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Welcome To The Harrington Elementary School

Success is directly proportionate to effort.

Welcome to our website! Here at Harrington School we encourage each member of the community to become active participants in the educational process.

By working together as partners, we are able to develop and implement a quality educational plan to ensure the success of our students.

As the school year begins we encourage families to read the Harrington Student / Parent Handbook, and along with the staff, sign our Title 1 Home/School Compact. In this way, we show our commitment to working together effectively. We recommend that parents and guardians: meet with their child's teacher to discuss student progress, stay actively involved in school events, and monitor their children's attendance, school and homework throughout the year. We believe that open communication and consistent cooperative effort are key components for a successful school year.

The staff and I look forward to working with you and your family as we guide, challenge and nurture your son / daughter to meet his/her full potential.

Best Wishes for a successful year!

Debra Ruggiero

Lynn Public School's Mission Statement

The school community will work together in developing strategies for its students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, and quality producers, ultimately acquiring the power of knowledge with the highest degree of human intelligence to become successful life-long learners.

The goals of the Lynn Public Schools are in accord with the district-wide goals and summarize the school's perception of its mission:

* To foster academic excellence
* To nurture a positive set of attitudes toward learning
* To develop desirable personal and interpersonal behaviors and skills
* To involve families as partners in their children's education
* To ensure that children with special needs are placed in the least restrictive environment

Harrington School's Mission Statement

The mission of the Harrington Elementary School is to nurture, develop and educate all students from early childhood to early adolescence, from a variety of economic and ethnic backgrounds and ability levels, and to give these students a solid educational foundation with the tools and understanding necessary to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners. We believe that all children can learn. We recognize that the Harrington School has the primary responsibility for providing learning opportunities. We also recognize that parents/guardians are our partners in this process. Ultimately, together, we must develop student learners who are motivated and responsible for their own education. The Harrington Home/School Title 1 Compact reinforces the student / parent / teacher team message that all members must work together for ultimate success.

The goals of our school are in accord with the district-wide goals and summarize the school's perception of its mission: provide all students at Harrington School with equitable opportunity for optimal achievement in all academic areas"

Supporting Goals:
* To foster academic potential in every child
* To generate a respecting and caring approach to learning
* To broaden literacy and communication skills
* To support a student/parent/school partnership
* To encourage life-long learning

Harrington Elementary School Information

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
PK | K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
(781) 477-7380
(781) 477-7383
21 Dexter Street, Lynn, MA 01902
Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM to 1:45 PM
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Last Update July 17, 2017 4:00 PM
List School Staff List | 2016-2017 | Last Website Update: July 20, 2017 1:19 PM

Our Phone List (781) 477-7380
Our Fax List (781) 477-7383
Principal Debra Ruggiero
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2001
Vice Principal TBA
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2002
Administrative Assistants Andrea Fila
Lisa Parker
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2004
Program Specialist Lissa Bloom
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2002
Library Carole Shutzer | Library
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2038
Parent Liaison Heidi Suriel
  List (781) 477-7380
Adjustment Councelor Erin Kelter | Room 204B
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2044
School Nurse Debbie Capano
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2005
Social Worker Robert Bishop
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2044
School Psychologist Tyler Ferguson
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2044
Occupational/Physical Theraphy Brenda Hennesey | PT
Karen Woodward | OT

List (781) 477-7380 x. 2017
School Custodian Mario DeArco
Lynn Community Behavioral Health Center Dr. Mark Alexikos
Genevieve Gonzalez
  List (781) 477-7380 x. 2019
Room 005A

List School Teacher List | 2016-2017
Subject | Teacher Grade Room
Pre-Kindergarten | WEBPAGE    
  Casandra Colby
Alison Kench
  Audra Kebreau
Donna Leblanc
  Joyce Nocella
Francisca Reyes
Kindergarten | WEBPAGE    
  Jamie Castro
Caroline Tucker
  Jennifer Gambill
Joanne Devaney
  Erika Norman
Meghan Canty
  Joan Rizzo
Sherrell Bergeron
Grade 1 | WEBPAGE    
  Michelle Avery 1 105
  Jenelle Gibney 1 106
  Melissa Harrington 1 108
  Stacy Welch 1 107
Grade 2 | WEBPAGE    
  Meredith Buckley 2 102
  Jennifer Garrity 2 104
  Emily Olson 2 101
  Amanda Stevens 2 103
Grade 3 | WEBPAGE    
  Natalie Katz 3 207
  Erin McDonald 3 210
  Amanda McInnis 3 208
  Nikki Spyropoulous 3 206
Grade 4 | WEBPAGE    
  Nicole Caradonna 4 212
  Nancy Doherty 4 211
  Tanya Phelps 4 214
  Elizabeth Slattery 4 215
Grade 5 | WEBPAGE    
  Emily Hatfield 5 216
  Greg Tobey 5 217
  Katlyn (Pohle) Tucker   202
  TBA   218
Art | WEBPAGE    
  Mary Parks   201
Curriculum Instruction/ELA | WEBPAGE
  Patti Mendonca CIT/MATH/TECH 213A
  Lesley Beaulieu ESL 209
  Sandra Eichel ESL 109
  Shannon Monks ESL 209
  Sally Sadoian ESL 109
  Nicole Zarkades ESL 209
Health | WEBPAGE  
  Samantha Sousa   109
Librarian | WEBPAGE    
  Carole Shutzer   Library
Math | WEBPAGE    
  Elaine White MATH 213 A
Music | WEBPAGE    
  Cynthia Altsman   205
Physical Education | WEBPAGE    
  Kathy Woodbury   Gym
Reading Specialist | WEBPAGE    
  Tracey Marino   100B
  Amy Nerich   Library
  Karen Smith   100B
  Kristen (Helgesen) Williams   100B
Speech | WEBPAGE  
  Sue Kummins    
  Colleen O'Connell    
Special Education | WEBPAGE  
  Laura Spathanas Chairperson 204B
  Lea Barresi
Joyce Erekson
Juana Lovera
  Chris Fiorello
Monica Pino
Joyce Erekson
  Amanda Kennedy
Dawn McManus
Kylie Braygan
Martha Krishe
  Paula Brennan
Linda Cronin
II 3-5
  Christine Hunkler Sharswell Resource 213 B
  Kathryn Kench Resource 204 A
  Beth Pento Resource 204 A
  Kerri Reilly Resource 213 B

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