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2015 Spring MCAS Dates!

ELA Long Write | April 2nd
ELA Reading Comprehension | April 7th and 8th
MCAS Math | May 19th and 20th
MCAS Science and Technology | May 21st and 22nd

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2015 Rotary Club Winners!

The 8th Grade Recognition Program was founded by a local Lynn Rotarian who felt that his experiences in middle school were instrumental in shaping his life as an adult. Like so many young people, he experienced significant obstacles in middle school both at home and in the classroom. With determination as well as support and guidance, he was able to improve his academic achievement and ultimately became a successful student and person.

Each year, Lynn Rotarians celebrate the accomplishments of current 8th graders once a month from January to May. Each public and private junior high and middle school nominates a student who has overcome an obstacle in their lives, and at a special luncheon, also attended by family members and teachers; the honorees are recognized with a special award packet and certificate. The program is underwritten through an annual donation from the Riverworks Credit Union. The award is given to grade 8 students who have shown steady improvement in their schoolwork, maybe overcoming an illness, language barriers, or personal struggles and who are exerting strong effort.

Our winners from Pickering for the 2015 school year (so far) are:
Patsy Gomez | January
Nancy Melendez | February
Carter Brinkler | March
Congratulations to all!!

JFK "Make A Difference Award" Winners

Congratulations to Meaghan Hennessey and John Difilippo! Both students are recipients of the 2015 John F. Kennedy ‘Make a Difference Award’.

JFK Award
Meaghan Hennessey has been nominated for the John F. Kennedy, “Make a difference Award” as an advocate for community service. Meaghan has always been very involved in the community service projects here at Pickering Middle School. She encourages other to get involved and she is a caring, compassionate student. Meaghan is also part of the National Junior Honor Society where she also takes part in the community service projects that they are involved in such as, Toys for Tots and Pennies for Patients. In addition to all of the work she does here she, also volunteers at her church in her free time.

John Difilippo is one of the students chosen to receive the John F Kennedy Make a Difference award for his volunteer work in the community. John has joined thousands of people who each year shave their hair off to support children with cancer. The One Mission Buzz Off is an event where participants shave their heads in honor and support of kids with cancer; kids who don’t have the choice to lose their hair. Just like a walk or road race, participants raise money by asking family and friends to sponsor their participation. In five short years, over 3,000 people have shaved their heads, raising $3.2 Million. John has been volunteering at this program for the past 3 years. During that time John has also maintained excellent grades in school. Congratulations John and keep up the good work.

Back To School!

Please remember that only 6th graders will be starting school Wednesday, September 3, 2014. All 6th grade students are to report to the auditorium at 7:45 AM where they will be given their homeroom assignments.

7th & 8th grade students will start on Thursday, September 4. 7th graders are to report to the auditorium at 7:45 am and the 8th grade students will report to the cafeteria at 7:45 am.

If you have any questions, please call the school at 781-477-7440. Thank you.

Congratulations Aaliyah! | Project 351 Ambassador

Pickering 8th grade student Aaliyah Cleghorn was one of three middle school students from Lynn Public Schools to be named ambassadors to the 2013 Project 351 program.

Project 351 celebrates the power of young people as a force for positive change in their communities and our Commonwealth. Through service, leadership development, enrichment, and friendship with a statewide community of peers, Ambassadors build skills and confidence, explore issues, embrace leadership, and motivate a lifetime of service.


Making A Difference At Pickering!


Hat Day...What Can We Say!


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Welcome To The Pickering Middle School

Pickering Middle School is a positive learning community staffed by talented, dedicated, caring individuals. The faculty works collaboratively to offer our students every opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. We encourage students to reach their fullest potential through effort, hard work and determination.

Parent support plays an integral part in forming the culture at Pickering. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education. This environment of cooperative support helps students develop academically and socially. Working together, we strive to ensure that each student will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become lifelong learners.

We encourage our students to always ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Work Hard’

Principal Ritterhas

Our middle school encompasses grades six through eight and focuses on the learning needs of early adolescents. We emphasize the acquisition of basic skills and application of these skills for academic success. Throughout our students’ three years at Pickering, we support them as they develop into life-long learners. Pickering Middle School utilizes the interdisciplinary team approach at each grade level.

The Pickering Middle School's start time is 7:45 AM and the school day ends at 2:30 PM. When the doors open at 7:45, students are expected to go to their homerooms. Students arriving after 8:00 AM are considered late and are to report to the office. If a student arrives late, he/she must have a note stating the reason for being late, otherwise, detention will be assigned.

At Pickering Middle School we are committed to providing all students with an equitable opportunity for optimal achievement in all academic areas, encouraging social responsibility and respect towards others, and helping students develop into lifelong learners.

To prepare students to think analytically and to apply their skills and knowledge to future learning and personal success.

Our History

Originally children from Wyoma Square used a chapel on Auburn Street as a school until seventy students moved to a newly built schoolhouse on Boston Street in the year 1770. Miss Nana Pickering was the first principal, and the school was named after her in 1884 when an addition was completed.

When educational studies developed the idea of a "Junior High" system, Pickering was the first to be built in the city. On December 6,1917, a cold Tuesday morning, Pickering opened, costing $236,000 to build and $58,000 to furnish (A fancy house can cost that much today and $8000 might furnish one room!). In 1927, a Columbia University group of educators recommended an addition to be built. After World War II, the addition, including the gym, the west wing, and the Sisson School next door were completed.

Home of the Pickering Tigers!

Pickering Middle School Information | 2014-2015

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
6 | 7 | 8 |
(781) 477-7440
(781) 477-7202
70 Conomo Avenue, Lynn, MA 01904
Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM to 2:30 PM
List Attendance The Pickering Middle School's start time is 7:45 AM and the school day ends at 2:30 PM. When the doors open at 7:45, students are expected to go to their homerooms. Students arriving after 8:00 AM are considered late and are to report to the office. If a student arrives late, he/she must have a note stating the reason for being late, otherwise, detention will be assigned.
List Staff and Faculty List Current School Year
SC School Council Page Current School Year
PDF School Improvement Plans 2015 2014 2013    
Website Department of Education Profiles and Report Cards
NP Our Mass DOE Profile DOE Profile, MCAS and Other Info
  Our DOE Report Card 2014 Our Accountability Data
District MCAS Report Card 2014 MCAS Performance Report Card
District Report Card 2014 District Performance Report Card
List LPS District Notices Additional Notices and Resources

School Staff List | 2014-2015 | Updated August 1, 2014

List Principal
Mr. Kevin Rittershaus
(781) 477-7438
List Assistant Principal
Maria Fenn
(781) 477-7438
List Secretaries
Dru Madruga
(781) 477-7438
Donna Corson
(781) 477-7438
List Academic Support Specialist
Deborah Morel
(781) 477-7438
List Guidance Counselors
Claire McRobbie
(781) 477-7438
Tina Benecke
(781) 477-7438
List School Social Worker
Matthew Ridley
List School Nurse
Robin Erelli
List School Hall Monitor
Rod Valrie
List School Resource Officer
Officer Hogan
List Custodial Staff
Dave Beaton | Head Custodian
Barbara Brown | Housekeeper

List School Faculty List | 2014-2015 | Updated August 1, 2014
Subject | Faculty Classroom Webpage Room
  Angeliki Russell    
  Christine Donovan    
  Karen Dulong    
  Catherine Griffin
  Vincent Kelly    
  David McCaffrey    
  Barbara Siaki    
Foreign Language    
  Kristin Rillovick    
  Maria Rodriguez    
  Dena Coffey    
  Mary Archambault Math Coach  
  Gayle Bastarache    
  Blass Mercedes    
  Renee Philbrook    
  Laura Pitman    
  Jean Quinn    
  Maurice Twomey    
  Anthony Rozakis    
Physical Education  
  Ronald Bennett    
  James Foley    
  Kathleen Ford    
  Deborah Santos    
  Briana Cennami    
  Florence DiPietro    
  Mel Drakopolous    
  Jill Joyce    
  Michael Sosnowski    
  Steve Wintersteen    
Social Studies    
  Katherine Coman    
  Greta Harvey    
  Stephanie Hatchell    
  John Johnston    
  Kelly LaPierre    
  Eugene Schultz    
Special Education  
  Courtney Chalifour    
  Leslie Clark    
  Angela Desroaches    
  Katie Driscoll    
  Mark Duran COACH  
  MaryBeth Gilchrist    
  Tracie Lindsey COACH  
  Jane Mackey    
  David Migliaccio    
  Claire Pappas    
  Robert Reed    
  Blodwin Ropes    
  Amy Sewyck    
  Amanda Gilbert    
Teacher Aids    
  Kathleen Allen
Deborah Barber
Paula Chandler
Bonnie Coletti
Maureen Garabedian
Mayra Garcia
Laurie Jackiewicz
Maria Maciak
Kristen Noonan
Joanne Pinkham
Adam Saltzman
Rachel Tose
June Waldron
  Elena Drasich Technology  
  Ed Hutchinson Technology and Engineering
Pickering Clusters | 2014-2015  
Class Room

C 1 | Grade 6
Cluster One is made up of sixth grade students and the rooms are located in the basement – A, B, C, D. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject
Room A S. Hatchell Social Studies
Room B F. DiPietro Science
Room C D. McCaffrey ELA
Room D G. Bastarache Math
Class Room C 2 | Grade 6
Cluster Two is made up of sixth grade students and the rooms are located in the basement – 009, 011, 013 and 014. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject
Room 009 G. Harvey Social Studies
Room 011 B. Cennami Science
Room 013 C. Griffin ELA
Room 014 B. Mercedes Math
Room 202 J. Mackey ELA/ Math Skills
Room 202 C. Pappas ELA/ Math Skills
Class Room C 3 | Grade 7
Cluster Three is made up of seventh grade students and the rooms are located on the basement, first and second floors – 008, 110, 208, 204B. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject
Room 008 L. Pitman Math
Room 110 V. Kelly ELA
Room 208 K. Coman Social Studies
Room 204B S. Wintersteen Science
Room 202 C. Chalifour ELA/ Math Skills
Class Room C 4 | Grade 7
Cluster Four is made up of seventh grade students and the rooms are located on the first floor – 108, 111, 113, 114. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject
Room 108 C. Donovan ELA
Room 111 M. Drakopoulos Science
Room 113 J. Quinn Math
Room 114 J. Johnston Social Studies
Room 202 A. Sewyck ELA/ Math Skills
Class Room C 5 | Grade 8
Cluster Five is made up of eighth grade students and the rooms are located on the second floor – 205, 210, 213, 214. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject
Room 205 E. Schultz Social Studies
Room 210 R. Philbrook Math
Room 213 J. Joyce Science
Room 214 K. Dulong ELA
Room 202 L. Clark ELA/ Math Skills
Class Room C 6 | Grade 8
Cluster Six is made up of eighth grade students and the rooms are located on the first floor – 102, 103, 105, 109. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject
Room 102 M. Sosnowski Science
Room 103 M. Twomey Math
Room 105 K. LapIerre Social Studies
Room 109 B. Siaki ELA
Room 202 R. Reed ELA/ Math Skills
Class Room C 7 | Grades 6-8
Cluster Seven is made up of students from grades 6, 7 and 8.  These students are in rooms 207, 206A, 206B, 217 and 017. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject
Room 217 B. Ropes ELA and Social Studies
Room 207 K. Driscoll Math
Room 206A M. Gilchrist Science
Room 206B A. Desroaches ELA and Social Studies
Room 017 D. Migliaccio ELA Math Science and Social Studies
Class Room Electives
Teacher | Elective | Grade(s)
Mr. Bennett | Physical Education | 6-8
Mrs. Coffey | Health | 6 & 8
Mrs. Drasich | Technology | 6 & 7
Mr. Foley | Fitness | 6-8
Mr. Hutchinson | Engineering & Technology | 7 & 8
Mr. Rozakis | Music | 6 & 7
Mrs. Russell | Art | 7 & 8

Class Room Reading
Pickering currently has three reading teachers. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject Grade
Library K. Ford Reading 6 & 8
C. Stanley Reading 6 & 7
D. Santos Reading 6 & 7
Class Room Foreign Language
Pickering currently has two Foreign Language teachers. The teachers are:

Room Teacher Subject Grade
M. Rodriguez Spanish 7 & 8
K. Rillovivk Spanish & World Language 7 & 8

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