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APTT Open Houses Are Coming Up On December 3rd for Grade 2, December 4th for Grade 3 and December 9th for Grade 1 - All At 4 PM

Join Us For Our Veterans Day Program

Vets Day

Perfect Attendance For September!

GE Helps Hood Get Ready For September!


Hood Art At The All City Art Show!

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Learning the Letter P... on the iPad!


The Hood students are working  with Ms. DeRoo (our Hood Reading Teacher) to learn their letter of the week: The letter P!

Grades 1 and 2 Parent-Teacher Teams

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Grade 4 and 5 Music Performance


GE Helps Hood Get Ready For Opening Day!


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Library Cards For Everyone!

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Hood Art Shows At The All-City Art Show


Visit our gallery page for more pictures.

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Welcome To The Hood Elementary School

A Hood School Mission Statement:

Parents, Teachers and Students will work together as a team so that all Hood Elementary School Students receive equitable opportunities socially, emotionally and academically in order to demonstrate proficient anf advanced skills in all academic areas.

Mrs. Dufour,

“The best schools…have strong fundamentals and cultures that believe anything is possible with any student.” Author Unknown
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"This Month At School" | September- December 2014
Monthly Announcements, News, Notes and More!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to school.  We are so happy to see the smiling faces of all the beautiful children who attend the Hood Elementary School.   As the Principal of Hood Elementary School, it is exciting to see all the parents and students arrive for the first day of school. 

As a school, safety and student achievement are primary goals at Hood Elementary School.  We enter this school year with renewed excitement.  Grades three, four and five will be taught by a team of teachers.  Hood teachers will continue to work to align our curricula with state standards.   Our goal is to help all our students to be successful.  We are a team.  It takes effort from all of us: principal, teachers, students, parents, community.

To help make your child’s school year a successful one, please help with the following:

  • Oakwood and Clarendon Avenue are both 1-ways during school hours, please follow the rules by driving slowly and pulling over to let your child/children out of the car onto the sidewalk.  There were close calls last year.  We do not want any children getting hurt on their way to or from school.  We need your help.
  • School begins at 8:15 AM.  Please have your child in school on time giving them a great start to the day. Teaching starts immediately so if your child is late, he/she is missing an overview of the day and valuable instruction time.  Breakfast ends at 8:30.  Please do not send your child to school before 8:00.   On rainy days and days in which it is freezing, we will open door C-3 in the back schoolyard at 8:10 for all students. 
  • School ends at 2:15PM.  Please be on time to pick up your child.  It is always uncomfortable to have a child waiting to be picked up by a parent or guardian when all the other students have left for the day.  Teachers have meetings, after-school programs and Professional Development workshops they attend after school.  When you are late, it puts a burden on everyone, including students waiting for their after-school program to begin.  Please stand far away from the doors so teachers can see the parents and let students out the doors during dismissal. 
  • Make sure your child is in bed early during the school year.  Research states that children need 10 hours of sleep every night. 
  • Research shows that reading out loud to your child will help them to become successful readers.  It also provides some quiet time for you and your child to spend together.
  • Check your child’s homework each night.  Homework should be completed and returned to school each day.  Homework is given Monday – Thursday.  A quiet place for your child to do homework and read each night is a good start to the school year. 
  • If your child will be absent, please call 781 477 7390 to report his/her absence.  Your child must return to school with a note to explain why he or she was absent. 
  • Keep dismissals to a minimum.  Please schedule appointments after school if possible.  Please note there are no dismissals after 2:00.  Students are returning to classrooms from specials, going over homework, receiving notices and announcements, and preparing for dismissal at the end of the day. 
  • For student safety, every visitor to the school must enter the school at the front of the building and sign in at the office to obtain a badge.  This is a district policy to keep our children safe.  We will ask to collect your keys.  Thank you for helping us to keep your children safe.
  • Hood is enrolled in the Universal Breakfast Program.  Every student who attends Hood will be served breakfast each morning at 8:15.  This is another reason to make sure that students are here on time each day.
  • Lunch applications will be sent home this week.  Please fill one out and return it to school as soon as possible.  A form must be filled out even if your child received free lunch last year.  Children will not be served free lunch unless they have been approved.  Beginning today, lunch is $1.55 full price and $.40 reduced per day.   Lunch is $7.75 for a week and will be collected each Thursday for the week. 
  • We are continuing our Core Values program this year in addition to the PBIS, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.  It is a positive way to reinforce positive expectations for how we treat each other at Hood.  We will continue our Acts of Kindness Program as well.  Learn more about it at our Title One, Open House.  on Monday, September 24th.
  • Technology (cell phones, games) is not allowed at school.  If your child brings a cell phone to school, it must be turned off during the school day and remain in the coat closet in a backpack, this includes lunchtime and recess.   Any phones that ring during the day or are taken out, parents may pick up from the principal.  Thank you for helping us in this matter. 
  • Please return student emergency and lunch forms as soon as possible.

  • We have Open Houses as follows: Title 1 - September 16th  at 5:30 - 7PM
  • APTT: Grade 2 - Sept. 24th at 5:30 | Grade 3 - Sept. 25th at 5:30 | Grade 1 - Sept. 30th at 5:30
  • Please become involved at Hood School by joining the PTO and/or School Improvement Council.  The goal of both committees is to make Hood a better place for the students.

We are looking forward to a safe, happy, and successful year.  Please involve yourself with us and know that we look forward to our partnership.  Your child and his/her education are very important to us. 

Gayle R. Dufour
Principal, Hood Elementary School

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December 3rd
- Forsythe dental
- APTT grade 2, 4:00

December 4th
- APTT Gr 3, 4:00

December 5th
Core Value Assembly/Perfect Attendance
- Report Card Closing for 1st Trimester

December 8th       
- Faculty Meeting 2:30 - Monday
- PTO 5:30

December 9th
- APTT Gr 1, 4:00

December 19th
- Report Cards go home
- PBIS assembly 9:30

December 22nd
- PTO Holiday Shop –all day

December 23rd
- Holiday Concert – Whole school dress rehearsal 9:00
- Parents Performance at 1:00
- Winter Break begins at 2:15

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Hood Elementary School Information | 2014-2015

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
(781) 477-7390
(339) 883-1407
24 Oakwood Avenue, Lynn, MA 01902
Monday - Friday | 8:15 AM to 2:15 PM
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School Staff List | 2014-2015 | Updated August 1, 2014

List Principal
Gayle Dufour
(781) 477-7390
List Clerk
Caroline Lapierre
(781) 477-7389 x. 1952
List School Adjustment Counselor
Lori Alcock
(781) 477-7389 x1983
List School Nurse

Michelle Thivierge
(781) 477-7389 x. 1953

List School Social Worker

Maura Pilotte, Doherty
(781) 477-7389 x1983

List Parent Liaison

Cecilia Aguero Vargas

List Custodians
Chuck Oak

List School Faculty List | 2014-2015 | Updated August 1, 2014
Subject | Faculty Grade Room
  Kaethe Brewster K P2
  Sarah Hawkins K P3
  Amanda Powers K P4
  Barbara Civiello K-Para  
  Christine Guinasso K-Para  
  Maureem Lapointe K-Para  
Grade 1    
  Melissa Harrington 1 106
  Sarah Holwick 1 107
  Jenelle Gibney 1 105
Grade 2    
  Jessie Dupre 2 212
  Helena Kaczenas 2 209
  Becky Simbliaris 2 208
  Kathleen Wardwell 2 210
Grade 3    
  Leah Parks 3 102
  Abigail Nelson 3 103
  Marissa Miller 3 104
Grade 4    
  Rachel Grant 4 205
  Katherine Rearick 4 207
  Julie Solimini 4 206
Grade 5    
  Annie Merritt 4 202
  Sarah Rice 5 201
  Simone Kivett All 204
  Christa Coners   109 B
  Colleen Simons MH | 3-5 101
Inclusion Specialists    
  Lauren Pleeter    
  Michelle Serio    
  Amanda Zorzonella    
  Jessica McBride   108
  Christine Kaminski All 204
  Thavy Chen   101
  Crystal Montibello   203
  Earlene Moreno-Smith   101
  Linda Kasper    
  Stravoula Kirkland    
Physical Education    
  Andrea Cialetta All Gym
Occupational Therapist    
  Robin Bradley All 109 A
Reading Specialists    
  Kate Deroo | CIT   109 B
  Michele Gwozdz   109 B
  Jill Manganelli    
Speech Specialist    
  Miriam Fusco All 109 A

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