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Open House
Thursday September 30th

Title One Meeting In-Person - 2:30 PM
Open House In-Person - 3 PM until 4 PM
Open House Virtual - 6:30 until 7:30 PM
Thanksgiving Family Breakfast
Wednesday November 24th 

Holiday Fair
Friday December 17th (tentative) 

Family/Teacher Conferences
Thursday January 20th 
Multicultural Potluck Dinner - 4:30 PM until 5:30 PM
(Followed by)
Family/Teacher Conferences until 7 PM

Family/Teacher Conferences
Thursday March 24th
Conferences - 4 PM until 5:30 PM
(Followed by)
The Science Guy at 6 PM

Words and Windows
Thursday May 19th
(Art/Writing Show) 
Ice Cream Social -  6 PM

End of Year Celebration
June 16th at 11 AM (tentative)  

Liam L. and Naveah F, 4th graders from Fallon Elementary, created these wonderful MLK inspired images. Students shared...

Posted by Lynn Public Schools on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Value of the Month: Cooperation

Your family is the most important “team” that you will ever work with!

To be successful everyone in the family needs to:

• Respect each other’s space and belongings
• Listen to each other
• Do chores at the right time and with a good attitude
• Learn how to work out problems without fighting
• Communicate well so that everyone knows what is happening
• Spend time together as a family
• Celebrate each other’s successes
• Support each other through sad times
• Learn to share

Did You Know?

The routine of the school day is important for students. They know the main purpose for being in school is to learn and that routines are in place precisely to help them focus on that learning. When students are repeatedly tardy, these routines are disrupted. Arriving after 8:15 AM can throw off their whole morning or even their day, especially if being late made the trip to school stressful.

If getting to school by 8:15 AM is a challenge for your family, you will need to make changes to your morning schedule at home in order to get to school on time. During the winter, students take longer to get ready because of coats, boots and hats. Setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier could be all that is needed to ensure students are here to meet the teacher by 8:15 AM. This adjustment can help ensure that all students have a great start to their day

"Schoology" Parent Access Update - October 6, 2020

Your student's school will be reaching out to you by the end of next week with an access code for "Schoology". If you do not receive an access code by October 9th, reach out to your child's homeroom teacher. At the secondary level, you only need 1 access code and all courses will be loaded.

This account will allow you to see the work your child has submitted, discussions they have participated in, school updates, and also provides the ability to message staff at the school. Multiple children can be added to one parent account. The following are videos (Part 1 and Part 2) showing how to set up your account and take advantage of all the "Schoology" features available to you.

LPS Parent Access Video - Part 1 - English
LPS Parent Access Video - Part 1 - Spanish

LPS Parent Access Video - Part 2 - English
LPS Parent Access Video - Part 2 - Spanish

Parents How To Register and View Your Child's Activity:
Download the Step by Step Instructions Here. (English and Spanish)

How To Set Up Your New Laptop - English Version
Cómo configurar su nueva computadora portátil - Versión en español
New "Schoology" How To Videos Have Been Posted!
Visit Our Technology Page Here!
TO: Parents/Guardian
FROM: Lynn Public Schools
DATE: November 13, 2020
SUBJECT:   Audio/Video Recording and Photographs of Lessons by Lynn Public Schools Staff

From time to time during the current period of remote learning, Lynn Public Schools staff may audio/video record lessons for the purposes of teacher training, professional development, and for educator evaluation purposes.  For the same reasons, photographs and screenshots may be taken by Lynn Public Schools staff during remote lessons.

No single student will be focused on in any such recordings, and no personally identifiable or confidential student information will be included.

Any such recordings, photographs, or screenshots will be used for educational purposes only, and will not be shared except through systems accessible by password for Lynn Public Schools staff.

If you have any questions, concerns, or objections to the above, please alert the Principal.

PARA: Padres/Tutores
DE: Escuelas Públicas de Lynn
FECHA: 13 de noviembre, 2020
TEMA: Grabación de audio y video y fotografías de las lecciones por el personal de las Escuelas Públicas de Lynn

De vez en cuando, durante el período actual de aprendizaje a distancia, el personal de las Escuelas Públicas de Lynn puede grabar, en forma de audio/video, las lecciones con fines de capacitación de maestros, desarrollo profesional y evaluación de educadores.  Por las mismas razones, el personal de las Escuelas Públicas de Lynn puede tomar fotografías y capturas de pantalla durante las lecciones a distancia.

En ninguna de esas grabaciones se enfocará a un solo estudiante, y no se incluirá ninguna información personal identificable o confidencial del estudiante.

Estas grabaciones, fotografías o capturas de pantalla se utilizarán únicamente con fines educativos, y no se compartirán excepto a través de sistemas accesibles por contraseña por el personal de las Escuelas Públicas de Lynn.
Si tiene alguna pregunta, preocupación u objeción a lo anterior, por favor avise al Director.

Download This Notice In English and Spanish



Welcome to the Fallon Elementary School

The Fallon Elementary School is a separate public day school for students in grades pre-k through six.  We strive to create a positive learning collaboration that fosters respectful and responsible life-long learners in a safe and supportive environment.  Utilizing a strength-based behavior management system, the school offers a variety of academic and therapeutic supports.  The ultimate goal is to provide the student with the skills to reintegrate back into the regular education school setting.

Nancy Takis-Conway- Principal
Stacey MacLean and Bridget DePoy - Clinical Directors

Our 2019-2020 Parent Handbook

Greetings from the Fallon Elementary School grades Pre K-5. The policies and procedures in this handbook are the result of a concerted effort on the part of the administration, faculty, and parents/caretakers. This information has been carefully prepared and presented so that it will be of value to you throughout the year as a reference. In addition, expect your child to bring home monthly classroom newsletters.

The PTO is a vital and integral part of the school. A survey will be sent out shortly to determine when would be the best time to meet. The council will make suggestions and plan activities, which support and enrich the school program. All parents/caretakers are welcome and encouraged to join.

Parents/caretakers volunteers are involved in many ways at the Fallon. If you would like to help with special projects or field trips please come to the office to fill out a CORI form.

All visitors and parents/caretakers please come directly to the office, present a photo ID, and sign in at the office when entering the school building. At that time, you will be given a badge identifying you as a visitor. No parent/caretaker may walk to their child’s classroom without permission from the office.

The school encourages good attendance; however, it discourages pupils with fevers or a contagious disease from attending school. Any student absent is encouraged to bring a note explaining the absence. A call from the family or note from the doctor would be appreciated if the student is sick or injured and will be absent for any length of time. If it is necessary for a child to leave school during the day, THE PARENT/CARETAKER MUST SIGN THE CHILD OUT IN THE OFFICE, the child will then be called down to the office for dismissal.

Recess: 11:15 AM - Lunch 11:40 AM - Grades, First Floor
Lunch: 11:15 AM - Recess 11:40 AM - Grades, Second Floor

The office telephone may not be used by students without written permission from the student's teacher and/or permission from the office. Students may not use cell phones during the day. Cell phones must be turned off during the day. Arrangements for afternoon activities should be made before the children come to school in the morning. If there are changes, the parent/caretaker must notify the school and transportation before 10 AM.. Transportation’s phone number: (781) 477-7220 extension 1813 or 1814.

Schools Open  
Columbus Day  
Professional Development Day  
Veterans Day  
Thanksgiving Recess  
Christmas Recess  
Martin Luther King  
Winter Vacation  
Good Friday  
Spring Vacation  
Memorial Day  
Last Day of School  

Articles found in and around the school will be turned into the office where the owner may claim their property by identifying it.

Parent/caretaker educational series, IEP meetings, lending library, computer access, pancake breakfast, holiday fair, parent/caretaker- teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities, weekly coffee hour, educational fairs, multicultural night and year- end celebration.

It is the students’ responsibility to help make the Fallon School a safe and productive place to learn and grow. Students are expected to be cooperative, polite and respectful at all times. It is the goal of the school to develop a therapeutic positive atmosphere in which students and parents/caretakers are involved and invested in learning. Students are expected to do the following: strive for excellence, practice self-discipline, and respect the needs and rights of the group, individual and the diversity of our community. The Fallon Elementary School has a highly structured positive based universal behavior management system. Daily points are awarded to students after each period: Be Safe, Respect People and Property, Follow Directions and Individual Target Behaviors. Fighting, abusive language, disrespectful behavior, defiance, bullying or actions which are potentially harmful to the emotional health and physical safety of self or others will not be tolerated. Offenses are dealt with on an individual basis. We maintain the right to give consequences of sitting time, loss of privileges, in-house suspension, and home suspension following LPS protocols.

Fire drill are practiced and instructions are posted in every classroom. If a classroom exit is blocked the students should quickly turn and exit to the nearest door. Students should then report their designated area outside. Everyone must exit the building. Windows and doors of classrooms and passages will be closed.

Lock Down drills are practiced on a monthly basis. All students are expected to follow established protocols and adult directions during the drill. Students must be silent during the drill.

Students may leave their classroom with permission from their teacher. Passes are available for students to use the bathroom, go to the office, Academic Center or meet with the nurse, clinician or principal.

The report card is sent home three times a year informing you of your child's progress. Grades are based on your child's performance in learning the MA Framework standards through the LPS curriculum. Progress reports on the IEP are sent home three times per year with the report card.

Parent/Caretaker-Teacher conferences supplement the written reports and are held two times per year. In addition to scheduled conferences, the Fallon School will gladly meet with families if you have a question or concern. Please make an appointment with your child's teacher and/or the principal.

Since field trips can be of enormous educational and cultural value, teachers are encouraged to take students on occasional field trips during the year. Parents/Caretakers will be informed in sufficient time to meet the necessary financial obligations. Parent written permission slips are required for each trip. All students are eligible to attend field trips regardless of their level. There are occasions when the leadership may determine that a child is unable to attend the field trip due to safety reasons.

If it is necessary for a student to take prescription medicine at school, the parent/caretaker must bring the medication to the school nurse, fill out and sign the proper forms. Only prescription medicine in the original container may be dispensed through the nurse. Parents/caretaker may not send medicine in with their children. Nurse Christine (781) 477-7469

The importance of making proper withdrawal cannot be stressed too much. If it becomes necessary to withdraw a student, parents/caretaker are asked to notify the office at least five days in advance. A transfer form, IEP, psychological report immunization and physical records will be presented to the parent/caretaker.

It is the parent/caretaker’s responsibility to let the office know immediately of any changes in a pupil's address or phone number. This is especially important in case of emergency or sickness. All parents/caretakers are expected to give three names and phone numbers in case of an emergency.

Art therapy, music therapy and physical education classes meet one time per week. Each child should have an art shirt they leave in the art room for projects. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable clothing on gym days

All basic texts and workbooks are loaned to students for their use during the school year. They are to be kept clean and handled carefully. Students will be required to pay for loss or damaged books.

School personnel are bound by law to release children to either of their biological parents, unless we have on file a copy of a court order which grants custody to one parent or the other, or to a third party. Please notify the office if a situation exists that we need to be aware of beforehand.

In the interest of comfort and safety we ask that parents/caretakers dress their children appropriately for school. We ask that students wear shorts, skirt and dresses to the knee. Sleeveless shirts must be 3” wide at the shoulder. Students may not wear tube tops, halter tops, flip flops, spaghetti strap shirts, tee shirts with offensive slogans or clothing too big with undergarments showing. We reserve the right to send any child home that is not dressed appropriately. Pupils should come to school clean to a degree consistent with the maintenance of good physical health, is mandatory.

The therapeutic behavior management program of the Fallon School is designed to foster an attitude of general well- being and self-worth through positive based supports. There are two full time Clinical Directors available to students that may be experiencing difficulty. All students will participate in social skills groups and diversity education. The Behavior Support Staff will settle students that are disruptive to the learning environment and reintegrate them back to the learning environment with support as needed.

The school buildings and equipment cost the taxpayers’ money to construct, purchase and maintain. Students who destroy or vandalize school property will be required to pay for those losses or damages or make arrangements for restitution with the principal. If a student willfully destroys school property, suspension may be warranted.

Please encourage your child to eat a variety of foods. The programs are used to teach children etiquette, social manners, respect for the rights of others, and the true value of foods. All of the Fallon Elem. children will receive free breakfast and lunch.

PLAYWORKS is the recess model that promotes healthy play, respect and community. The mission is to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for cooperative physical activity and safe meaningful play.

All students must wear a seatbelt and remain seated throughout the ride to and from school. Students may play appropriate games on hand held electronics during the ride. Food or drinks are not allowed on the bus. The Fallon School reserves the right to suspend students from the bus for unsafe behaviors.

We believe that home-learning: helps develop responsibility, self- discipline, and good study habits. Home-learning reinforces skills for future lessons, expands and enhances classroom learning, and also gives parents/caretakers the opportunity to be involved in the child's education. All students should be reading for sixty minutes and using the First in Math digital program a minimum of thirty minutes per night. Passwords will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Parents/caretakers are encouraged to do the following; provide a time and place to do home-learning, check your child's work daily, and notify the teacher on the daily classroom report if there is a problem.

I look forward to working with all of you to make the school year a success. Together, we can foster a love of learning using growth mindsets, perseverance and pro-social skills to maximize each students’ full potential.


Mrs. Takis-Conway
William R. Fallon School

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About School Councils
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It is important to note the School Council plays an advisory role in assisting the building principal to organize and implement a School Improvement Plan which not only addresses the areas in which the school intends to comply with the requirements of the Educational Reform Act, but also how the school intends to meet those system-wide goals and policies adopted by the school committee. Membership will consist of the principal, teachers, parents, students and community members.
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Photos Working together on team building challenges September, 2018
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