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Value of the Month: Cooperation
Your family is the most important “team” that you will ever work with!

To be successful everyone in the family needs to:

• Respect each other’s space and belongings
• Listen to each other
• Do chores at the right time and with a good attitude
• Learn how to work out problems without fighting
• Communicate well so that everyone knows what is happening
• Spend time together as a family
• Celebrate each other’s successes
• Support each other through sad times
• Learn to share

Did You Know?
The routine of the school day is important for students. They know the main purpose for being in school is to learn and that routines are in place precisely to help them focus on that learning. When students are repeatedly tardy, these routines are disrupted. Arriving after 8:15 AM can throw off their whole morning or even their day, especially if being late made the trip to school stressful.

If getting to school by 8:15 AM is a challenge for your family, you will need to make changes to your morning schedule at home in order to get to school on time. During the winter, students take longer to get ready because of coats, boots and hats. Setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier could be all that is needed to ensure students are here to meet the teacher by 8:15 AM. This adjustment can help ensure that all students have a great start to their day

Technical Support For HAC, Schoology and More!

How To Access Email and HAC - Click Here For The Video

Here is a short video on how to check your email to get the HAC information needed to access grades, progress reports and report cards.

"Schoology" Parent Access Update - October 6, 2020

Your student's school will be reaching out to you by the end of next week with an access code for "Schoology". If you do not receive an access code by October 9th, reach out to your child's homeroom teacher. At the secondary level, you only need 1 access code and all courses will be loaded.

This account will allow you to see the work your child has submitted, discussions they have participated in, school updates, and also provides the ability to message staff at the school. Multiple children can be added to one parent account. The following are videos (Part 1 and Part 2) showing how to set up your account and take advantage of all the "Schoology" features available to you.

LPS Parent Access Video - Part 1 - English
LPS Parent Access Video - Part 1 - Spanish

LPS Parent Access Video - Part 2 - English
LPS Parent Access Video - Part 2 - Spanish

Parents How To Register and View Your Child's Activity:
Download the Step by Step Instructions Here. (English and Spanish
How To Set Up Your Parent Access Account:
LPS Parent Videos In English -  LPS Parent Videos In Spanish
Parents How To Register and View Your Child's Activity:
Download the Step by Step Instructions Here. (English and Spanish)
New "Schoology" How To Videos Have Been Posted!
Visit Our Technology Page Here!
How To Set Up Your New Laptop - English Version
Cómo configurar su nueva computadora portátil - Versión en español
LPS Technology Help Desk (781) 477 - 7342
Monday - Thursday: 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM
Friday: 7:45 AM - 12:45 PM



Welcome To The Ingalls Elementary School

This pages is being updated, check back soon!

Ingalls Elementary School Information

Grades Offered PK - K - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Phone (781) 477-7400
Fax (781) 477-7398
Address - Map Link 1 Collins Street Terrace, Lynn, MA 01902
School Day Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM until 1:45 PM
Staff and Teacher List Current School Year
School Council Page Current School Year
School Improvement Plans 2019 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Student Handbooks Read Our Introductory Letter and Handbook
Department of Education Profiles and Report Cards
Our Mass DOE Profile DOE Profile, MCAS and Other Info
Our DOE Report Card Our Accountability Data
School Report Card Letter English Creole Khmer Portugese Spanish
  Link to School and District Report Cards
District MCAS Report Card MCAS Performance Report Card
District Report Card District Performance Report Card
Additional District Postings
LPS District Notices Additional Notices and Resources
Recording and Photographs Recording Remote Learning Lessons
Last Website Update: July 29, 2021 1:00 PM
School Staff and Teacher List For 2019-2020

Our Phone (781) 477-7400
Our Fax (781) 477-7398
Principal Frangie Cruz
Office Mrs.Wendi Whitcomb
Office Mrs. Carol Travers
Parent Liason Ms. Candida Cuellar
Program Specialist Mrs. Stephanie Clayman
Adjustment Counselor Ms. Patricia Johnston
School Nurse Ms. Elizabeth LeClerc
Nurse Practitioner Ms. Beth Zermani
School Psychologist Ms. Vanessa Buckley
School Social Worker Kristen Connor
School Social Worker Genevieve Gonzalez
Behavioral Therapist TBA
Head Cafeteria Worker Mrs. Sheila Valrie
Custodians Mrs. Tracy Stewart

Ms. Heather Branscomb Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Margaret Hand Paraprofessional
Ms. Marisa Castro Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Ashley Dunlop Paraprofessional
Ms. Kelly Corcoran Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Amanda Haggerty Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Beverly Ellis Paraprofessional
Ms. Dorothy Williams Paraprofessional
Ms. Kerry McNulty Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Ruth Boltrushek Paraprofessional
Ms. Monica Pino Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Lois Anderson Paraprofessional
Ms. Julie Sullivan Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Mary Dean-Calnan Paraprofessional
Grade 1
Ms. Julia Barry Grade One Teacher
Ms. Kelley Economou Grade One Teacher
Ms. Lisa Hynes Grade One Teacher
Ms. Malynda Kidney Grade One Teacher
Ms. Carson Tucker Grade One Teacher
Grade 2
Mrs. Michelle Clancy Grade Two Teacher
Mrs. Tammi Crowley Grade Two Teacher
Mrs. Phyllis Fogarty Grade Two Teacher
Mrs. Samantha Trunfio Grade Two Teacher
Grade 3
Mrs. Anmarie Donnelly Grade Three Teacher
Ms. Britney Falite Grade Three Teacher
Ms. Marisa Fields Grade Three Teacher
Ms. Kristen Marshall Grade Three Teacher
Grade 4
Ms. Ashley Burke Grade Four Teacher
Ms. Cara Donnelly Grade Four Teacher
Ms. Danielle Folkins Grade Four Teacher
Mrs. Marielle Scippa Grade Four Teacher
Grade 5
Ms. Mariah DeRosa Grade Five Teacher
Mrs. Tara Friedman Grade Five Teacher
Ms. Kristin Lauria Grade Five Teacher
Mrs. Angela Oza Grade Five Teacher
Mrs. Michelle Gilbert Art Teacher
Curriculum Instruction (CIT)
Ms. Karen Barbuzzi Curriculum Instruction Teacher
Mrs. Laurie Douzepis Curriculum Instruction Teacher
ESL Specialists
Ms. Liza Bento ESL Teacher
Ms. Bailey Bogart ESL Teacher
Mrs. Olga Guzman ESL Teacher
Ms. Christine Hayes ESL Teacher
Mrs. Kristen McKenna ESL Teacher
Ms. Sarah McKenna ESL Teacher
Ms. Anne Roach ESL Teacher
Inclusion Specialists
Ms. Megan Dawley Inclusion Teacher
Ms. Catherine Foster Inclusion Teacher
Mrs. Jill Homan Inclusion Teacher
Ms. Laurie Peterson Inclusion Teacher
Ms. Jennifer Sinipius Inclusion Teacher
Ms. Michelle Woods Inclusion Teacher
Mr. Jon Dyson Music Teacher
Physical Education
Mrs. Maureen Ouellette Physical Education Teacher
Reading Specialists
Mrs. Irene Crighton Reading Teacher
Ms. Kathy Leach Reading Teacher
Ms. Callie Rotsko Reading Teacher
Ms. Talia Sarivo Reading Teacher
Mrs. Lori Wells Reading Teacher
Special Education
Mrs. Moira Hussey Special Education Chair
Building Substitutes
Ms. Devan Brown  
Ms. Kathryn Barry  
Ungraded Teachers
Mrs. Debra Ladderbush Ungraded Teacher
Mrs. Lisa Adgurson Paraprofessional
Ms. Meghan Lawner Ungraded Teacher
Ms. Cristal Dunston Paraprofessional
Ms. Yaniris DeJesus 1:1 Paraprofessional
Last Website Update: July 29, 2021 1:00 PM
Welcome To Ingall's Resource Page

Picture of Icons
- What's Happening This Month At School
Book Icon Academics and Curriculum
- Curriculum Guides
- Student Handbooks
- Summer Reading Information
- Home Learning Archive - March 2020 - June 2020
Basketball Icon Activities, Sports and Athletics
Blog Icon COVID-19 Information
Masks Help Stop The Spread Flyer
Arabic English
Haitian Creole Khmer
Portuguese Spanish
COVID-19 Fact Sheet - English COVID-19 Fact Sheet - Spanish
Running Icon Extra Curricular Activities
Boys Basketball Girls Basketball School Newspaper
Music Club Literacy Club Exercise Club
Arts/Crafts Club Drama Fun with Phonics
Creative Movement Drawing Club Yoga
Blog Icon School Google Calendar
- Select the "Agenda" tab for a complete list view of events.
Clipboard Icon LPS Policies, Codes and Forms
- Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Our Policy
- Common School Policies, Codes and Forms
School House Icon For Parents
- 2019 Winter Issue Now In Flight!!!
School Desk Icon For Students
- 2019 Spring Is Here And So Is Our Next Issue!
- 2019 Winter Issue Now In Flight!!!
- The Ingalls Rocket Reporter- 2018- 2019
- Ingalls Student Handbook
Facebook Icon Social Media
- The LPS Facebook Page Has Our Art-Photo Postings, Announcements & More!
Dance Icon Special Projects and Presentation Archive
Last Website Update: July 29, 2021 1:00 PM
Welcome to the Ingalls School Council Webpage
School Council Members and Meetings - School Year 2020 -2021
Name School or Community Position
Irene Cowdell Principal
Karen Barbuzzi Curriculum Instruction Teacher
Debra Ladderbush Special Education Teacher
Anne Roach ESL Specialist
Yahaira Figueroa Parent
John Hogan Parent
Vicki Lam Parent
Cassandra Farguheson Community Member, LCHC/DPH
Antonio Gutiérrez Community Member, LYSOA/Centerboard
2020-2021 Meeting Dates and Agenda Psat Meeting Minutes  

All meetings will be held at 5:30 PM on Zoom (Invite Forthcoming)

Thursday, January 13, 2021    
Thursday, March 10, 2021 Meeting Cancelled  
Thursday, May 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes  
Past Meeting Dates and Agenda Past Meeting Minutes  
September 24, 2019    
November 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes  
January 16, 2020 Meeting Minutes  
March 19, 2020    
May 14, 2020    
About School Councils
A school council is a representative, school building-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and, at the secondary level, students, required to be established by each school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C.

It is important to note the School Council plays an advisory role in assisting the building principal to organize and implement a School Improvement Plan which not only addresses the areas in which the school intends to comply with the requirements of the Educational Reform Act, but also how the school intends to meet those system-wide goals and policies adopted by the school committee. Membership will consist of the principal, teachers, parents, students and community members.

Our Art, Photo and Video Facebook Postings
Art Camera Video Recent Art, Photo and Video Facebook Postings
Posting Type Description Date
Photos Ingalls's Receives New Dictionaries! January 2020
Photos Ingall's Wecomes Senator Crighton! December 2019
Photos Pajama Day At Ingall's! December 2019
Photos Ingalls Holiday Gingerbread Houses! December 2019
Photos Ingalls Gives Thanks! November 2019
Photos Ingalls Students Spell It Out! November 2019
Photos Hand's On Learning! November 2019
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