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Imagine Nation At Ford School

Through Imagine Nation, we’re recognizing our most passionate and dedicated Imagine Learning English users with World-Class, Top 50, and Super School awards. The Robert L. Ford School was recently named an Imagine Nation Super School and receive a commemorative banner as well as a plaque to display at their school.

“Schools that have qualified for the Imagine Nation program are elite Imagine Learning English users,” said Derrin Hill, chief sales officer for Imagine Learning. “They have realized that this tool helps their students succeed, and they have made it a priority by restructuring schedules to ensure that all students have access to the program on a daily basis. We are thrilled to honor them for their achievements and share their best practices with other schools.”


Adult ELS Classes At Ford School

Classes are held on Monday and Tuesday nights beginning at 7 PM. Free babysitting is available for children who are of preschool age. (ages 3 and above)

ELS adultos y clases En Ford School
Las clases se imparten los lunes y martes por la noche a partir de las 19:00
Cuidado de niños gratuito para los niños que están en edad preescolar.

ELS adultes et les classes Chez Ford école
Les cours ont lieu le lundi et le mardi soir à compter de 19h00
Baby-sitting est disponible gratuitement pour les enfants qui sont en âge préscolaire.

ELS người lớn và lớp học Ford trường
Các lớp học được tổ chức vào ngày thứ hai và thứ ba đêm, bắt đầu từ 19:00
Miễn phí giữ trẻ dành cho trẻ em đang trong độ tuổi mẫu giáo


Ford School Marks Read Across America Day with Library Re-dedication


Frederick Cole re-dedicated the library at the Ford Elementary School in Lynn to Dr. Miriam Morse, a close friend. The ceremony was in conjunction with Read Across America Day. (Item Photo / Owen O'Rourke)

Originally Published on Saturday, March 02, 2013 The Daily Item

LYNN — A trail of red and white hats, taped to the floor, Led the Ford School visitors to the elevator door. From there they went up, those hats red and white, To a room that held a wondrous sight:

A celebration was on, as a matter of course, For Dr. Seuss, reading and Dr. Miriam Morse.

"It's a celebration of Literacy Day," said Ford School Librarian Anne Marie Donnelly. "We're re-dedicating the library, we've invited 24 people to come and read to our classes, and in the afternoon we will celebrate with a school wide story ... 'Green Eggs and Ham.'

Nationally, March 1 is known as Read Across America Day, celebrated on Dr. Seuss' birthday since 1998. Its aim is to promote reading, motivation and awareness. This is the first year the school has joined in the fun that Donnelly can remember.

"I think it's important to show them that reading and literacy can be and is fun," she said.

"My goal is to encourage a love of reading. Principal Dr. Claire Crane's purpose is to get a book in the hand of every child in the school. It's why we have a library."


Curious Creatures Visit The Ford School!


Future Astronauts Gather At Ford!

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