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Important End Of The Year Dates

Thursday, June 21st, 12 Noon - Kindergarten Moving On Ceremony
Monday, June 25th, 9 AM - Fifth Grade Moving On Ceremony
Tuesday, June 26th 10:45 AM Dismissal: No lunch served, report cards will be sent home with the summer reading requirements

The Callahan Staff wishes all of our families
a safe and wonderful summer!
Photo of Firefighter Ryan Newal reading to Callahan students on World Read Aloud Day!
Photo of Firefighter Lynn Fire Chief Steven Archer reading to Callahan students on World Read Aloud Day!
Photo of Firefighter Christian Hassell reading to Callahan students on World Read Aloud Day!

Lynn, Firefighter Ryan Newal, Lynn Fire Chief Steven Archer and Christian Hassell read to Lynn EMT, Callahan students on World Read Aloud Day!

Our Kindergarten Parent and Me Literacy Group was back for Week 3 after a short winter break. This week, families learned all about Kindergarten phonics. We discussed how children first begin to decode words and the prerequisite skills needed to be able to hear sounds, blend sounds, and make meaning from the words we read. Families supported their kindergarteners in reading simple, consonant-vowel-consonant words and witnessed as their children wowed them with their knowledge of short vowel sounds. Families had a blast practicing reading together. Join us next Thursday, February 15th at 2 PM at Callahan Elementary for our workshop on sight words!
Students created a monkey that can "bang on the drums" using knowledge from LEGO robotics after school club with Ms. Devanna. Students have been following steps of engineering process and this was the most challenging project yet!! We had lots of trial and error moments when creating our robot, but we have succeed through perseverance and patience.

Click Above For A Brief Video Clip!
Phot of Reading Project
Week one of Kindergarten's Parent and Me Literacy Group was a huge success! Families learned all about the importance of read alouds. Parents discovered that reading aloud can be exciting and engaging. We discussed how to prepare kindergarten minds to be ready to understand read alouds, how to check for comprehension during the story, and how to utilize retelling strategies to help our children dig deeper into texts.

Families practiced these techniques together and loved how their children surprised them with unique and invested insights into the books their parents read.

Next week, we will be learning about Kindergarten writing. Join us on Thursday, December 21st at 2 PM for an in depth look at how to bring out the best writing in your kindergartener. This course is free and open to all families of Callahan Kindergarteners.
This spring at Callahan School, students will be working together to create a colorful river rock garden for the front exterior of the building to beautify the school and further promote our PBIS core values. Based on the story Only One You by Linda Kranz, students will create a unique fish design for a rock.

The story, Only One You, uses colorful fish characters to promote making connections and embracing individuality. In relation to PBIS, the story can teach students of any age that they have the power and capability to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others through positive relationships with others.

As a part of this initiative, students will read the story with their class and discuss what it means to make connections with others and celebrate uniqueness. Each grade will be assigned a different color as a theme for their designs to create unity amongst the grade levels. Students will develop and paint their rock designs during art class over the course of a few weeks, and will help install their own rocks into to garden once constructed.

We’re looking forward to sharing this project with the Callahan School community during the process and after the garden’s completion!
If you’d like to contribute to this project, we are in need of the following materials:

• Medium Size River Rocks (480)
• Acrylic Paint – Various Colors
• Sharpies – Any Colors
• Acrylic Sealant
• Garden Edging – About 20 feet
If you can be of assistance please contact Ms. Beck the art teacher at beckj@lynnschools.org

Thank You!
Lego-Robotics Collage Of Photos
Students in Lego-Robotics after school program are learning about engineering. During this program, students use legos to model the process of engineering and build robots. This week students built "The Spinning Top."
Check Out A Video Clip Here!
Collage Photo of Science Activities
On Fridays, Callahan students drop everything and do Science. Ms. Burnett and students simulate the effects of weathering and erosion, while Ms. Ray-Crabtree's students investigate various weather systems.
Collage Photo of Engineering Activities
Ms. DeMello's students became engineers and had to work through the engineering process to create a tall building that could stand on its own only using the materials provided. Each group was only given 20 pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors.

They all worked so well and had great conversations with each other on what to change when their original designs did not work out.
Collage Photo of iRead Program
Parents of students in grades 1 and 2 attended a workshop to learn about the iRead Program being implemented in school. Parents and students played "Bingo" and "Go Fish" as games to improve foundational reading skills.
Collage Photo of Fall Arts and Crafts Activities
In preparation for our garden harvest next week, K102 learned about parts of a flower. We dissected our flowers, observed for characteristics such as color and texture, and drew what we discovered.
Photo Of Students With New Uniforms
Students show off their new uniforms on the first day of school!
Collage Photo of Computer Activities
Collage Photo of Science Activities
Using iPads, students in Mrs. Raye-Crabtree's third grade class
record and chart weather data.

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1/15/18 Martin Luther King Day – No School
1/16/18 Girls’ Basketball vs. Sewall-Anderson – Callahan Gym
1/16/18-1/31/18 DIBELS and DAZE Benchmark Testing
1/18/18 Boys’ Basketball practice 2:00-3:00 PM
1/19/18 Boys’ B-ball vs. Fallon @ Callahan
1/23/18 Boys’ B-ball practice 2:00-3:00 PM
1/25/18 Boys’ B-ball vs. Washington @ Callahan
1/29/18 Boys’ B-ball vs. Lincoln-Thomson @ Callahan
1/30/18 Boys’ B-ball practice 2:00-3:00 PM
Dates/times subject to change…
Extra Curricular Activities For This School Year
Families are made aware of extracurricular activities via Newsletter
and Open House.
Computer Club Boys Basketball Girls Basketball
School Newspaper Music Club Literacy Club
Exercise Club Arts/Crafts Club Robotics

News First In Math
Students can log in at home with their username and password which were sent home at the beginning of the year with a parent introduction letter. Please see your teacher if you need a copy.

Think Central: Go Math
All students also have access to the 'Go Math'.

Students have access to tutorial videos, math games and their student book. Letters were sent home in October with parent information along with student username and password. If you need more information, please contact your child's teacher.

News Parent Committees
Get involved!!! Please consider becoming part of one of the following committees: Winter Wonderland, Winfrey Fudge Fundraiser, Bingo for Books, Teacher Appreciation, Coin Wars, 5th Grade Moving on Ceremony, Kindergarten Moving on Ceremony and Field Day!

If you are interested in joining any of these committees please call the main office (781-477-7349) and leave your name and phone number or email Mrs. DeMala at demalad@lynnschools.org

Welcome to a new school year! 

We hope you have had a wonderful summer filled with many fond memories. 

  • School Uniforms ; (not mandatory)
    • Uniforms are a choice and are not mandatory.  Callahan is part of a pilot program along with Aborn Elementary.  A  survey will go out in January to determine the mid-year success of the program.  Uniforms may be worn Monday through Thursday.  Fridays are ‘Free Fashion Fridays”.

    • Full uniforms consist of:
      • Callahan logo polo shirt (tucked in)
      • Khaki pants/shorts/skirts/skorts
      • Belt
      • Dark colored shoes or sneakers (sneakers are to be worn on gym day)

    • Partial uniform consists of:
      • Callahan logo polo shirt
      • Dungarees/jeans
      • Dark colored shoes or sneakers are recommended (sneakers must be worn on gym day)

    • Gym uniform:
      • Previously it was stated that students would wear sweat pants with a white t-shirts for gym.  After parent feedback, this has been changed.  On gym day students are encouraged to wear the Callahan logo polo shirt with either sweat pants or jeans with sneakers.
    • Uniforms may be ordered on-line on specific dates throughout the year.  Once your orders are placed, it will take 2-3 for delivery.  All orders will be distributed by the school once they arrive.  If there is a problem with the order, please contact the school office.

  • Forms
    • During the first few days of school students will receive health, lunch and Title One Compact forms…please fill these forms out and return to school the next day, or as soon as possible.
    • The emergency forms are extremely important and should be returned the next school day.
    • Please contact the school with any special circumstances that apply to your individual family needs.
    • Lunch information and payment methods will be available on the website.
  • Going Paperless/digital
    • Callahan is going paperless…Please go to lynnschools.org, click on ‘our schools’, click on Callahan
    • On the school website you will find important information
    • The lunch menu can also be found on the school website
    • Additionally, we will be using our call system for important information.  Please be sure that we have your correct phone number in order for you to receive these important messages.
  • Buses
    • Many students take buses after school to home or after school programs.  Speak with your child about where he/she is going so they understand where they are supposed to go.   It is important to us that all students arrive at their afterschool destination safely.  Please send a written note on the first day of school stating what bus your child is taking, the program he/she is going.  Also, please send a note if your child will be a ‘pick up’ or ‘walker’.  A ‘walker’ is a student that has permission to walk home alone.  A ‘pick up’ is a student in which a parent or guardian will be picking up the student.  Please also state who will be picking up your student on a regular basis and send a note in if that person changes.
    • In order to maintain the safety of all students, students must bring in a written note when there are changes to their bus routine.  If we do not have a written note, for security reasons, we must put the student on their designated bus.
    • The office needs to have notice of bus changes before 11:00 AM to ensure that our bus lists are accurate and that teachers are notified of any changes before dismissal.  This is to keep all children safe and accounted for.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation!
  • Dismissals
    • Because we are located between the middle and high schools, there is a lot of traffic before and after school.  Please account for this time by leaving home early and arriving early for pick ups
    • Parents often want to ‘dismiss’ students late in the day to ‘avoid traffic’.  However, this is a disruption to our dismissal process and your child’s academic progress.  In an effort to keep everyone safe, we ask that students not be dismissed after 1:15.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep all of our students safe and accounted for.
  • Room Assignments
    • Room assignments will be posted outside on the parent bulletin board on Tuesday, September 5th after 3PM. 
    • Room assignments are carefully crafted to provide the best learning environment for all students.  All of our teachers are highly qualified, hard-working, and dedicated professionals.

      James Kennison, Acting Principal
      Mrs. DeMala, Program Specialist
NL Callahan News and Newsletters
We congratulate Mr. Antonio Anderson for his recent Induction into the University of Memphis Basketball Hall of Fame.

Mr. Anderson is currently working in the TASC Program here at the Callahan Elementary School. What a wonderful honor for a Lynn Native.
Check Out The Lynn Item Article For All The Details!
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Welcome, Our Principal's Message

Callahan is a school that prides itself on providing world-class instruction; creating strong teacher, student, parent, and community relationships; and instilling in children the ability to think, to learn, to achieve, and to care.

Our entire staff is dedicated to continuous learning through professional development and use of school achievement data to discover the most effective ways to teach our students. We have high expectations for our students, our colleagues, and ourselves through trust, hard work, and positive reinforcement of our collective strengths.

James Kennison,
Acting Principal

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Our School Staff List
Our Phone (781) 477-7340
Our Fax (781) 581-9248
Acting Principal James Kennison | Office 115
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(781) 477-7340 ext. 1252
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School Nurse Rachel Randall | Room 119
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Social Worker Nicole Simonson | Room 200
Social Worker Phone (781) 477-7340 ext. 1259
Social Worker Mirna Panameno | LCH - Room B113
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Our School Teacher List
  Maureen Hardiman Kindergarten Room 101
  Stephanie Geller Kindergarten Room 102
Grade 1
  Debra Kelly Grade One Room 104
  Elizabeth Lilja Grade One Room 106
  Sarah Longo Grade One Room 103
Grade 2
  Melanie Collette Grade Two Room 111
  Joyce MacDonald Grade Two Room 112
  Crystal Phelan Grade Two Room 105
Grade 3
  Kimberly DeMello Grade Three Room 211
  Kristen Raye Grade Three Room 207
  Kaitlyn Wechsler Grade Three Room 210
  Amelia Anderson Grade Three-Five Room S209
Grade 4
  Rachael Cox Grade Four Room 205
  Lynn Ly Grade Four Room 204
  Maria Silletti Grade Four Room 206
Grade 5
  Alicia Burnett Grades Three To Five Room S-208
  Jennifer Devanna Grade Five Room 201
  Ariane Dobias Grade Five Room 203
  Linda Morgan Grade Five Room 202
Curwin Location
  Erin Rogers Teacher | FML Curwin Pre-K
  Jennifer Northrop Teacher | Sub. Curwin Pre-K
  Maria Rosetti Teacher Curwin Pre-K
  Linda Connolly Aide Curwin Pre-K
  Ruth Torres               Aide Curwin Pre-K
  Jessica Beck Tuesday - Friday Room B-113
  Deb Koutoulas CIT Room 117
  Becky Darby-Reading CIT Room 212
Computer and Technology
  Computer Lab Lab Room 214
ELL Support
  Maria Cinelli ELL Support Room 212
Inclusion Specialists
  Mercedes Mandich Inclusion Specialist Room 212
  Patricia Murphy Inclusion Specialist Room 212
  Molly Sherer Inclusion Specialist Room 212
  Library   Room 215
Lynn Community Health
  Mirna Panameno   Room B-113
  Gabriel Mazzotti Monday - Thursday Room 217
Physical Education
  Derek Dana Monday - Friday Gym Room 121
  Becky Darby Reading CIT Room 118
  Susan Kummis Speech Room 212
TASC Resources
  Jennifer Fucci Clinical Director Room 110
  Robin Wolkiewicz CIT Special Ed. Room 110
Other Resources
  Behavorial Specialist Stephanie Geata Library Room 213
  Behavorialist Phone (781) 477-7340 ext. 1292
  Occupational Therapist Kelly Simone Room 212
  Therapist Phone (781) 477-7340 ext. 1283
  Physical Therapist Mary Jo McElligott Room 212
  Therapist Phone (781) 477-7340 ext. 1283
  Cafeteria | Gym Jennifer Nelson Basement
  Cafeteria Phone (781) 477-7340 ext. 1288
  Custodian Steve Fiste Cafeteria
  Custodian Phone (781) 477-7340 ext. 1284
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Welcome to the Callahan School Council Webpage

Membership | 2017-2018 Position
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Meetings, Agendas and Minutes | PDF Format Download

2017-2018 School Year
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2016-2017 School Year Archive
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2014-2015 School Year Archive
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About School Councils

A school council is a representative, school building-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and, at the secondary level, students, required to be established by each school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C.

It is important to note the School Council plays an advisory role in assisting the building principal to organize and implement a School Improvement Plan which not only addresses the areas in which the school intends to comply with the requirements of the Educational Reform Act, but also how the school intends to meet those system-wide goals and policies adopted by the school committee. Membership will consist of the principal, teachers, parents, students and community members.