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Our Second School APTT Meeting
December 9th, 2014 | 2:30 - 3:45 PM

Dear Kindergarten and First Grade Families,

REMINDER : Please attend the meeting for our Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT), which is a more effective model for developing parent-teacher partnerships.

APTT LogoLincoln Logo

It is critical to attend these important meetings so we can plan how to work together to support your child. Childcare and translation will be available.

Our goal is that 100% of our parents attend the APTT meetings!!

We look forward to seeing you on December 9th 2014 at 2:30.  If you have any questions, please call Mary Foster, APTT Champion, at (781) 477.7460 or at fosterm@lynnschools.org

Our First Day Of School At Lincoln-Thomson!

0September 3, 2014

Our Year End Awards Night!


Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures.

Thomson Receives HardScrabble Grant!


We are pleased to announce that the Lincoln-Thomson School has received a grant from the Hardscrabble Education Fund at the Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF). The Hardscrabble Education Committee members and the ECCF Board of Trustees unanimously agreed to provide funds for the KnowAtom Science Program in grades 1 and 2 for the 2014-2015 school year.

Thomson Youth Art Month


The "Youth Art Month" show was sponsored by MA Art Education Association in Boston. Here are samples from Jazmine Bonilla-Perez (top) and Joey Klinker, Kindergarten (bottom).

Thomson Artist's Participate In All City Art Show!


Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures.

Drawing Contest Winners!


Fritz Thelusma, Grade 2, Won 3rd Place for Coloring contest, Steven Newell, Grade 4, Won 3rd Place for Portrait Drawing, and Nicole Chavez Ruiz, Grade 4, Won First Prize for Portrait Drawing.

Halloween 2013!


Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures.

Red Sox Spirit At Thomson!


Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures.

Poetry Power Contest!


Grade level winners of our Fifth Annual Poetry Power Contest, also terrific Bruins Fans! Surrounding the Stanley Cup are from the top left, Mrs. Psallidas Mihos, Principal, Melody Perez Gr. 4, Cheyenne Morin Gr 1, Ashley Crooker Gr 3, Sophia Baca Gr K, Thomas Politano Gr 2 and Victoria Culwell Gr 5.

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Welcome to the Lincoln-Thomson Elementary School

Dear Lincoln – Thomson Families,

     Your years with us will be the most exciting, challenging, rewarding and memorable years of your life.  The years that students spend here at Lincoln – Thomson will provide them with the tools that, upon graduation, will allow each  to move on to the next phase of their  lives, confident in their abilities and educational experiences.

     Our school is staffed by one of the finest groups of teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, secretaries and custodians in the state!  We are all here to assure that every opportunity to excel in all academic areas and achieve desired success is provided to all our students.  Further, a wide variety of extra and co-curricular activities allow our students to be involved in school outside of the academic day. Research shows that this involvement is directly attributable to increased academic success.

     I encourage both you and your parents to stay actively involved in your educational career at our school and beyond.

Helen Psallidas Mihos

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