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Concert Schedule
Come to the Sisson Lip Sync performance on May 31, 2018. The performance will be held at the Lynn Classical Auditorium at 6 PM.
Honoring First Responders on the Remembrance of September 11th

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Extra Curricular Activities For This School Year
Families are made aware of extracurricular activities via a letter sent home.
Computer Club Boys Basketball Girls Basketball
Math Club School Newspaper Arts/Crafts Club

October Important Dates To Remember
9th No School Columbus Day
11th Walk to School
12th Lunch Money Due
13th Fundraiser  Money Due
17th Picture Day
19th Lunch Money Due
26th Lunch Money Due
31st Halloween Parade 1:15 PM

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Welcome To The Edward A. Sisson Elementary School

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Another school year is under way and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with your children.

Some information follows to ensure your child’s school year is a happy and successful one.

  • Attendance is extremely important. Your child should attend school every day. Please try to schedule doctor and dentist appointments for after school hours or on Saturday. Please send a note in with your child if he/she is absent explaining why they were not in school.
  • School begin at 7:45.It is important that all students are here on time because breakfast is served promptly at 7:45 and ends at 8:00. Also when they are late, they miss valuable instructional time.
  • Check each night to see what your child has for homework. Homework must be completed each night and returned the following morning.
  • Students are not allowed to use cell phones in school, therefore the teacher will collect each cell phone and they will be kept in the office until the end of the school day.
  • Kindergarten students will enter and leave the building through the side door labeled AI. Grade 1 enters through the back door that is located on the back school yard labeled BI  Grade 2- 5 will enter through the front doors labeled A2.

During inclement weather (rain, snow) ALL students will enter through the front doors. (A2)

  • Lunch and milk money will be collected on Thursday morning.

Lunch $1.55 per day, $7.75 weekly and $2.00 if you qualify for reduced lunch. Milk money is $.45 per day and $2.25 weekly.

  • All visitors must report to the main office upon entering the building. The secretary will be very happy to assist you.

To visit a teacher or to attend a meeting, everyone must leave their license in the office and receive a badge.

  • Open House & PTO- I want to thank all of the parents who attended our first Open House (Meet and Greet and the Title I Meeting that was held on September 24, 2015.  I would also like to thank the parents who attended our first PTO Meeting that was held on September 28, 2015.

Ms. Franklin

Sisson Elementary School Information

Grades Offered PK | K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Phone (781) 477-7455
Fax (781) 268-0550
Address | Map Link 58 Conomo Avenue, Lynn, MA 01904
School Day Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM to 1:45 PM
Attendance The Sisson's School's start time is 7:45 AM and the school day ends at 1:45 PM. When the doors open at 7:45 AM students are expected to go to their homerooms. Students arriving after 8 AM are considered late and are to report to the office. If a student arrives late, he/she must have a note stating the reason for being late.
Staff and Teacher List Current School Year
School Council Page Current School Year
School Improvement Plans 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Department of Education Profiles and Report Cards
Our Mass DOE Profile DOE Profile, MCAS and Other Info
Our DOE Report Card Our Accountability Data
District MCAS Report Card MCAS Performance Report Card
District Report Card District Performance Report Card
LPS District Notices Additional Notices and Resources
Last Update July 17, 2017 4:00 PM
School Staff and Teacher List | 2017-2018

Our Phone (781) 477-7455
Our Fax (781) 268-0550
Principal Jane Franklin
Clerk Lisa Coughlin
School Social Worker Julie Godbout Room P-5
Adjustment Counselor Erin Kelter
School Nurse Susan Bonivita

  Mary Chiaradonna Kindergarten Teacher Room P-3
  Mary Richard Aide Room P-3
  Janice Downey Kindergarten Teacher Room 105
  Sue Beaver Aide Room 105
  Susan Mackie Kindergarten Teacher Room P-4
  Kathy Eckman Aide Room P-4
Grade 1
  Tina Benedetto Grade One Teacher Room 106
  Rosemary Gaylord Grade One Teacher Room 103
  Meredith Leonard Grade One Teacher Room 104
Grade 2    
  Doreen Bucklin Grade Two Teacher Room 102
  Maryellen Caulfield Grade Two Teacher Room 101
  Renee McLaughlin    Grade Two Teacher Room 108
Grade 3    
  Terence Fogarty Grade Three Teacher Room 207
  Sheila Hunt Grade Three Teacher Room 203
  Linda Marzeotti Grade Three Teacher Room 202
Grade 4    
  Kristen Duchene Grade Four Teacher Room 209
  Mary Hunt Grade Four Teacher Room 208
  Michelle Mahn Grade Four Teacher Room 201
Grade 5  
  Diane Lucanco Grade Five Teacher Room 206
  Dawn McDonough Grade Five Teacher Room 205
  Donna Whalen Grade Five Teacher Room 204

Sarah-Ann Jordan

  Lisa Grassa CIT Teacher Room 200
  Chantal Ryan CIT Teacher Room 200
  Kathryn Reidy   Room 200
  Julie Carroll Music Teacher  
Physical Education  
  Nicholas Kelly Physical Ed. Teacher  
  Patricia LeBlanc Reading Teacher Room 200
  Malenda Veiga Reading Teacher Room 200
  Kim Comeau SPED Teacher Room SP-1
  Denise Runyan Aide Room SP-1
  Kathy Parker SPED Teacher Room SP-2
  Debra McManus Aide Room SP-2
  Eileen Ernst SPED Teacher Room 107
  Hilda Fenton SPED Teacher Room 107
  Jeannette McGarry  SPED Teacher Room 107
  Jan Murphy  SPED Teacher Room 107
Last Website Update: June 15, 2018 1:41 PM
Welcome to the Sisson Elementary School Council Webpage

Membership | 2017-2018 Position
New Members Soon!  

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes | PDF Format Download

2017-2018 School Year
Meeting Date Notices/Agenda Meeting Minutes
New Schedule Soon!    
2016-2017 School Year Archive
No Meetings    
2015-2016 School Year Archive
No Meetings    
2014-2015 School Year Archive
No Meetings    
2013-2014 School Year Archive
March 17th | 3 PM Meeting Notice  

About School Councils

A school council is a representative, school building-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and, at the secondary level, students, required to be established by each school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C.

It is important to note the School Council plays an advisory role in assisting the building principal to organize and implement a School Improvement Plan which not only addresses the areas in which the school intends to comply with the requirements of the Educational Reform Act, but also how the school intends to meet those system-wide goals and policies adopted by the school committee. Membership will consist of the principal, teachers, parents, students and community members.