
Oct. 27 Tuesday Student Study Team Meets
Oct. 29 Thursday School Site Council Meets 2:45-3:45 PM
Oct. 30 Friday Halloween Parade 1 p.m.-No long costumes. No weapons! No full face masks.
    If you do not want your child to participate, please notify your child’s teacher in writing.
Nov.  3 Tuesday Professional Development Day-NO SCHOOL
Nov. 11 Wednesday Veterans’ Day- NO SCHOOL
Nov. 12 Thursday PTO Meeting from 7-8 PM to organize the Holiday Fair. Volunteers needed! 
Nov. 18 Wednesday School Store
Nov. 19 Thursday School Improvement Team Meets 2:30-4 PM
Nov. 24 Tuesday Student Study Team meets. 2:30 PM
Nov. 25 Wednesday
(1/2 Day!)
Early Dismissal- Thanksgiving Break begins.
Grade 5 Museum of Science States of Matter Show | 9-10 AM
    First Annual Aborn Fitness Walk!  Fundraiser for Recess Equipment (Info coming soon!)
    9:00-9:30 AM | K-2
    10:00-10:30 AM | Grades 3-5
Nov. 26-27 Thurs.-Fri. NO SCHOOL

Additional Information

- All emergency forms must be turned in to Nurse Terri by Oct. 9th.
- To ensure the safety of our buses and the students on them, please do not park in any area out in front of our school building that is a designated no parking zone. This is indicated by a yellow stripe on the curb.
- Bus students who are not riding the bus on any given day, MUST have a note from the parent in writing.
- We hope everyone is continuing to collect Box Tops for Education! This is an easy way for our school to collect extra funds. If you need an extra Box Top sheet, just have your child ask Mrs. McManus for one! Thank you for your continued support!


Our First Open House Was A Success!
Many people are a part of the journey your child will take. We have a great  staff at Aborn. We work together as a team, but we also work in partnership with YOU. I’d like to introduce them to you now .

 In K , we have Mrs. Galant and Mrs. Condon, who work hard to provide a strong foundation not only for reading and other academics, but in regard to the emotional and social growth of your child as well.

In Grade 1, we have Mrs. Amico and Ms. Sweeney who focus on helping your child develop strong literacy skills.

In Grade 2 we have Mrs. Driscoll and Mrs. Gray, who strengthen their academic skills and broaden students’ horizons while encouraging their creativity and interests.

In Grade 3 we have Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Durgin, who transition students from learning to read to reading to learn and provide them a structure to guide them to begin learning more independently with more responsibility.

In Grades 4 and 5 we have Mrs. Hennessey and Mrs. Luciano along with Mr. Belliveau and Mr. Eddy who  prepare students for that transition to MS. ….a transition we want to be smooth and confident.  Now every student is different and we always teach children that  fair is not always the same….it’s giving everyone what he/she needs to succeed….so providing extra support for students who need it, we have …..Mrs. Caruso and Mrs. Hamelers, our inclusion special ed teachers…..Ms. Drakopoulos, our Math CIT, Mrs. Andrea Cook our Reading Specialist, and  Ms. Julie Gagner who works with our English Language Learners.  

We have many other wonderful specialists whom we rely on at the Aborn and they along with their roles, are listed in our Open House Presentation. You can download and view it here!

Pat Muxie

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