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Our Winter Concert Is Scheduled For January 20th At 6 PM In Our Auditorium!
Check Out Our 2016 Basketball Schedule Below!

WEEK OF 2/8/2016

  • 2/5/2016: Second Quarter Ends
  • 2/11/2016 - Basketball - Pickering @Marshall
  • Winter Vacation will be from 2/15-2/19
  • Pickering Middle School is participating in a fund raiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
    There is a link you can use to go directly to the the school donating website for this event.
    Students and teachers can also bring spare change to homeroom daily through February 8 to donate as a school. Money will be collected during homeroom. Thanks for participating in this event. Use your change to help change the lives of those with Leukemia and Lymphoma.
2016 Date Game Location | Red = Away Game Game Time
Jan.4 Pickering AT Revere (Susan B. Anthony) Boys 4:30
Girls 5:30
Jan.8 Marshall at Pickering Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
Jan.13 Marblehead at Pickering Boys 3:45
Girls 4:45
Jan.15 Gloucester at Pickering Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
Jan.20 Pickering AT Breed Boys 3:45
Girls 3:45
Jan.21 Salem at Pickering Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
Jan.25 Pickering AT Peabody Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
Jan.28 Saugus at Pickering Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
Feb.1 Pickering AT Triton Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
Feb.2 Swampscott at Pickering Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
Feb.5 Revere at Pickering Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
Feb.11 Pickering AT Marshall Girls 3:45
Boys 4:45
On Monday, November 23, Katelyn Cole, the young adult librarian at the Lynn Public Library, came to speak to all the students at Pickering Middle School. She had issued library card forms in advance of her visit and got students and parents to complete the forms to issue library cards to students who requested them.


There is so much one can do with a library card in this Twenty-First Century. One can check books out from the library by visiting the library, or one can download books electronically from the Lynn Public Library using an App called Overdrive. When studying or researching, one can use the barcode on the back of the library card to download articles from the Massachusetts State library website and instead of paying for songs from iTunes, one can download up to free songs per week using the library card.

Did you know that you can reserve tickets to different museums through the Lynn Public Library? Ask Katelyn Cole about all the new fun things there are in the Young Adult Room. Do you want to make something with the 3D printer, play a video game, use a computer for research or to play a game, then go to the Lynn Public Library or use your library card from home to get songs, books, and/or information?

Our thanks go out to Katelyn Cole for partnering with our school and sharing all the new things that are going on at the Lynn Public Library.

Students in grades six and seven who wanted to, wrote poems last spring and participated in the National Poetry contest in Boise, ID.  Several of the students at Pickering were selected to have poems published in the ­Young American Poetry Digest 2015. The sixth grade students who have been published are: Christopher Bui, Jared Cahill, Salvador Esteban, Chelsea Lopez, Kathleen Mannion, Cormac Miller, Ludelis Miller, Danny Ngueyen, Caitlyn Phay, Katherine Poggio, Salwan Sabil, Layann Shaban, Kevin Torres, and Aryianna Wlodkowski. The students who were in grade seven last year and were published are: Zacharay Beliveau, Katelyn Bowden,  Corsia Germano, Phat Hoang, Theo Kamarinos, Matthew Leonard, Tyler Miller, David Okoro, Katelyn O’Neill, Joana Perez, Sonetra Pov, Syeeda Rahman, Joseph Severe, Louis Shkliew, Ashley Sok, Daniel Torres, Hannah Trahant, and Gzane Williams.


Although additional students from Pickering Middle School had poems that were selected to be published, they did not submit the required parental permission slip. We will be participating in this contest again this year. Please have students see Mrs. Morrison if interested in submitting a poem/Haiku in early March 2016.

OCT 2015
Students had a great time at the annual Pickering Middle School Chills & Thrills Dance. Many students dressed up in costumes. Prizes were given out for the best 13 costumes. Thank you to all the staff who helped chaperon, the PTO for providing refreshments, and, of course, the students who were well behaved and had a great time!
The Lady Tigers Softball Team had an amazing regular season, winning all but two games. The team, which was led by outstanding returning players and a handful of new players, was hardworking, motivated and eager to win. Playoffs started with a game against a tough Peabody team and Pickering was able to buckle down and get the win. The following day, the Lady Tigers played Salem, the only team they had lost to all year. With their teamwork, dedication, great pitching and ability to lay down bunt after bunt, Pickering upset the number one seed with a championship victory!
Pickering Middle School National Junior Honor Society students participated in the 34th Annual Walk For MBT To Feed The Hungry on October 25, 2015.  Pickering students raised over $1,300 !!

MBT Walk

My Brother’s Table is the largest soup kitchen on the North Shore. As the number of families and individuals needing a daily, hot nutritious meal steadily increases, the Walkathon is an important fundraiser this year more than ever.
The walk takes place along three miles of the scenic Lynn and Swampscott oceanfront. “It’s a fun event for everyone,” says Mary Magner, Associate Director at My Brother’s Table. “We have walkers from all over the North Shore, including individuals and teams from local churches and temples, schools and businesses. As we are expecting to serve more meals this year, it is important to note that more than 95 percent of the money raised directly benefits the guests of My Brother’s Table.” To ensure the privacy of its guests, My Brother’s Table receives no government assistance, is not a United Way affiliate, and depends on private and corporate donations to feed those in need.


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Welcome To The Pickering Middle School

Pickering Middle School is a positive learning community staffed by talented, dedicated, caring individuals. The faculty works collaboratively to offer our students every opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. We encourage students to reach their fullest potential through effort, hard work and determination.

Parent support plays an integral part in forming the culture at Pickering. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education. This environment of cooperative support helps students develop academically and socially. Working together, we strive to ensure that each student will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become lifelong learners.

We encourage our students to always ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Work Hard’

Principal Ritterhas

Our middle school encompasses grades six through eight and focuses on the learning needs of early adolescents. We emphasize the acquisition of basic skills and application of these skills for academic success. Throughout our students’ three years at Pickering, we support them as they develop into life-long learners. Pickering Middle School utilizes the interdisciplinary team approach at each grade level.

The Pickering Middle School's start time is 7:45 AM and the school day ends at 2:30 PM. When the doors open at 7:45, students are expected to go to their homerooms. Students arriving after 8:00 AM are considered late and are to report to the office. If a student arrives late, he/she must have a note stating the reason for being late, otherwise, detention will be assigned.

At Pickering Middle School we are committed to providing all students with an equitable opportunity for optimal achievement in all academic areas, encouraging social responsibility and respect towards others, and helping students develop into lifelong learners.

To prepare students to think analytically and to apply their skills and knowledge to future learning and personal success.

Our History

Originally children from Wyoma Square used a chapel on Auburn Street as a school until seventy students moved to a newly built schoolhouse on Boston Street in the year 1770. Miss Nana Pickering was the first principal, and the school was named after her in 1884 when an addition was completed.

When educational studies developed the idea of a "Junior High" system, Pickering was the first to be built in the city. On December 6,1917, a cold Tuesday morning, Pickering opened, costing $236,000 to build and $58,000 to furnish (A fancy house can cost that much today and $8000 might furnish one room!). In 1927, a Columbia University group of educators recommended an addition to be built. After World War II, the addition, including the gym, the west wing, and the Sisson School next door were completed.

Home of the Pickering Tigers!

Pickering Middle School Information | 2015-2016

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
Home Access Center
6 | 7 | 8 |
(781) 477-7440
(781) 477-7202
70 Conomo Avenue, Lynn, MA 01904
Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM to 2:30 PM
List Attendance The Pickering Middle School's start time is 7:45 AM and the school day ends at 2:30 PM. When the doors open at 7:45, students are expected to go to their homerooms. Students arriving after 8:00 AM are considered late and are to report to the office. If a student arrives late, he/she must have a note stating the reason for being late, otherwise, detention will be assigned.
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School Staff List | 2015-2016 | Updated November 2015

List Principal
Mr. Kevin Rittershaus
(781) 477-7438
List Assistant Principal
Maria Fenn
(781) 477-7438
List Clerk
Dru Madruga
(781) 477-7438
Donna Corson
(781) 477-7438
List Program Specialist
Deborah Morel
(781) 477-7438
List Guidance Counselors
Claire McRobbie
(781) 477-7438
Tina Benecke
(781) 477-7438
List School Social Worker
Matthew Ridley
List School Nurse
Robin Erelli
List School Hall Monitor
Roderick Valrie
List School Resource Officer
Officer Hogan
List Custodial Staff
Steve Malagrifa | Head Custodian
Barbara Brown | Housekeeper

List School Teacher List | 2015-2016 | Updated September 2015
Subject | Teacher Grade Room
  Angeliki Russell Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
  Karen Dulong ELA Coach  
  Kerri Boudreault Grade 6  
  Ashley Chalifour Grade 6  
  Nancy Mades-Byrd Grade 7  
  Christine Donovan Grade 7  
  Kelley Lapierre Grade 8  
  David McCaffrey Grade 8  
Foreign Language    
  Mercedes Blass Grade 7 | Spanish  
  Leticia Carrasco Grade 8 | Spanish  
  Marilyn Klinker Grade 8 | Spanish  
  Stephen DiPietro Grade 6  
  Stephanie Hatchell Grade 8  
  Mary Archambault Math Coach  
  Jennifer Alsen Grade 6  
  Elise Diorio Grade 6  
  Stephen Maniatis Grade 6  
  Roy Rodriguez Grade 6  
  Laura Pitman Grade 7  
  John Wetmore Grade 7  
  Renee Philbrook Grade 8  
  Maurice Twomey Grade 8  
  Anthony Rozakis Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
Physical Education  
  Deborah DeFilippo Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
  James Foley Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
  Libby Van Epps    
  Christina Stanley    
  Kristine Colarossi    
  Briana Cennami Grade 6  
  Florence DiPietro Grade 6  
  Mel Drakopolous Grade 7  
  Kristine Johnson Grade 8  
  Jill Joyce Grade 8  
  Michael Sosnowski Grade 8  
Social Studies    
  Greta Harvey Grade 6  
  Robert Upton Grade 6  
  John Johnston Grade 7  
  Christopher Meechin Grade 7  
  Colleen Simmons Grade 8  
Special Education  
  Jennifer Arakelian  Grade 6 | Inclusion  
  Courtney Chalifour Grade 7 | Inclusion  
  Brenda Cronin Grade 7 | Inclusion  
  Angela Desroches Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
  Kathleen Driscoll Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
  MaryBeth Gilchrist Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
  Tracie Lindsey COACh  
  Robert Reed Grade 8 | Inclusion  
  Blodwin Ropes Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
  Amy Sewyck Grade 6 | Inclusion  
  Christine Treantos Grade 8 | Inclusion  
  Laurie Wentzell  COACh  
  Reginal Douyon Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
  Amanda DeVenne Grades 6 | 7 | 8  
Teacher Aids    
  Kathleen Allen   COACh Classroom
  Paula Chandler   Room 217
  Mayra Garcia   Classroom
  Laurie Jackiewicz   Room 206 A
  Malorry Merlin | (B. Blas)   COACh One-On-One
  Kristen Noonan | (D. Mitchell)   Classroom
  Adam Saltzman   COACh Classroom
  Rachel Tose   Room 206 B
  June Waldron   Room 217
  Jason Wooten | (R. Millette)
  COACh Classroom
  Natalie Morrison Technology  
  Scott Clark Technology and Engineering

"This Month At School" | December 2015
Monthly Announcements, News, Notes and More!

Class CLUBS Arts Clip News Calendar NL Icon REMINDERS SPORTS

  • Monday, Dec. 14th is Pajama Day!
    Students pay $1/ staff pay $5 and wear school appropriate pajamas. All monies raised will go to a local charity.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 15th is Hat Day!
    Pay $1 to wear (an appropriate) hat of your choice.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 16th is Red and Green Day!
    Wear these colors to show holiday spirit.

  • Our Next Open House is this week on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015 from 3-5 PM. Please stop by the school and join the festivities!
  • Thursday, Dec. 17th is Pickering Team Spirit Day!
    Wear your favorite team's shirt or hat.
  • Friday, Dec. 17th is (a school favorite...) Ugly Sweater Day!
  • Toys for Tots toy drive will run until 12/15. Students can bring in new toys for children ages infant to 18 years old. (No stuffed animals please)More information about Toys for Tots can be found Toys for Tots
  • Boys signups in gym on Friday (12/4)
    Tryouts are next Wednesday (12/9) and Friday (12/11)
    Girls signups in room 014: Tuesday(12/1) - Grade 6 girls, Thursday (12/3) - Grade 7 and 8 girls

  • Picture retakes will be on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. This is for students who were absent on picture day or anyone wanting new pictures.

  • The next Open House will be on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 from 3-5 PM.

  • Toys for Tots toy drive will run until 12/15. Students can bring in new toys for children ages infant to 18 years old. (No stuffed animals please)More information about Toys for Tots can be found Toys for Tots
  • Please join Lynn Classical High School on Tuesday, December 1st from 6-8 pm for their annual "Night of Excellence." 8th grade students and families are invited to visit academic and club displays and to tour the building. Lynn Classical staff and students look forward to seeing you there.

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