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Extra Curricular Activities For This School Year
Families are made aware of extracurricular activities via Flyer and Website.
Cheerleading Bowling Intramural
Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Math Club
School Newspaper Music Club Literacy Club
Exercise Club Arts/Crafts Club  

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Welcome To The Cobbet Elementary School

Cobbet Elementary School is a unique school that welcomes our many families from all over the world. Our responsive faculty plans rigorous lessons and celebrates student academic growth.

Cobbet students will be encouraged to develop their character, and strengthen their work ethic skills as effort will determine their success. Students will be supported in their learning as well as social-emotional skill building.

We welcome parents to become active participants in shaping the positive culture of our school. Teachers and parents work together in helping our students gain learning opportunities both in school and at home. The collaboration of parents and teachers will help form a unified educational vision for the students at Cobbet Elementary. This way, we can cultivate a climate of high expectations and positive regard between home and school.

Susanne Garrity

Our Mission and Vision
Our mission at Cobbet Elementary is to create a safe, affirming school environment for all students to thrive and become successful, engaging, life-long learners. School leaders, teachers, students, and families share rigorous expectations of quality of work, achievement, effort, and character in a diverse setting.

Cobbet Elementary facilitates a culture of collaboration with teachers and families focused on standards-based instruction which leads to increased student achievement and growth. We also promote all students to value best effort, positive character development, and assume increased responsibility for their own learning.

School Features and Highlights
- First in Math
- Study Island
- Lynn Community Health School-Based Center
- PlayWorks  Recess
- Computer Lab
- Wraparound School Initiative

Family Engagement and Community Partnerships
- Family and Community Engagement Council
- Parent Liaison
- Catholic Charities of the North Shore
- Operation Bootstrap
- Cradles to Crayons

Cobbet Elementary School Information

Our School Information and Resource Links
Grades Offered K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
Phone (781) 477-7341
Fax (339) 883-1439
Address | Map Link 40 Franklin Street, Lynn, MA 01902
School Day Monday - Friday | 8:15 AM to 2:15 PM
Staff and Teacher List Current School Year
School Council Page Current School Year
School Improvement Plans 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Department of Education Profiles and Report Cards
Our Mass DOE Profile DOE Profile, MCAS and Other Info
Our DOE Report Card Our Accountability Data
District MCAS Report Card MCAS Performance Report Card
District Report Card District Performance Report Card
LPS District Notices Additional Notices and Resources
Last Update July 17, 2017 4:00 PM
School Staff and Teacher List | 2017-2018

Our School Staff List
Our Phone (781) 477-7341
Our Fax (339) 883-1439
Principal Susanne Garrity
Secretary Main Office Mrs. Cheryl Potter
Secretary Second Floor Office To Be Announced
Parent Liaison Mrs. Rocio Cruz
Program Specialist Mr. Tim Burt
School Nurse Jacqueline Westrin
Lynn Community Health Center | School Based-Health Center
LICSW - Lead Clinician Carmen Amador
Lead Clinician Phone (781) 691-7152
MSW - BH Therapist To Be Announced
BH Therapist Phone (781) 780-4266
RN - Psychiatric Nurse To Be Announced
Psychiatric Nurse Phone (781) 780-4266
Social Worker To Be Announced | Room 229
Head Custodian Anthony LaCava
Head Lunch Aide Beverly Lane

Our School Teacher List
  Kelsey Bartlett Kindergarten Teacher Room 28
  Caroline Walsh Aide Room 28
  Sarah Hawkins Kindergarten Teacher Room 27
  Esther Freedman Aide Room 27
  Annette Maquire Kindergarten Teacher Room 26
  Mary Boiselle Aide Room 26
  Linda Taylor Kindergarten Teacher Room 25
  Faith Morrison Aide Room 25
  Kathy Hood Kindergarten Teacher Room 19
  Karen Patrikas Aide Room 19
Grade 1
  Krista Riley Grade One Teacher Room 11
  Cynthia Wilson Grade One Teacher Room 13
  Kayla Walleston Grade One Teacher Room 14
  Kendwy Valdez Grade One Teacher Room 16
Grade 2
  Joanna Myette Grade Two Teacher Room 223
  Dottie Saulnier Grade Two Teacher Room 221
  Lisa Cullivan-White Grade Two Teacher Room 222
  Heather Abbott Grade Two Teacher Room 224
Grade 3
  Carla Lucas Grade Three Teacher Room 225
  Irena Karasik Grade Three Teacher Room 226
  Joan Gallo Grade Three Teacher Room 227
  Alyson Serwacki Grade Three Teacher Room 228
Grade 4
  Rachel Marcus Grade Four Teacher Room 335
  Danielle DeLisio Grade Four Teacher Room 336
  Mary Vassallo Grade Four Teacher Room 337
  Jaclyn Merullo Grade Four Teacher Room 338
  Jennifer Cargill SPED Grades Three to Five Room 13
  Leslie Blake Aide Room 13
Grade 5
  Jaclyn Lewinsohn Grade Five Teacher Room 331
  Alison Kelly Grade Five Teacher Room 332
  Shea Bogart Grade Five Teacher Room 333
  Ruby LeBlanc Grade Five Teacher Room 334
  Lynn Lapponese SPED Grades Three to Five Room 15
  Noreen Champa Aide Room 15
Adjustment Counselor
  Erin Kelter Adjustment Counselor Room 23
  Leah Warren Art Teacher Room 24
Behavorial Specialist
  Emily Packer Behavorial Specialist Room 23
Community Health
  Carmen Amador Lynn Comm. Health Rooms 34/33
  Sarah McIssac Teacher ELA Grades K-2 Room 22
  Peter Viselli Teacher ELA 3-5 Room 22
  Geoff King Teacher Math Grades 4-5 Room 22
  Nevenka Crnogorac ESL Teacher Room SB 1
  Victoria Carnevale ESL Teacher Room SB 1

Lara Dandreo

ESL Teacher Room SB 1

Stephanie Deutsch

ESL Teacher Room SB 1
  Emily McDonough ESL Teacher Room SB 1
  Cynthia Arias ESL Teacher Room SB 1
  Kunthea Uk ESL Teacher Room SB 1
  Emily Korriku Teacher Grades One and Two Room 230
  Rachel Kummins Teacher Grade Three Room 228
  Luisa Ruccolo Teacher Grade Four Room 337
  Jennifer Steele Teacher Grade Four Room 338
  Leila Tanen Teacher Grade Five Room 332
  Jeff Bianchine Music Teacher Room SB 2
Occupational Therapy
  Mary Anne Bransfield Occupational Theraphy Room 32
Physical Education
  Beth Marrie Physical Education Small Gym
Reading Specialist
  Cheryl Casey Reading Teacher Room 30
  Jennifer Mazzola Reading Teacher Room 30
  JoAnne Ovadia Reading Teacher Room 30
Safety Officer
  Oren Wright Safety Officer School Wide
  Joan Paddon Speech Chairperson Room 31
  Erin McCollin Building Substitute School Wide
Last Website Update: June 20, 2018 12:05 PM
Welcome to the Cobett School Council Webpage

Membership | 2017-2018 Position
Susanne Garrity Principal
Jorge Angel Parent
Luis Avila Parent
Rocio Cruz-Bailey Member
Kelsey Bartlett Community Partner
Elizabeth Nim Parent
Gale Thomas Business Partner

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes | PDF Format Download

2017-2018 School Year
Meeting Date Notices/Agenda Meeting Minutes
January 16, 2018 Meeting Notice and Agenda  
March 13, 2018    
April 03, 2018 Meeting Notice and Agenda  
May 15, 2018 Meeting Notice and Agenda  
2016-2017 School Year Archive
October 25, 2016 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
January 24, 2017 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
March 21, 2017 No Agenda No Minutes
May 09, 2017 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
2015-2016 School Year Archive
October 26, 2015 Meeting Notice and Agenda Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2016 Meeting Notice and Agenda Meeting Minutes
March 08, 2016 Meeting Notice and Agenda Meeting Minutes
May 03, 2016 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
2014-2015 School Year Archive
October 27, 2014 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
January 26, 2015 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
February 23, 2015 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
March 9, 2015 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
May 4, 2015 Meeting Notice and Agenda No Minutes
2013-2014 School Year Archive
May 6, 2014 Meeting Notice No Minutes
March 11, 2013 Meeting Notice | Agenda No Minutes
January 14, 2013 Meeting Notice No Minutes
October 22, 2013 Meeting Notice No Minutes

About School Councils

A school council is a representative, school building-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and, at the secondary level, students, required to be established by each school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C.

It is important to note the School Council plays an advisory role in assisting the building principal to organize and implement a School Improvement Plan which not only addresses the areas in which the school intends to comply with the requirements of the Educational Reform Act, but also how the school intends to meet those system-wide goals and policies adopted by the school committee. Membership will consist of the principal, teachers, parents, students and community members.