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September 2017

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Welcome To The Ingalls Elementary School

Effort Will Determine Your Success!
Welcome to our website!  Student achievement is our top priority here at the Ingalls Elementary School.   Our teachers and students are dedicated to the belief that “Effort Will Determine Your Success!”  In all that we teach, we believe that putting forth our best effort supports the importance of learning.

We look to the school year as one of a continuing partnership.  Partnership, supported by parents, students, faculty and staff will strengthen the Ingalls Elementary mission that is firmly in place.  Our partnership sends the message that we are deeply committed to high standards for all.

Best wishes for a successful new year!

Irene P. Cowdell
Ingalls Elementary

Ingalls Elementary School Information

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
PK | KF | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
(781) 477-7400
(781) 477-7398
1 Collins Street Terrace, Lynn, MA 01902
Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM to 1:45 PM
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Last Update July 17, 2017 4:00 PM
List School Staff List | 2016-2017 | Last Website Update: July 20, 2017 1:30 PM

Our Phone List (781) 477-7400
Our Fax List (781) 477-7389
Acting Principal Irene Cowdell
Office Mrs.Wendi Whitcomb
Mrs.Leah Whitcomb
  | Main Number
Parent Liason Mrs. Alicia Cepeda 
Program Specialist TBA
Adjustment Counselor Mr. George Shea
School Nurse Ms. Elizabeth LeClerc
Ms. Beth Zermani | Nurse Practitioner
School Psychologist Mrs. Claudia Carmody
School Social Worker Mrs. Jackie Zeidman
Behavioral Therapist Ms. Stephanie Gaeta
Head Cafeteria Worker Mrs. Lois Branden
Custodians Mrs. Tracy Stewart

List School Teacher List | 2016-2017
Subject | Teacher Grade Room
Ms. Angela Masucci K
Ms. Beverly Ellis Paraprofessional
Ms. Cynthia Mitsiaris K
Ms. Dorothy Williams Paraprofessional
Mrs. Heather Trainor K
Ms. Margaret Martin Paraprofessional
Ms. Carson Tucker K
Mrs. Ruth Boltrushek Paraprofessional
Grade 1
Ms. Stephanie DeSimone 1
Mrs. Irene Hall 1
Ms. Lisa Hynes 1
Ms. Kelley Economou 1
Grade 2
Mrs. Michelle Clancy 2
Mrs. Tammi Crowley 2
Mrs. Samantha Trunfio 2
Mrs. Phyllis Fogarty 2
Grade 3
Mrs. AnMarie Donnelly  3
Ms. Britney Falite 3
Ms. Marisa Fields 3
Ms. Kristen Marshall 3
Miss Samantha Mamos 3
Grade 4
Ms. Danielle Folkins 4
Ms. Ashley Burke 4
Ms. Laurie Peterson 4
Ms. Marielle Robinson 4
Grade 5
Ms. Mariah DeRosa 5
Mrs. Tara Friedman 5
Mrs. Angela Oza 5
Ms. Nicole Sarver 5
Mrs. Muriel Whenal 5
Mrs. Michelle Muzichuk
Curriculum Instruction (CIT)
Ms. Karen Barbuzzi
Mrs. Stephanie Clayman
Mrs. Laurie Douzepis
Ms. Malynda Kidney
ESL Specialists
Mrs. Olga Guzman
Mrs. Kristen McKenna
Mrs. Kristin Pepp
Ms. Anne Roach
Inclusion Specialists
Mrs. Charlene Casey  
Ms. Jennifer Cargill  
Ms. Nancy Castle  
Ms. Megan Dawley  
Mrs. Jill Homan  
Mr. Edward Hudson
Mr. Luke Courtemanche Para
Mrs. Susan DeSimone Intervention Aide
Mrs. Karen Flaherty Intervention Aide
Mrs. Donna LaChance Para
Mr. Joshua Rowley Para
Physical Education
Ms. Pati Kane
Reading Specialists
Mrs. Anita Bedrosian
Mrs. Janice LeBel
Ms. Irene Sarenteas
Special Education
Mrs. Moira Hussey Chair
Mrs. Debra Ladderbush
Mrs. Lisa Adgurson Paraprofessional
Ms. Amanda Lacaillade  

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