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Year-End Activities At Brickett!

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Jeff Nathan Visits Brickett!

Jeff Nathan, a local award-winning author and poet made a day long visit to Brickett School working with all the students to get them excited about the art of poetry. Funding for this program was awarded through a grant from the Lynn Cultural Council.

Brickett's Spelling Bee

This year Brickett School students participated in a Spelling Bee that would result in having a student represent the school in the greater Lynn area Spelling Bee.  Grades four and five students partook in a competition amongst their classmates.  Two winners from each classroom competed on stage to determine who the top speller would be for Brickett School.  The students were confident as they approached the microphone and all of them were methodical in their attempts to spell the words given to them.  The students went eleven rounds before a single winner remained.  Darion Gotimer, in grade five will represent Brickett School in the Spelling Bee on March 14th at Lynn City Hall.  Rohnique Silvera in grade four was the runner-up.    

Other participants were; Brandon Denton, Michael Beratis, Warren Acceus, Deviny Griffith, Audrey Antonelli, Ury Matul, Nathalie Ortiz, Felicity Blaney Williams.

Month Long Author Study

This is Mrs. Venza’s grade 2 class. The second grade just completed a month long author study of Tomie dePaola. They read several books written and illustrated by Tomie depaola and studied what influences in his life that inspired his writing. Each student wrote a book review of one of his books.

GE's Generosity Pays Off!


For three years, Principal Eileen Cole has has received grant funding from GE Aircraft in Lynn. The funds support the KNOWAtom science program bringing a comprehensive science program to grades 3 through 5, with informational text and hands on experiments using the scientific method. In addition to the curriculum and materials, GE volunteers donate their time to come to the school and assist students with the experiments.

At a recent GE luncheon recognizing their volunteers, two of our students were chosen by Superintendant Catherine Latham: Audrey Antonelli from grade 4 (on the left), and Hayliana Howes from grade 5 (on the right), to be guest speakers at this event. These students did an outstanding job speaking extemperaneously about their love of science. Both girls were poised and confident as they spoke, explaining the example experiments and their journals. A representative from GE joins our students on stage.

Brickett Is Looking Up!


A Sample From Our Drawing Contest!


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Welcome To The Brickett Elementary School

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation."
-Jack Kinder

Welcome to the Brickett Elementary School website. Here at Brickett School the administration, staff and parents share common goals and communicate high expectations for all the students.

We have entrenched character building into the curriculum with what we call, "A Community of Character." The focus of this program is to encourage our students to create strong independent character that will be evident at school, home, and in the community. This has had a positive impact on the climate and culture of the school.

At Brickett School we recognize the research that demonstrates a strong correlation between parent involvement and student achievement. Throughout the year we offer many opportunities for parent involvement, and we promote the importance of parents instilling learning and supporting education.

It is our belief that as we work together we are creating the foundation for the future success of our children.

Eileen P. Cole

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