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September 16th Start - 170 Days
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New School Year Announcements
September 15, 2020

Dear Callahan Family,

I am excited to invite you all to a series of virtual Town Halls where I will preview the year ahead and answer some of the lingering questions parents and guardians might have.  Each Town Hall is assigned to parents with children in certain grade levels.  By having separate Town Halls, we will be able to avoid people not being allowed to enter once the maximum number of participants is reached.  This will also give me an opportunity to answer more of your questions. 

Please understand that these meetings will be for parents/guardians only.  Students should not be attending these meetings.  During the meetings, if you have a question please either enter your question into the chat box and/or click on the button to raise your hand, which will signify that you have something to say. 

Below is the Town Hall Schedule along with Zoom Invites:

Callahan Town Hall with Grades 1 and 2 Parents/Guardians:
Wednesday, September 16 from 6 until 7 PM

Callahan Town Hall with PreK & Kindergarten Parents/Guardians:
Thursday, September 17 from 6 until 7 PM

Callahan Town Hall with Grades 3, 4, and 5 Parents/Guardians:
Monday, September 21 from 6 until 7 PM

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

James Kennison

Callahan Elementary

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August 31, 2020

Dear Callahan School Family,

As you may already know the Lynn Public Schools will begin the 20-21 school year remotely. Remote learning is students engaged in their classes and completing assignments from a remote location, not from inside school.   Although we will be learning remotely, the attendance policy has not changed, it remains the same as in previous years. 

This school year will look very different as we move into teaching and learning. We have adopted a learning management system for Lynn Public Schools called "Schoology". A learning management system is an online application that allows for the administration of educational courses allowing for learning anytime from anywhere. Your child will be taught using the learning management system, "Schoology", Monday-Friday, throughout the school day and beyond. "Schoology" can be accessed through a desktop, laptop, or through the web browser on an iPad or tablet. 

Students will access "Schoology" by logging onto:

student’s email address:
stu------@lynnschools.org (6 digit ID# follows stu)

Your child’s 6-digit student id# is included in their email address, immediately following stu. If you don’t know your child’s id# please contact your building principal. Beginning on September 16th, once they are logged in, their courses will be loaded on this page and they will have access to school updates.  More information will follow including videos with how to login. 

Students in grades 3-12 should have already received their district issued loaner laptops at this time.  If you have not had this opportunity, please contact your building principal and they will provide dates, times, and locations for pickup.  Devices have been ordered for students in grades K-2, we will notify families when those arrive. 

In order to prepare your child for remote learning, we have designated 4 days of online orientation with your child’s teacher as well as 1 day for material/supply pickup at the school.

Please note these important dates for the Callahan School:

September 16th -
September 22nd:
Distribution of materials and supplies from 9 AM until 11 AM at Callahan's main enterance.
Wednesday, September 16th Grade 1 and Special Education Programs: Rooms 107, 108, 109, 111, 112, 208, and 209
Thursday, September 17th Pre-K and Kindergarten:
Rooms 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, and 106
Friday, September 18th Grades 2 and 3:
Rooms 205, 207, 210, 211, and 212
Monday, September 21st Grades 4 and 5:
Rooms 201, 202, 203, 204, and 206
Tuesday, September 22nd Any student who missed their assigned pick-up time.
September 16th -
September 22nd:
Online orientation with teachers on "Schoology": 9 AM to 11 AM - Remote
Wednesday, September 16th Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5
Thursday, September 17th Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4,
Grade 5, Special Education Programs
Friday, September 18th Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 4, Grade 5, Special Education Programs
Monday, September 21st Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Special Education Programs
Tuesday, September 22nd Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 Grade 4, Grade 5, Special Ed Programs
Starting September 23rd, the school day for Grades 1 - 5 at Callahan is Monday - Friday from 7:45 AM to 12:45 PM. During that time, students will participate in teaching and learning based on the following times:
Morning Circle 30 minutes (5 days a week)
English Language Arts/Social Studies 120 minutes (5 days a week)
Math 90 minutes (3 days a week)
Math 60 minutes (2 days a week)
Science 30 minutes (2 days a week)
Brain Break 30 minutes (5 days a week)
Closing Circle 15 minutes (5 days a week)
The Pre-K and Kindergarten Schedule is based on an AM (7:45-10:00) or PM (10:30-12:45) class with following time allotments. 
Morning Circle 30 minutes (5 days a week)
English Language Arts 45 minutes (5 days a week)
Screen Break 15 minutes (5 days a week)
Math 30 minutes (5 days a week)
Closing Circle 15 minutes (5 days a week)
The following are important contacts: (781) 477 - 7340
Principal James Kennison
Clerk RaShon Comeau
Nurse Rachel Randall
Program Specialist Sarah McIsaac
Social Worker Nicole Simonson
Technology Help Desk (781) 477 - 7342
Monday - Thursday: 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM
Friday: 7:45 AM - 12:45 PM
This is the first of multiple letters you will receive. We will share more information as it becomes available. One piece of information that is forthcoming is breakfast and lunch pick up locations. We thank you for your patience during this time.
James Kennison
Callahan Elementary School


Dr. Tutwiler Visits Our School!

Photo of Dr. Tutwiler

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Tutwiler, read the book, "With Books and Bricks How Booker T. Washington built a School" by Suzanne Slade to a group of fourth grade students. Afterwards, students received a copy of the book, and a snack of sliced apples. Students enjoyed and loved every minute! Thank you Dr. Tutwiler!!!

The Callahan Eagle Visits!

Students were treated to a visit from the school eagle!

Photo of the Callahan Eagle Another Photo of the Callahan Eagle

Did You Know?

The routine of the school day is important for students. They know the main purpose for being in school is to learn and that routines are in place precisely to help them focus on that learning. When students are repeatedly tardy, these routines are disrupted. Arriving after 7:45 AM can throw off their whole morning or even their day, especially if being late made the trip to school stressful.

If getting to school by 7:45 AM is a challenge for your family, you will need to make changes to your morning schedule at home in order to get to school on time. During the winter, students take longer to get ready because of coats, boots and hats. Setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier could be all that is needed to ensure students are here to meet the teacher by 7:45 AM. This adjustment can help ensure that all students have a great start to their day



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The LPS has a district-wide initiative to have every student come to school every day.  To that extent Callahan students have been challenged to come to school every day and ‘on time’ as often as possible.  When a classroom has a 100% attendance and they are all ‘on time’ their class wins a ticket.  At the end of the month, the winning class(es) will receive a special surprise.  The January winners were rooms 108 and 211!!!  Congratulations!  They will enjoy a fun science experiment and a pizza party!!! Disclosure: “On time” means that students are lined up with their class in the morning and walk in to the school with their class.  However, students will not be marked tardy until 8 AM.

ELT – Extended Learning Time - This program is offered after unit math tests to students who need support to reach mastery of math concepts and skills.  This program is by invitation and takes place after school.

Callahan Core Values:
Safety - Ownership - Attitude - Respect

Inclement Weather
School cancellations will be posted on the LPS Website
- When weather is harsh or cold there will be indoor line up
- Indoor line up will be indicated with a flag by door A4
- Indoor line up starts at 7:35 AM

Dismissal Changes
Please send in a written notice and include day/time, bus (if applicable) and/or who will be picking up your child. Remember: appropriate ID may be required.
- Please make changes prior to 11 AM so that schedules and teachers may be notified
- Please: No dismissals after 1:30 PM as this causes a safety issue for our students and the dismissal process.

Owl Welcome To The Callahan Connection And Parent Calendar!
School Year 2020-2021
Year Month Description
2021 January  
Welcome, Our Principal's Message

Callahan is a school that prides itself on providing world-class instruction; creating strong teacher, student, parent, and community relationships; and instilling in children the ability to think, to learn, to achieve, and to care.

Our entire staff is dedicated to continuous learning through professional development and use of school achievement data to discover the most effective ways to teach our students. We have high expectations for our students, our colleagues, and ourselves through trust, hard work, and positive reinforcement of our collective strengths.

James Kennison,

Callahan Elementary School Information

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Monday - Friday 7:45 AM until 1:45 PM
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School Staff and Teacher List for 2019-2020

Our School Staff List
Our Phone (781) 477-7340
Our Fax (781) 581-9248
Principal James Kennison - Office 115
Principal Phone (781) 477-7340 ext. 1251
School Secretary RaShon Comeau - Office 114
Secretary Phone (781) 477-7340 extension 1252
Program Specialist Sarah McIsaac - Room 116
Program Specialist Phone
(781) 477-7340 extension 1287
Adjustment Counselor Nicole Esdra - Room 200
Adjustment Counselor Phone
(781) 477-7340 extension 1259
School Nurse Denise Ferarri-DiResto - Room 119
Nurse Phone (781) 477-7340 extension 1254
Social Worker Nicole Simonson - Room 200
Social Worker Phone (781) 477-7340 extension 1259
Building Substitute Danielle Moran
Occupational Therapist Kelly Simone - Room 212
Therapist Phone (781) 477-7340 extension 1291
Physical Therapist Mary Jo McElligott
Therapist Phone (781) 477-7340 extension 1291
Special Ed. Chairperson Amy Vernava
Cafeteria - Gym Rhonda Plouffe - Basement
Cafeteria Phone (781) 477-7340 extension 1288
Custodian Steve Fiste - Cafeteria
Custodian Phone (781) 477-7340 extension 1284

Our School Teacher List And Online Classroom Links
Jennifer Northrop Teacher Room 105
Lorna Lacaillade Aide Room 105
Danielle Giordano Aide Room 105
Crystal Surette Teacher Room 104
Ruth Torres-Ramirez Aide Room 104
Colleen Munnelly Teacher Room 103
Jean LeBrasseur Aide Room 103
Nicole Carter Teacher Room 101
June Bennett Aide Room 101
Linda Hannaford Teacher Room 102
Areti (Audrey) Thomidas Aide Room 102
Grade 1
Michelle LaSala Teacher-TASC-K2 Room 109
Barbara Cote Aide Room 109
Ana Perdoma Aide Room 109
Debra Kelly Teacher Room 111
Megan McGrath Teacher Room 103
Grade 2
Susannah Warden Teacher Room 111
Joyce MacDonald Teacher Room 112
Rachel Hurst Teacher-TASC-K2 Room S-107
Amber Fournier Aide Room S-107
Grade 3
Tina Gilson Teacher Room 207
Kaitlyn Wechsler Teacher Room 210
Grade 4
Rachael Cox Teacher Room 205
Kristen Crabtree Teacher Room 204
Maria Silletti Teacher Room 206
Brianne Caira Teacher-TASC-3-5 Room 108
Diondra Woumn Aide Room 108
Grade 5
Alicia Burnett Teacher-TASC-3-5 Room 208
Eddie Lewis Aide Room 208
Ariane Dobias Teacher Room 203
Linda Morgan Teacher Room 202
Jennifer Paiva Teacher Room 201
Karen Howland Aide  
Andrea Difebbo-Harris Tuesday - Friday Room B-113
Deb Koutoulas CIT Room 117
Computer Lab Lab Room 214
ELL Support
Maria Cinelli ELL Support Room 215
Becky Darby ELL Support Room 215
Donna Restiano Inclusion Specialist Teacher Resource Room
Nicole Maker Inclusion Specialist Teacher Resource Room
Jennifer Steele Inclusion Specialist Teacher Resource Room
Rebecca Walsh Inclusion Specialist Teacher Resource Room
Library   Room 215
Lynn Community Health
Danitza Zambrana-Gonzalez Room B-113
Lynne Gallagher   Room B-113
Gabriel Mazzotti Music Teacher Room 217
Physical Education
Derek Dana PE Teacher Gym Room 121
Colleen Bacon Reading Specialist Teacher Resource Room
Kathe DiNitto Reading Specialist Teacher Resource Room
Marijean Halas Reading Specialist Teacher Resource Room
TBA Speech Room 212
TASC Resources
Jennifer Fucci Clinical Director Room 110 - Extension 1295
Stephanie Gaeta Behavorial Specialist Room 110
Robin Wolkiewicz CIT Special Ed. Room 110
Jarrell Byrd Aide  
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Welcome to the Callahan School Council Webpage
School Council Members and Meetings - School Year 2020 - 2021
Name School or Community Position
New Members Soon!  
Past Meeting Dates and Agenda Past Meeting Minutes  
September 24, 2019 Title One    
January 06, 2020 - 2 PM    
February 10, 2020 - 2 PM    
April 13, 2020 - 2 PM    
June 01, 2020 - 2 PM    
About School Councils
A school council is a representative, school building-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and, at the secondary level, students, required to be established by each school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C.

It is important to note the School Council plays an advisory role in assisting the building principal to organize and implement a School Improvement Plan which not only addresses the areas in which the school intends to comply with the requirements of the Educational Reform Act, but also how the school intends to meet those system-wide goals and policies adopted by the school committee. Membership will consist of the principal, teachers, parents, students and community members.
Our Art, Photo and Video Facebook Postings
Art Camera Video Recent Art, Photo and Video Facebook Postings
Posting Type Description Date
Video Grade 5 Moving On Celebration Video! June 2020
Photos Callahan Art Sculptures! January 2020
Photos Callahan Makes A Feast! May 2019
Photos Creative Play With Playdough! May 2019
Photos The Challenge Is On! March 2019
Photos First In Math Winner! February 2019
Photos Students Create 3 - Digit Addends! February 2019
Photos Our SOAR Mascot Visits! February 2019
Photos Attendance Challenge Met! February 2019
Photos 5th Grade Snail Ecosystems! January 2019
Photos PreK Plays Play Dough! January 2019
Photos Grade 3 Recieves Dictionaries! January 2019
Photos The Eagle Visits - Snowflake Challenge! December 2019
Photos Fond Memories Winter Wonderland! December 2018
Photos Callahan SOAR's! November, 2018
Photos Red Sox Raffle! November, 2018

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