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Invention Convention!


During Reading Center time, our students build their literacy skills by independently exploring engaging learning activities, while the teacher works with small groups of students.

Ms. Thompson’s second-grade classroom students are engrossed in books, word puzzles and story illustrations throughout the room.  This enabled Ms. Thompson to invite pairs of students to work with her on their addition skills. Thanks to Jennifer Wu for the story and photos from the district's Facebook page!

Nature's Classroom

Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures.

Our Memorial Day Assembly


Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures.

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Welcome To The Captain William G. Shoemaker Elementary School

Welcome back. Our staff has been working hard in preparation for what promises to be a great year. Let's kick off the school year with a renewed determination to create the most positive and challenging learning environment for our students. For our part, we will offer a first rate educational experience and in return ask that you ensure your child's regular attendance. We also ask that you make a genuine effort to be involved in your son's and daughter's school throughout the year. Let's work together so that everyone wins: Parents, teachers, and students.

Patricia Riley

Our Mission Statement

Shoemaker School is a stimulating academic environment that will enable all students to experience and enjoy learning, respect diversity, and develop life-long skills that will enable them to function safely and productively in a democratic society. We will strive for excellence in the attainment of the system goals. We will provide a learning climate that will challenge students to reach their full potential. Technology will be integrated into all aspects of teaching and learning. The media center will be incorporated into the daily cultural and academic activities of the students. Community and parental involvement will be encouraged to develop a sense of pride and community among faculty, students, families and neighbors.

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Class Academics December 17th | Career Day
Dress to show us what you would like to be.
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Arts Arts | Music Peter Pan Tickets Available!

Where: Lynn Classical High School
When: Friday, November 21st at 7 PM (doors open at 6:30 PM)
General admission tickets are now available for $5 per ticket.  Tickets will also be for sale at the door.

Please complete the form below and return to school (addressed to Nikki Dunn, Peter Pan Tickets) by Friday, November 14th.  Please make checks payable to Shoemaker Drama Club.

Performer’s name:________________________________
Total # of Tickets:__________ x $5.00 = $____________

If you have any questions please contact Nikki Dunn at Nikkidunnn@gmail.com

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December 2nd | Open House/APTT at 6 PM
For Grades 2, 3, and 5
Grade 3: Note this is the original date. We did not need to change after all.
Grade 5: at 6 PM Mrs. Riley will review MCAS results from Spring 2013.

December 9th | Open House/APTT at 6 PM
For Grades K, 1, 4, and COACH

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Please attend one performance so that we have room for everyone. The band will play in the morning performance. We ask that you plan on staying for the entire performance and do not leave when your child has finished.
REMINDERS Reminders December 22nd | Holiday Parties at 1 PM
Room Parents: Please do not bring in allergens. Please let the classroom teacher know what you are planning on bringing in ahead of time. Last week we had a few classooms that had allergens brought in and we had to find alternatives at the last minute.
December 23rd | Full Day of School
December 24th | January 2nd | No School
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Shoemaker Elementary School Information | 2014-2015

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
PK | KF | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
(781) 477-7450
(781) 477-7454
26 Regina Road, Lynn, MA 01904
Monday - Friday | 8:15 AM to 2:15 PM
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School Staff List | 2014-2015 | Updated August 1, 2014

List Principal
Patricia Riley
(781) 477-7450
List Clerk
Sharon Fallon
List Chairperson
Mrs. Dawn McGrath
List School Nurse
Mrs Maryann Frazier


School Faculty List | 2014-2015 | Updated August 1, 2014

Subject | Faculty Grade Room
  Phyllis O’Brien K 102
  Christine Belliveau Para  
  Dianne Logue K 125
  Johnnie Shelton Para  
Grade 1    
  Diane McManus 1 118
  Jenn Sheehan 1 119
Grade 2    
  Pauline Naples 2 204
  Carrie Thompson 2 203
Grade 3    
  Rachel Pendergast 3 205
Grade 4    
  Lisa Finnegan 4 207
  Kathy Ruth 4 208
Grade 5    
  Effie Veres 5 201
  Carrie Nicosia 5 202
Coach | Pre K-1    
  Michelle Calnan Pre K-1 122
  Kirsten Para  
  Lisa Para  
  Charles Garman Pre K-1 101
  Fatyma Para  
  Maria Para  
  Laura Titus Pre K-1 103
  Kim Para  
  Nikki Para  
  Karyn DiMeglio Pre K-1 123
  Barbara Para  
  Elaine Para  
Coach | Grades 1-3    
  Karen Cuthbert 1 | 2 | 3 120
  Kathie Para  
  Rose Para  
  Joan Kolodziej 1 | 2 | 3 104
  Beverly Para  
  Gisette Para  
  Kim Wyatt 1 | 2 | 3 121
  Jenn Para  
  Paula Para  
Coach | Grades 3-6    
  Barbara Armitstead 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 106
  Jenn Para  
  Nadine Para  
  Dianna Nelson 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 107
  Angie Para  
  Melanie Para  
  Sue Para  
  Christine Lenzie  
  Linda Roach    
  Scott Staples    
  Julie Demirai    
  Cindy Donovan    
  Julie Potter    
  Lisa Moriarty    
Physical Education | Gym    
  Dave Kurkul    
Program Specialist    
  Miki DiVirgilio    
  Joann Maglio    
  Deb McEnaney    

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