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The English Theater Collective and LEHS present the annual Spring 2017 Revue! Performances are May 12 and 13 at 7 pm, $7 at the door, cash only. This year's theme is LOVE and the show will include songs, musical numbers, dance, poetry and comedic sketches and scenes. Entertainment for the whole Family. We hope to see you there!

The English Theatre Collective y LEHS presentan la revista anual de primavera 2017! Las actuaciones son 12 de mayo y 13 a las 7 pm, $ 7 en la puerta, en efectivo solamente. El tema de este año es LOVE y el programa incluirá canciones, números musicales, danza, poesía y escenas cómicas. Entretenimiento para toda la familia. ¡Esperamos verte ahí!

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Nominate Your favorite former student or others who have significantly contributed to Lynn English High School, the City of Lynn or society.

Download our application and please provide a brief biography and include the achievements and contributions that qualify this candidate for membership into the Lynn English High School Hall of Fame.  Also, please attach any supporting material (e.g. photographs, biographical information, news clippings, etc.)

Application For Membership Is Due May 31, 2017

Our LEHS MCJROTC Drill Team won the 2017 Northeast Region All Service Drill Team Championship held on Saturday, 18 February 2017 at Colts Neck, NJ.  There were high school drill teams from MA, NJ, NY, PA representing all four military services.  The below listed 11 trophies and 3 meals (with the Commanders indicated) are on display in the school's main office for all to see.

1st place Armed Regulation Drill - Commander Vitsethra (Jeffrey) Pho
1st place Unarmed Regulation Drill - Commander Diana Lopez
1st place Color Guard  - Commander Marlene Rivera
1st place Unarmed Personnel Inspection - Commander Marlene Rivera
1st place Platoon Unarmed Exhibition Drill - Commander Kaela Pangilinan
2nd place New Cadet Squad Drill - Commander Lillian Cardona
2nd place Unarmed Dual Exhibition - Diana Lopez & Yoselin Lopez
3rd place New Cadet Squad Drill - Commander Phat Hoang
3rd place Squad Armed Exhibition Drill - Commander Liz Sempertiguez
1st place Individual Drill Competition Medal - Phat Hoang
2nd place Individual Drill Competition Medal - Jerry Chhun
5th place Individual Drill Competition Medal - Danna Olivares

V/R SgtMaj Ken Oswald

Lynn English High School students Austin Jagodynski, left, Sarah Gilberg, and Yirkelys Santana work on their drawings in the art room at Lynn English High.
LYNN Lynn English High School is home to three flourishing and ambitious teens who hope to become part of the vast landscape known as “The Art World.”
Yirkelys Santana, 17, is a member of the senior class and is currently enrolled in a six-week figure art course at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The class is Saturday mornings and his works are on display at the school until Dec. 3.
“I have four pieces in the show and I am pretty  proud of that. I have learned so much from this course,” Santana said. “ I love to create things and express myself through my work.”
Santana, the recipient of a scholarship for the course, is in the process of applying to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design for the Fall 2017 semester. His professional goals include becoming  an architect and owning his own business.
“I love to design and create models of buildings and other structures,” said Santana.” I am really looking forward to making my dreams come true.”
Austin Jagodynski, 17, is a classmate of Santana’s and is currently enrolled in an eight-week course at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly. The lifelong Lynn resident also works at Raw Art Works, a program dedicated to nurturing the artistic talent of local youth. It is located in downtown Lynn and boasts a loyal and dedicated following.
“The class I am taking is called Portfolio Prep and is teaching me how to organize and choose my artwork for the college application process,” Jagodynski said. “ Art colleges require applicants to submit at least 15 pieces of art with their applications.”
Jagodynski has a particular fondness for cartoon drawing and hopes to make it part of his professional life after college. He is applying to Montserrat and hopes to meet the early action deadline of Dec. 1.
“I like to make people laugh and cartoons are my thing,” he said. “I would love to work in the entertainment industry someday and be a cartoonist for television or the movies.”
Sarah Gilberg, also 17 and a member of the next graduating class of Bulldogs, is another talent in her own right. Last summer she took a course at Montserrat and was especially happy with the college “experience” she encountered in the program.
“The class was three weeks long and it was a true camp format,” Gilberg said. “We slept in the dorms at night and there were about 60 students enrolled. I was the only one from Lynn, but I met some good people from all over. It gave me a real sense of what college is going to be like.”
Gilberg is applying to both Montserrat and the Maine College of Art. She is currently enrolled in three programs at Raw Art Works three afternoons a week. She also finds time for piano and guitar lessons and believes she has a love of the arts that will stay with her for life.
“My dream is to own my own bakery and apply my artistic skills to cake decorating like the Cake Boss on television,” she said. “Making people happy makes me feel good and doing that through something I love will be a big accomplishment. There is nothing better than art!”

118 Lynn English Juniors were the recipients of the John & Abigail Adams Scholarship from the Massachusetts Department of Education. They scored in the top 25% of the district on their 9th and 10th grade MCAS exams, and they are now eligible for free tuition (up to $7,000) to any Massachusetts public college or university for four years. Congratulations to these students and their teachers who gave them the knowledge and skills to excel on the MCAS exams!
See Their Photo In Our Page Banner Above
New England Aquarium Science at Sea Cruise
October, 2016
Erik Hellmer and Derick Laverdiere

Through a joint collaboration between UMass Boston, Zephyr Marine, and the New England Aquarium, students from the Lynn English AP Environmental Science and AP Biology classes had the chance to get hands-on experience with population sampling techniques on board one of UMass Boston’s aquatic research vessels.

After a quick and pleasant jaunt across Boston Harbor on a delightfully warm fall day, our students were able to explore some of the estuary’s diverse populations of marine life. We encountered organisms including familiar Lobsters and Rock Crabs to myriad photosynthetic algae and zooplankton. The students were able to see first-hand that not all science is conducted within the walls of a sterile laboratory. With a concerted effort, students conducted a plankton tow, pulled in a sampling trap, and used an underwater dredge camera to survey the benthos. These techniques are used by marine biologists to conduct population studies, an important task used for monitoring the health of marine ecosystems.
The fine weather, an informative and hospitable onboard staff, and eager students all contributed to an engaging and enriching scientific experience.

Dave Hendrickson, Lynn English High School alumnus class of ’74, spoke to over 1600 students at the Lynn English auditorium on Friday, September 30. Lynn English students read the award-winning author’s young adult book, Offside, as part of their whole school summer reading. Students were excited to meet the author who set his story in the halls of Lynn English and in the city of Lynn. Mr. Hendrickson was accompanied by his wife Brenda whom he credited as being his greatest support and strength throughout his adult life, and he imparted words of encouragement and hope to the students of his alma mater. The students were visibly excited to meet the author and learn about his writer’s journey. As students exited the auditorium, Mr. Hendrickson left a lasting impression by personally signing the students’ copies of Offside and greeting each and every student with his best wishes.

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Welcome to Lynn English High School

Welcome to Lynn English High School. As a former student, teacher and vice principal, I am honored to be the principal of this great institution. I look forward to each day, working with a great faculty and support staff. Our goal is to provide the best education possible for all Lynn English high school students.
Please read our core values, beliefs and learning expectations for all members of the Lynn English community.

Lynn English High School | Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

The mission of the LEHS community is to have students become self-directed, life-long learners who acquire core knowledge, think critically and collaboratively, and effectively utilize technology to communicate and participate in a global society. We foster respectful, responsible behavior and leadership in a safe and supportive environment.

We are committed to the following beliefs about learning:
• Students learn best when expectations are clear.
• Students learn best when they are self-directed and engaged learners.
• Students learn best when learning is a collaborative process that occurs through positive interpersonal interaction.

We are committed to providing:
• A safe and supportive learning environment for all students.
• Access to the use of technology in order to engage in a global society.
• Opportunities for career and college readiness for life-long learners.
• A variety of teaching styles with multiple strategies and assessments.

We are committed to the following learning expectations:
• Learners will demonstrate the ability to think critically and analytically by using appropriate language in writing or as part of an oral presentation.
• Learners will demonstrate effective academic language skills in order to gather comprehend and utilize information obtained from various sources.
• Learners will use technology to collect, manipulate, and communicate data and information and apply that data to understanding and developing creative solutions to complex problems.
• Learners will demonstrate good citizenship through appropriate personal behavior and compliance with school and government regulations.

Lynn English High School School Information | 2016-2017

List Grades Offered
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School Day
Home Access Center
9 | 10 | 11 | 12 |
(781) 477-7366
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50 Goodridge Street, Lynn, MA 01902
Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM to 2:30 PM
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School Staff List | 2016-2017 | Last Website Update: April 11, 2017 1:24 PM

List Principal
  Thomas Strangie

(781) 477-7366
List Vice Principals
  Maura Walsh
Sophomores and Juniors
(781) 477-7366
  Jennifer Mancaniello
(781) 477-7366
  Gary Molea
(781) 477-7366
List Guidance Counselors | WEBSITE
  Kara Baletsa Waltman

  Kevin Benecke

  Nicole Passanisi

  Rardy Pena

  Karen Twomey

  Matthew Wilkins

List Monitor
  Jose Liria
List Secretaries
  Mary Sucharewicz

  Debra Gorey

List School Nurse
  Dorine Bransfield
  Valerie Lozzi
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  Valerie Lozzi
List Facility Manager
  Richard Newton | A.D

List School Teacher List | 2016-2017
Please note our new Faculty webpages are being launched over the next few weeks. Direct links will be available below or visit here to see the new Faculty Directory.
Subject | Teacher    
  Martha Brown Kristen Paradis
Athletic Director | Health and Physical Education | WEBSITE
  Richard Newton Kerry King
  Paula Joyce Laurie Wentzell
Bilingual Department    
  Diane Lynch | Department Head
  Catherine Caswell Lisa Mercadante
  Kevin Driscoll Mary Mitchell
  Timothy Harro Diegoelia Pacheco
  Gabrielle Heru Stephen Smith
  Lisette Katz Matthew Tentindo
  Tiffany McFarlane Samuel Hill
  Anastasia Mower | Department Head
  Nicole Bene Timothy Magill
  Loretta Christoforo Colbe Mazzarella
  Shannon Conlon Nicole McGuinness
  Timothy Cullinane Judy Mishkin
  Kevin Gallagher Allison Mosho
  Michael Lopez Sarah Phelan
  Jennifer Mageary Cheryl Taylor
Foreign Languages  
  Cara Zubricki | Department Head
  Morton Pierre-Antoine Michael Haddad
  Jonathan Bourdeau Michele Lee
  Domingo Castro Maria Perez
  Wascar DeLeon Ms. Reines
  Madeline Dogramacian Henry Santiago
  Angell Grullon  
  James Keefe | Department Head
  Anna Karatzoglou  
Instructional Technology    
  Jasper Grassa Rosemary McEachern
  Peter Holey Jr.    
Junior ROTC  
  Sergeant Major Oswald Master Sergeant Goncalo
Library | Media Specialist
  Linda Barefield Librarian  
  Kathleen Bonnevie | Department Head
  Margaret Aylward Paul Mailloux
  Kellie Bonitto Glenn Potter
  Barbara Funicella Jessica Serino
  Jenny Guan Tim Serino
  Matthew Kane Thomas Smiley
  Peter Klimasara Michael Swartz
Music | Band    
  Jorge Ibanez Gilbert Lapointe
Peer Mediation  
  Virginia Keenan    
  Sgt. Maj. Ken Oswald Virginia Keenan
  Master Sgt. Gerard Goncalo    
Science and Technology    
  Lauren Mezzetti | Department Head
  Amanda Anderson Derick Laverdiere
  Jeffrey Bigler Joanne Luongo
  Kirstin Bunker Maura Walsh
  Nickerson Cammett Eric Hellmer
  Lee Anne Connick Joan O’Connor
  Sarah Hall Peter Pappagianopoulos
Social Studies    
  Toni Dimeo-Zavras | Department Head
  Edward Cash Anthony LaFratta
  Sara Walsh-Cummings Erin Lecolst
  Adam Donachie William McGuinness
  Andrew Fogarty James Tidmarsh
  John Horgan John Walsh
  Scott Jaracz James Wilson
Special Education  
  Claire Pappas | Department Head
  Lisa Donovan Maria Pino
  Amanda Condon-Rivera David Romanowski
  Kristin Fallica Joshua Rowley
  Suzanne Foley-Bell Jason Shipulski
  Scott Kulakowski Steven Stranahan
  Lisa Mageary Karen Thistle
  David Migliaccio  
Theatre | Drama  
  Michael Lopez    
TV Production    
  Kenneth Vorspan    
  Deborah Barber  
  Bonnie Coletti Natalie Beos
  Susan Cornacchini Vanessa Jorge
  Marta Fernandez Parent Liason
  Etienne Nixon  
  Kathleen Nichols Life Skills
  Kristen Noonan  
  Dulce Reynoso  

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