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Cobbet Thanks Gordon College!


The Cobbet Community would like to thank the Gordon College Art Department for creating and hanging the wonderful mural that tells the story of who we are here at Cobbet. The faculty and students are excited to continue to develop a partnership over the next several months.

Cobbet Celebrates Culture!


Visit our Art and Photo Gallery page for more!

Jeff Nathan Visits Cobbet!


Jeff Nathan, from Boston’s Award-Winning Children’s Author visited Cobbet School on Wednesday, December 4th. We would like the thank the Lynn Cultural Council who made it possible for the students of Cobbet to learn about poetry and strategies he uses to write his poems. Jeff also held an assembly and book singing later on that night for our Cobbet Families. Here, parents were able to take part in their child’s learning of poetry.

Cobbet Cross Country Winners!


Jezebel Cardona and Angel Castro are Cobbet's medal winners in the City Cross Country Meet held at Gannon Golf Course.

Peter Reynolds, Author and Illustrator Visits!


Peter Reynolds drew characters from his stories and read The Dot and Ish. Each of the students were given a book from the author, So Few of Me.

From Our Art and Photo Gallery!


Visit our Art and Photo Gallery page for more!

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Welcome To The Cobbet Elementary School

Cobbet Elementary School is a unique school that welcomes our many families from all over the world. Our responsive faculty plans rigorous lessons and celebrates student academic growth.

Cobbet students will be encouraged to develop their character, and strengthen their work ethic skills as effort will determine their success. Students will be supported in their learning as well as social-emotional skill building.

We welcome parents to become active participants in shaping the positive culture of our school. Teachers and parents work together in helping our students gain learning opportunities both in school and at home. The collaboration of parents and teachers will help form a unified educational vision for the students at Cobbet Elementary. This way, we can cultivate a climate of high expectations and positive regard between home and school.

Susanne Garrity

Our Mission and Vision
Our mission at Cobbet Elementary is to create a safe, affirming school environment for all students to thrive and become successful, engaging, life-long learners. School leaders, teachers, students, and families share rigorous expectations of quality of work, achievement, effort, and character in a diverse setting.

Cobbet Elementary facilitates a culture of collaboration with teachers and families focused on standards-based instruction which leads to increased student achievement and growth. We also promote all students to value best effort, positive character development, and assume increased responsibility for their own learning.

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- Catholic Charities of the North Shore
- Operation Bootstrap
- Cradles to Crayons

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  Ashley Ferrari K 27
  Anthony Frye K 28
  Annette Maquire K 26
  Linda Taylor K 25
  Kathy Hood K/1 Trans. 19
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  Denise Firicano 1 15
  Melissa O'Hearn 1 14
  Krista Riley 1 11
  Kendwy Valdez 1 16
  Cynthia Wilson 1 13
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  Heather Abbott 2 224
  Joyce MacDonald 2 222
  Joanna Myette 2 225
  Doris Syrakos 2 223
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  Rachel Marcus 4 335
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  Mary Vassallo 4 337
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  Scott Cote 5 333
  Cynthia Donovan 5 332
  Sydney Riffe 5 334
  Heather LaRosa   224
  Sarah McIssac Grades K-2 Gr.3 | ELA 22
  Geoff King Grades 4-5 | ELA 22
  Peter Viselli Grades 3-5 | Math 22
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  Victoria Jackowski   30
  Kunthea Uk   30
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  Beth Marrie   Small Gym
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  Christina Girardi   31
  Amanda Gullage   31
  Kathryn Kohl   31
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  Tina Hoofnagle   229
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  Alysha MacDougall Chairperson SB1
  Jen Cargill SLD/SPED 331
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  This time, tradition aids sick Lynn schoolmate
By Chris Stevens / The Daily Item

LYNN — A school tradition hit home this year when Cobbet Elementary School students collected coins for cancer research in the name of one of their own.

Flashing a dimpled smile and a black sport coat first-grader Diego Cornejo said he is feeling good after having his chemotherapy catheter removed only days ago. The six year old was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a type of cancer that affects the body’s white blood cells, in 2010. “He’s our little hero,” said school nurse Carol Hatch who organized the fund raiser. Students
Best buddies, from left, Jezebel Cardona, Danny Lopez, and Diego Cornejo, all first-grade students at the Cobbet Elementary School in Lynn. (Item Photo / Owen O'Rourke)

Flashing a dimpled smile and a black sport coat first-grader Diego Cornejo said he is feeling good after having his chemotherapy catheter removed only days ago. The six year old was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a type of cancer that affects the body’s white blood cells, in 2010. “He’s our little hero,” said school nurse Carol Hatch who organized the fund raiser.

ALL is considered the most common type of leukemia, affecting nearly 60 percent of all kids but advances in therapy and clinical trials has resulted in an 85 percent cure rate. While Cornejo missed out on kindergarten due to his illness, Hatch said he seems to be enjoying first grade and is making great strides. “I like school,” he said softly. “It’s fun.”

Fourth-grader Davin Alegria said he didn’t know Cornejo but he brought in a big bag of pennies just the same. “Some was from me and some was from my cousin,” he said. “We donate to anybody who needs it.”

Hatch said it is at least the fourth year that the school has held the fund-raising drive that asks students donate change for cancer research. “The money won’t go to Diego’s treatment but we’ll donate it in his name,” she explained.

Students had roughly three weeks to bring gather change for the cause. Hatch said she’s counted $200 thus far but estimates the 618 member student body has donated about $500. “I’m very proud of them,” she said. “Its a very diverse and low-income school and I think it’s great that they all participated.”

Jezebel Cardona, Cornejo’s classmate, said their class read a book about cancer, which is something she is already familiar with. “One of my friends in my old school had it,” she said. Hatch said Cardona does a good job keeping an eye on Cornejo.

“She’s like a little mother. If he has to come to the nurse’s office she escorts him and she tells me if he looks tired,” she said. “I told her mother that (Cardona) would make a great nurse.”

It was school nurse Priscilla Hamilton who began the collection program though the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. “It was very near and dear to my friend Priscilla’s heart,” Hatch said. “It is my first year doing it.”

The leukemia foundation in conjunction with The Olive Garden restaurant will provide a pizza/pasta party for class that raised the most money.

Thanks to the Lynn Item for use of this story and photo.
Chris Stevens can be reached at cstevens@itemlive.com.

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