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Grade 1 students in Mrs. Webber’s class are working hard and getting into the spirit with these friendly letters to Elfie!”

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Welcome To The Sewell-Anderson Elementary School!!!

Research states that...
“Smart is not something you are, smart is something that you get.”

I am very fortunate and excited to be an elementary principal for the Lynn Public Schools. My number one priority is the well-being of the children here at Sewell Anderson. I believe that every child can learn and feel strongly that every child deserves the opportunity to receive an education. The high expectations our teachers have will be taught with patience and determination.

As the school year begins we encourage families to become active participants in the educational process. As you meet with your child’s teacher, don’t hesitate to ask questions concerning their academic progress. We encourage you to stay actively involved in school events, and monitor your child’s class work and assignments as well as homework throughout the year. We believe communication and mutual respect is the key to your child’s success.

The staff at Sewell Anderson is ready to support and nurture your children as they empower them with knowledge. We stress to our students on a daily basis that they are very important and they can do whatever they put their minds to. We will never give up on them!

We are all looking forward to working together this school year!

Mary Panagopoulos

“Children are our most valuable resource."
- Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States

Lynn Public School's Mission Statement
The mission of the Lynn Public School System is that all Lynn students will graduate from high school with the skills to make informed choices and pursue further learning as socially responsible citizens. The Lynn Public School System is committed to providing an outstanding academic, cultural, and technologically rich education to its students through the work of excellent teachers with high expectations.
The primary goal is to provide all students in all schools with optimal and equitable opportunity to not only meet expectations but to exceed expectations in all academic areas.

Sewell Anderson School's Mission Statement
Sewell Anderson Elementary School facilitates a culture of collaboration with teachers and families focused on standards based instruction which leads to increased student achievement and growth. We also promote all students to value best effort, positive character development and assume increased responsibility for their own actions and learning. We create an environment where all students are safe and nurtured. Students will enjoy becoming lifelong learners while demonstrating respect and honesty in their academic community. School leaders, teachers, students and families share rigorous expectations of quality of work, achievement, effort and character in a diverse setting.

Sewell-Anderson Elementary School Information | 2016-2017

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
PK | K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
(781) 477-7444
(781) 268-4074
25 Ontario Street, Lynn, MA 01905
Monday - Friday | 8:15 AM to 2:15 PM
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School Staff List | 2016-2017 | Last Website Update: December 9, 2016 12:26 PM

List Principal
Mary Panagopoulos
(781) 477-7444
List School Secretary
Patricia Carmody
(781) 477-7444 x2152
List Custodian
Kathy Fuller
(781) 477-7444
List School Nurse
Ann Liberge
(781) 477-7444 x2155


School Teacher List | 2014-2015

Subject | Teacher Grade Room
  MaryAnne Hayes K 201
Grade 1    
  Jennifer Webber 1 204
  Pamela Shurtleff 1 205
Grade 2  
  Julie O'Shea 2 202
  Tammy Marini 2 301
Grade 3  
  Angela Maggs 3 203
  Nicole Wormstead 3 206
Grade 4  
  Maryalice Sutherland 4 1
  Kathleen Tartarini 4 104
Grade 5    
  Richard Masters 5 105
  Theresa Curtis 5 106
Curriculum Instruction Teacher    
  Jill Bradley 102 A  
ESL Teacher    
  Stacey Floyd Music  
  Pamela Bannister Reading Reading Room
  Kathleen King Reading Reading Room
SAC and Behavior Specialist    
  Deborah McEnaney    
  Stephanie Gaeta    
Special Education  
  Deborah Clark SPED 102 A
  Stephanie Rice SPED 102 B
  Sarah Curtis    
  Sherrill Ellis    
  Lauren Helinski    
  Dina Lemmi    
  Kristen Borne    
  Mike Ciarletta    
  Bethany Kenney    

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