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Law Day At Breed

Members of the Breed Middle School Mock Trial Team studiously listened as Judge Campbell, an Associate Justice of the Lynn District Court provided students with anecdotes on her rise from the Boston Public School system to the state's 5th busiest court.

April Rotary Club Winner!

ELA teacher Nancy Mades-Byrd and Guidance Counselor Marianne Duncan proudly stand with April Rotary Club recipient Nilson Maria.

Poetry At Breed

BMSLocal poet and school teacher Nila Webster shares her motherís book of poems with 7th grade students.

It's Time To Vote 8th Graders!
BMS8th graders!! Itís time to vote for 8th grade superlatives! Who is the 8th grade Class Clown? Super Athlete? Super Student? The first round of voting is this week! Cast Your Vote Here or Click The Ribbon!

Rotary Club's Student of the Month

BMS8th Grade Science Teacher Kelly Carter stands proudly next to student Morgan Hart, recipient of the Rotary Club's Student of the Month award presented to her at the Porthole in Lynn.

Our W.I.S.E Participant's At Salem State!

BMSBreed's 8th grade girls participated in the W.I.S.E. Program at Salem State University on March 17, 2015. Back row from left to right: Tyler Phan, Kyra Gemma, Cyriah Thomas, Madison Dulong, Mei-Lee Sun, Kimberly Avelar, Norisbel Figueroa Front row from left to right: Jennifer Robles, Eh The Blay Thaw, Avon Nguyen, Louise Silva, Kayla Morrill. The program is Women in Science and Engineering, and the girls were able to attend three different workshops conducted by women who have fantastic careers in the science community. These girls were chosen because they have high academic standings as well as a great interest in science.

Breed's Columbus Day Drawing Winners!


Breed Drama Club: Zombie Apocalypse!


Our Fire Prevention Drawing Contest Winner!


Breed's Newspaper Club and the Breed Times!


The school Newspaper Club, The Breed Times, meets the second and fourth Wedesday of every month!

Breed's Newspaper Club and the Breed Times!


The school Newspaper Club, The Breed Times, meets the second and fourth Wedesday of every month!

Breed's Veterans Day Assemblies (3)
Thursday November 6th Starting at 8 AM


This year our special guest will be a representative from the USO! As part of the visit, Breed Middle School will be collecting items from a wish list for Military children of active and deployed soldiers throughout New England. If you would like to participate in the Breed USO Drive, please take a look at our flyer CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. If you know others that would like to participate, please pass along this wish list! Items will be accepted until the end of October! Please drop off items to 2B07. As always, thank you for your support!

Breed Teachers Continue Their Own Learning!


Tech savvy teachers use the iPads to take a picture of the QR Code projected on the screen during the October Faculty Meeting prior to using the device to take an online survey.

Breed's First Open House!


Our first Open House was a great success, thank you all for attending!

Honor And Remember Flag

The Honor and Remember Chapter of Massachusetts and Breed Middle School will be presenting an Honor and Remember Flag to Gold Star Father Carlos Arredondo on April 19th. In honor of his son Alex Arredondo who was Killed in Action in 2004

The Honor and Remember Flag is being sponsored by Breed Middle School, Lynn, MA. The cost of the Flag is $350

Donations of any size to help sponsor the flag are welcome! When writing a check, please make the check payable to Breed Middle School. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Collins in 2B07.
Thank you!

Columbus Coloring Drawing/Map Contest


Standing with her proud History Teacher Leah Kouch, we congratulate Breed 6th grade student, Sondos Dabash, 1st place winner of the 2013 Columbus Coloring/Drawing/Map contest. For her winning poster, she received a ribbon and cash prize of $75 from the contest sponsor, the Italian Club in Lynn.

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Welcome To Breed Middle School

At Breed Middle School we are dedicated to providing an environment that allows each child to develop to their optimum potential. It is my goal to increase student achievement and provide opportunities for student growth, through rigorous standards-based curriculum which encourages differentiation and data-driven instruction.

Breed Middle School has many things to be proud of including the faculty and staff, our outstanding students, and the diverse quality programs that we offer.

I ask you to become involved in our school and your student's education at this critical time in their development. A school-to-home connection is critical. I encourage communication with the teachers and administration. Your interest and support will assist your student and motivate them to do their best.

I look forward to working with you and your student during the 2012 -2013 school year to provide a productive and safe learning environment that supports student success.

Julie Louf

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These programs will run up until April Vacation.
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List Principal | WEBPAGE
Julie Louf
(781) 477-7330
List Vice Principal | WEBPAGE
Megan Franco
(781) 477-7330
List Vice Principal | WEBPAGE
Mike Zimirowski
(781) 477-7330
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Stacy Saltzman-Dupuis
Angela Mikedis | Attendance
Sandra Sexton
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Wendy Waldron
(781) 477-7330
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(781) 477-7330
Lauren Phelps
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Andrew Morrison
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Lynn Bray
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Debra McManus
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Katie Attia | Teen Center
(781) 598-0287
Lori Buswell | Health Center
(781) 598-0287
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Kimberly Alden Beck, MS PhD | 1B 04
(781) 477-7330
List Resource Officer
Mark Lee
(781) 477-7330

List School Faculty List | 2014-2015 | Updated September 9, 2014
Subject | Faculty | WebPage Grade Room
Athletics | WEBPAGE    
  Joseph Correnti   Gym | Field
  Joan Wiendczak   Gym | Field
Art | WEBPAGE    
  Christine Guay   2E 22
  Lauren Stelluti   2E 26
English Language Arts (ELA) | WEBPAGE  
  Nancy Mades-Byrd 8 2A 07 | Lead Teacher
  Cara Baldini   2A 10 | Discovery
  Sarah Phelan 7 2A 07
  Aili Cervenka 8 2A 06
  Joseph Conlon  6 | 7 | 8 1B 17 | Voyager
  Elizabeth D'Amico 7 | 8 ELA Support
  Lisa Donovan 7 RES - ELA
  Bradford Green 6 1A 32 | Atlantis
  Arthur Irzyk 8 RES - ELA
  Bruce Johnson 8 2A 05
  Valerie Gidaris-Papantonakis 7 2A 06
  Andrea Smith 7 2E 02
  Tarn Stephanos 6 | 7 | 8 RES - ELA | Enterprise
  Maria Terry 6 | 7 | 8 1A 09 | Enterprise
  Jonathan Vickers 6 1A 52 | Challenger
English As A Second Language (ESL) | Supplemental | WEBPAGE
  Michael Molnar   ELL | Lead | Interventionist
  Erin Frias   CIT | SEI | Voyager
  Deb Hartman-McCulley   ELL | ELA | Float
  Elizabeth Wintour   ELL | ELA | Float
Enrichment | WEBPAGE  
  Dave Angelli All 1E 17 | Tech Education
  Ed Flynn All 1E 06 | Tech Education
  Ed Hutchinson All. 1E 18 | Tech Education
  William Shurtleff All 1E 07 | Tech Education
Foreign Language | WEBPAGE  
  Foreign Language Office   2E 02
  Percida Chez   Lead Teacher | Spanish
  Cecilia Aguero   Spanish | Enterprise
  Sheila Bremer   French | Challenger
  Carleen French   Spanish
  C. Maimone   French | Challenger
  Maria Perez   Spanish | Atlantis
Library | WEBPAGE    
  Irene Kszepka-Daly    
Math | WEBPAGE    
  Kathleen White 8 2A 46 | Lead Teacher
  Jan Murphy 6 RES - Math
  Derrick Brown 7 Float
  Helena Diamond 7 2A 44
  Eleni Doulis 8 2A 29
  Michael Gerber 8 Float
  Kristina Jellen  7 2A 30
  Mary Kehoe 7 RES - Math
  Angela Lavoie 6 1A 33 | Atlantis
  Karen Lohnes 2A 40 | Discovery
  Joseph Masucci 6 | 7 | 8  1B 18 | Voyager
  Caileen Moran 8 2A 43
  Linda Morgan 7 2A 28
  Jennifer Pizzo 6 1A 51 | Challenger
  Chantal Ryan 8 2A 45
  Kaitlyn Wechsler 6 1A 08 | Enterprise
  Alex White 7 2A 47
  Christian Woodbury  8 RES-Math
Math Foundations | WEBPAGE  
  Craig Sonis 7 Tech Based
  Jan Murphy 6  
  Sara Kuzmin 7  
  C. Correnti /D. Angelli 8  
Music | WEBPAGE    
  Abigail Booth   1E 39
  Ruth Flynn   1E 40
Physical Education and Health | WEBPAGE  
  Joseph Correnti   Gym
  Joan Wiendczak   Gym
Reading | WEB PAGE    
  Carol Aceto 6 1A 06
  Jacqulyn Collier   Read 180 | 2E 01
  Marlene Kelley 6 1A 29
  Jill Magner 7 | 8 Float
  Shannon Michalczyk  6 1A 48 | Challenger
  Constance Salimone   Reading Coach
Science | WEBPAGE    
  Cynthia Quaratiello  8 2B 03 | Lead Teacher
  Kelly Carter 8 2B 09
  Julie Collins 7 2B 07
  Kristen Dean 6 1A 50 | Challenger
  Sara Kuzmin 6 1A 07 | Enterprise
  Andrea Ogles 2A 49 | Discovery
  Deborah Mahoney 6 1A 31 | Atlantis
  Shannon Mahoney 8 2B 12
  Sean McKenzie 6 | 7 | 8  1B 19 | Voyager
  Donna Rivers 7 2B 05
  Roy Rodriguez 7 2B 11
Social Studies | WEBPAGE  
  Colleen Simmons 8 Lead Teacher | 2A 27
  Cara Constantino   2A 02 | Discovery
  Abigail Driscoll 7 2A 09
  Andrew Gray 8 Float
  Leah Kouch 6 1A 30 | Atlantis
  Anthony LaFratta 7 Float
  Mathew Mahoney 7 2A 08
  Jean-Paul St. Pierre 6 1A 10 | Enterprise
  Robert Upton 7 2A 26
  Brian Walsh 6 1A 49 | Challenger
Small Group Learning Community Classrooms | WEBPAGE
  Cheryl Correnti   SLD | Lead Teacher | 2E 09
  Maria DiScipio   1B 16 | Life Skills
  Joan Gardella   1A 01 | Behavior
  Jolene Lang   SLD | 2E 08
  Krista LaForte 6 | 7 | 8 Float | Humanities | Voyager
  Elaine McEntee 7 | 8 2A 24
Structured Language Literature | WEBPAGE  
  Vincent Manganello   SSL | 1B 15
  Dave Johnson    
  Allison McCarthy    
  Stephen Small    

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