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Welcome Back !

Hello Aborn Parents and Guardians!

It hardly seems possible that the summer has gone so quickly and school will be opening soon. Here is some back-to-school information I wanted to share with you so that you are well prepared when the first day arrives!

This information will also be sent out through our Connect-Ed messaging system. If you do not receive the phone message and wish to be placed on our calling list, please notify Mrs. Joan McManus, our School Secretary, at cjmcmanus@lynnschools.org. Include your current home phone number and email address. We will add your information to our Connect Ed system.

Click here for all the details in my annoucement!

Our Fabulous Field Day 2013!

1With the help of many parents and teachers, Aborn students stay fit AND have fun!

Visit our Art and Photo Gallery for more photos!


The Grade 4 Owl Pellet Program


Grade 4 students investigate the complexities and delicate balance of nature through Ken Carrier’s Owl Pellet program. Thank you to our PTO for providing students with this opportunity!

Visit our Art and Photo Gallery for more photos!


Our August School Fundraiser At Fuddrucker's!


Raising funds for our students and staff by sharing some great food and fun at Fuddruckers on Route 1 in Saugus!

Visit our Art and Photo Gallery for more photos!


George Laubner Academic and Leadership Award


Ellie Psihogios, Grade 5 student at the Aborn School, recently received the George Laubner Academic and Leadership Award for her essay on plans for her future education and how it will affect her and herfamily.


Q and U Wedding!


Kindergarten students recently celebrated the wedding of the letters Q and U. Mr. Jonathan Eddy, Grade 5 teacher, presided over the ceremony and gave the letters his blessing and good wishes for a happy marriage.


Aborn's Young Artist Artwork for the One Fund!


Aborn's young artist auctions art work for One Fund! See the Lynn Item link below.

Click here for her full story in the Lynn Item.


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Welcome To The Aborn Elementary School

“Students come to school… seeking themselves. Like all humans, they are looking for a sense of their own meanings, roles, and possibilities.”   Tomlinson and McTighe

At the Aborn elementary school we never forget the above fact. It is our job and our mission, to work closely with parents and other members of the community to create students who enjoy the process of learning, attain the 21st century skills they need to lead successful lives, and in that process, discover their talents and ultimately themselves.  

We do this within the context of standards-based instruction and assessment, as well as a mindful focus on developing a character that includes responsibility, good decision-making, and empathy for others. These are things that students will carry with them throughout their lives.

Our staff members value the following responsive approaches to teaching:

  • Find ways to get to know students
  • Incorporate opportunities for small group teaching and activities into weekly routines
  • Teach to the high end and state expectations clearly
  • Offer multiple ways to explore learning
  • Teach with different learning styles in mind
  • Frequently monitor student understanding.

We welcome you to join us in our efforts to guide the journey of our next generation.
Feel free to peruse the pages of our website, which we will be updating throughout the year.

If you have any questions or contributions, feel free to contact us!

Ms Muxie
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(781) 477-7320
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409 Eastern Avenue, Lynn, MA 01902
Monday - Friday | 8:15 AM to 2:15 PM
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List Principal
Patricia Muxie
(781) 477-7320
List Secretary
Joan McManus
(781) 477-7320
List School Adjustment Counselor
Lori Alcock | Mondays Only
( 781) 477-7320
List School Nurse
Terry Breen RN | 8 AM until 2:30 PM
(781) 477-7320 ext. 2503
List MCAS Test Coordinator
Pat Muxie
( 781) 477-7320
List 504 Coordinator
Patricia Muxie
(781) 477-7320
List Custodian
Bruce Pinkham
(781) 477-7320 ext. 2519

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Kindergarten Visit Our Classroom  
  Mrs. Gallant  
  Ms.Levasseur Paraprofessional  
  Ms. Condon    
  Ms. Pettipas Paraprofessional  
Grade 1 Visit Our Classroom  
  Mrs. Amico    
  Ms. Sweeney  
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  Mrs. Driscoll    
  Mrs. Grey    
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  Mrs. Durgin    
  Ms. Johnson    
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  Mrs. Hennessey    
  Mrs. Wladkowski    
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  Ms. Bezemes    
  Mr. Eddy    
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  Ms. McAndrews  
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  Ms. Julie Demirai    
Math Curriculum Instruction Visit Our Classroom  
  Sarah Drakopoulos    
Music Visit Our Classroom  
  Beth Persenaire    
Occupational Therapy  
  Jane Dionne    
Physical Education Visit Our Classroom  
  Mr. Kelley    
Physical Therapy  
  Karen Woodward    
Reading Visit Our Classroom  

Susan Buchanan

Speech Visit Our Classroom  

Miriam Rodriguez-Fusco

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  Mrs. Caruso    
  Maria Hamelers    

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