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Art and Sound In Our Gallery!


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Drewicz's Dolphine's Digest Weekly!

Drewicz's weekly newsletter has been published in English and Spanish. Click above to download our latest Drewicz newsletter!

Drewicz's First Cheerleading Team Takes Center Stage!

Drewicz's first 4th and 5th grade Cheerleading Team cheering in their first game.

Drewicz Spelling Bee Winners 2014

Yolaine Pierre
- Winner Grade 4 from Mrs. Belliveau's classroom. Mohammed Uddin - Runner-up Grade 4 from Mrs. Lenihan and Mrs. Panzini's classroom.The Drewicz School students and staff are extremely proud of these students.

Our State House Christmas Card Winner!


Bernardino Duprey won the grade 4 Representative Steven Welsh Christmas Card Contest award. His picture will be placed on the cover of Steve’s State House Christmas cards. Benny was awarded a citation at the annual Winter Wonderland Concert on January 31st, 2014.

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Welcome To The Drewicz Elementary School

The mission of Drewicz School is to provide all students in our school with an equitable opportunity for optimal achievement in all academic areas.

Through teamwork all things are possible.

Patricia Hebert

Drewicz's School Resources Directory

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"This Month At School" | November 2014
Monthly Announcements, News, Notes and More!

Class Academics Helpful Homework Hints for Parent(s) / Guardian(s)
Parents can support a child’s interest in lifelong learning by encouraging good study habits and by providing a good learning environment in the home
*  Check your child’s blue folder or agenda book in his/her backpack for homework assignments
*  Encourage a regular homework routine
*  Choose a quiet well lit place for homework
*  Praise all your child’s efforts

Tarea consejos útiles para los padres (s) / tutor (s)
Los padres pueden apoyar el interés del niño en el aprendizaje permanente mediante el fomento de buenos hábitos de estudio y proporcionando un buen ambiente de aprendizaje en el hogar
* Compruebe azul carpeta o libro agenda de su hijo en su / su mochila para las tareas escolares
* Anime a una rutina regular de la tarea
* Elija un lugar tranquilo y bien iluminado para hacer la tarea
* Apoyan todos los esfuerzos de su hijo

CLUBS Activities | Clubs .
Arts Arts | Music A citywide student art contest to illustrate fire safety was held by the Lynn Fire Department.  A Drewicz Student won 1st place for the elementary level.  The image will be displayed for one month on a billboard in Wyoma Square!           

Un concurso en toda la ciudad de arte de estudiantes para ilustrar la seguridad contra incendios se llevó a cabo por el Departamento de Bomberos de Lynn. Un estudiante Drewicz ganó el 1er lugar para el nivel de primaria. La imagen se mostrará durante un mes en una cartelera en la Wyoma Plaza.

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News News | Events


Calendar Our Calendar Important Dates:
*  November 4- No School
*  November 6- PTO 2-3 School Library
*  November 7- Student Veterans Day Ceremony

Fechas importantes:
* Noviembre 4- No hay clases
* 2-3 Biblioteca de la Escuela noviembre 6- PTO
* Noviembre 7- Estudiante Ceremonia Día de los Veteranos
NL Our Newsletters  
Icon Performances  
REMINDERS Reminders What’s for Breakfast?
Monday: Cinnamon Breakfast Square
Tuesday: No School
Wednesday:  Cherrios
Thursday:  Beef Sausage on a Biscuit
Friday:  Banana Muffin
What’s for lunch? 
Monday:  Chicken Dippers or Bean & Cheese Burrito
Tuesday:  No School
Wednesday:  French Toast Sticks or Popcorn Chicken
Thursday:  Turkey Burger or Hot Dog
Friday: Pepperoni Pizza or Sloppy Joe
*Full Menu available in classrooms.  All meals served with a side, fruit and dairy products. 

Snack instructions
Grades K-2 have scheduled snack times in the classroom.  Please send in a healthy snack with your child.    

¿Qué hay para desayunar?
Lunes: Desayuno Canela Cuadrado
Martes: No hay clases
Miércoles: Cheerios
Salchicha de carne de vaca en una galleta: Jueves
Viernes: de Banana Muffin
¿Qué hay para comer?
Lunes: Chicken Dippers o Bean & Burrito Queso
Martes: No hay clases
Miércoles: PAN FRANCES o palomitas de Chicken
Jueves: pavo hamburguesa o perro caliente
Viernes: Pizza de salchichones o Sloppy Joe
* Menú completo disponible en las aulas. Todas las comidas que se sirven con un lado, frutas y productos lácteos.

Instrucciones Del refrigerio,
Grados K​​-2 han programado meriendas en el aula. Por favor enviar una refrigerio saludable con su hijo.

SPORTS Sports  
Drewicz Elementary School Information | 2014-2015

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
(781) 477-7350
(781) 477-7353
34 Hood Street, Lynn, MA 01905
Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM to 1:45 PM
List Staff and Faculty List Current School Year
SC School Council Page Current School Year
PDF School Improvement Plans 2015 2014 2013  
Website Department of Education Profiles and Report Cards
NP Our Mass DOE Profile DOE Profile, MCAS and Other Info
  Our DOE Report Card 2014 Our Accountability Data
District MCAS Report Card 2014 MCAS Performance Report Card
District Report Card 2014 District Performance Report Card
List LPS District Notices Additional Notices and Resources
School Staff List | 2014-2015 | Updated January 12, 2015

List Principal
Patricia Hebert
(781) 477-7350
List Secretary
Elaine Theriault
ext. 1201
List School Adjustment Councilor
Lori Alcock
List School Social Worker
Alicia Marescalchi 
List School Nurse
Samantha Iapicca | Room B 15

List Parent Liason

Jose Calderas

List Custodian(s)

Donald Dube
Gary Gaudet

List School Faculty List | 2014-2015 | Updated August 1, 2014
Subject | Faculty Grade Room
  Nancy Pickett
Debora Aguiar | Paraprofessional
K 101
  Elizabeth Bennett
Julie Norris | Spec. Edu.
Irene Machuca | Paraprofessional
K 102
  Ashley Wheaton
Susan DeSimone | Paraprofessional
K 118
  Jennifer Lima
Juliana Rosario | Paraprofessional
K 119
Grade 1    
  Shannon Cormier 1 105
  Danielle Siegal 1 107
  Julie Panzini 1 108
  Jessica White 1 201
Grade 1 | COACH Integrated    
  Amanda Gullage
Robin Newhall | Spec. Edu.
June Bennett | Paraprofessional
1 202
Grade 2    
  Hannah McKenzie 2 213
  Kelly Morris 2 214
Grade 2 | COACH Integrated    
  Kaylen Handren
Shannon Crompton | Spec. Edu.
Lois Starbard | Paraprofessional
2 209
Grade 3    
  Eric Serino | ELA/Math 3 206
  Teresa Mayotte | ELA/Sci./S.S 3 207
Grade 3 | COACH Integrated    
  Donna Marie Mah
Laurie Erhard | Spec. Edu.
Philip Thim | Paraprofessional
3 208
Grade 4    
  Mary Lenihan | ELA/Sci./S.S 4 312
  Linda Belliveau | ELA/Math 4 313
Grade 4 | COACH Integrated    
  Sari Joffre | Special Education 4 301
  Laura Ward
Paula Buckless | Paraprofessional
4 301
Grade 5    
  Lauren Murphy | ELA/Sci./S.S 5 306
  Stephanie Miller | ELA/Math 5 307
Grade 5 | COACH Integrated    
  Sara Caliento
Donna Restiano | Spec. Edu.
5 308
  Ashley Mandel    
Behaviour Specialist    
  Stephanie Gaeta    
  Tyler Ferguson    
  Mary Panagopoulos    
ESL Specialists    
  Carol Bombard   Loft
  Sarah Horton   Loft
  Heather Flynn   Loft
Math Coach    
  Nicole O’Leary | Grades 1 - 5   B15
  Hannah Skinner    
Occupational Therapy    
  Richard Baldini    
Physical Education  
  Michael Ciarletta   Gym
  Clark Crowley   Gym
Physical Theraphy  
  Mary Jo Surrette    
Reading Specialist  
  Pam Laramie   B15
  Irene Sarantaes  
Science Coach    
  Mary Louvaris | ELA/Sci 3 - 5   B15
Special Education Teachers  
  Michelle Montoya   B15
  Robert Hemingway    
  Karla Lenihan    

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